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Students and former students!

Hi all,:rolleyes:
I'm a female electronic engineering student, so I spend almost all day every day with guys in their 20s. Guys in their 20's eat, they eat all day every day! A few years ago I lost 4 stone on WW. As the only girl in the group I've slipped into the habit of eating as much, and as often as do and put all the weight back on. Being a student means I have very little available cash but I'm willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to get my femininity back! So if your currently or have been a student and trying to loose weight please let me know your thoughts? Whether its exams stress or late nights that set you off, I'd love to have someone to talk about it with! And best of luck to everyone it can be done!
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Hey Lilypetal,

Im a student althought not with lads, with a group of super slim young ladies.

I tend to avoid lunch times in the canteen. I go to the library with a flappy and coffee and pretend to study..... well I come on here or FB.. LOL

I try to study at uni in the evenings so the canteen is shut. My hardest time is placement 12.5hour shifts and 20 min (more like 60-90 in the current weather) journey there and back. Its a long old day!

I decided to start now as by exam time I should be well at goal and maintaining. Funnily enough exam time is the only time of year I crave something sweet and that is normally in the form of diet coke. The girls were amazed to see me drinking it last May as I only ever really drink water, even before my LT journey last summer!
Hi Theresa, thanks for the reply. Do you find that having to sit so much is a bit of a hindrance to keeping weight off? Well done on your loss the last time I'm sure you'll get that bit off in no time at all. I'm drinking coffee like a mad thing to try and keep warm. I might try avoiding lunch as you were saying, especially if the boys see me having a shake they'll go mad at me - they don't think I should be doing LT I guess its nice of them to show some concern but ya have to do what you have to do! Isn't funny how that happens, I go crazy for hot chocolate with marshmallows at exam time!! So fingers crossed, there is no better feeling than waking up in the morning and feeling like a slim sexy woman
hey im a student im in second year psychology. ironic hey.. college is the hardest part for me as at lunch time on our two hour break we go to one on the hundreds of coffee shops and restaurants in dublin town. i always give in. even when iw was on slimfast i gave in. ive told my friend leah from college what im doing but i know its going to be hard because i cant stop her from eating! and its always more of a social thing than a hunger thing you know!..great post by the way lily!
Well I'm at home in Tipperary at the moment for the study break - hence I can hide out with no hassle! I know what you mean about the coffee shops in Dublin, food is kinda my hobby but I've been reading a lot and something I think will be great when I'm back on food is Paul McKenna's program it seems like a really natural healthy way to maintain your weight and still enjoy foods. I'm goina get stuck into some study hopefully catch you later!


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Hey sweetie! Im a former student and did the last part of my final year on Lipotrim.

Some say its not that wise as your not eating, not enough concentration but i was the complete opposite! I got the highest marks ever in my exams and i honestly put it down to feeling confident and having lots of the healthy stuff (nutrients in the shakes & copious amounts of water) inside me :)

Id say if you can give up food then Lipotrim is for you - in my eyes it really is the best!!! :D
Hey ya, thanks a million for that post! Yeah I'm not doing to badly on the not eating thing at all just been a little light headed the last few days today has been good though. Congratulations on your incredible weightloss that's amazing. So I guess I'm just goina knuckle down and try get what I can from these exams! Thanks again xx


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Indeed! :D Good luck with it chicken - and, if those pesky blokes your at uni with badger you about not eating and drinking just say 'you wait' and in however long you'll turn up to meet them looking fab-u-lous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool: :)

I have full on lectures when we are in Uni... some days 9-5 with an hour for lunch then 1/2hr tea breaks morning & afternoon... Biggest prob is trying not to disturb everyone else when I get up to go to the loo!!

When we have bigger gaps between lectures I go and start researching for the next assignment!

Im doing Midwifery which also means I keep quiet about LT.... a year and a half of anatomy & physiology lectures and everyone is an expert on how bad something like LT is for you!

Got to say I understand far more about how ketosis works now than I ever did!
We are the same, 9-5/ 9-6 everyday. I'm so glad to hear you could still function while your on it! I've only told 2 friends I'm doing this and they both had opposite reactions, one was really supportive and joked with me about it and the other is very concerned. But I guess its now or never I'm terrified of getting comfortable with being overweight! Have you been doing exercise while on it?
Indeed! :D Good luck with it chicken - and, if those pesky blokes your at uni with badger you about not eating and drinking just say 'you wait' and in however long you'll turn up to meet them looking fab-u-lous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool: :)
Well I could run around naked and they wouldn't look at me hahahaha but believe me its better that way!!!!!! ICKY! Have a lovely day and thanks for all the encouragement if you ever need a cheer up ya know where to find me


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I too spent most of my time at uni in lectures or in the library/computer room whilst on LT - i never socialised with anyone from uni - i guess i was a bit of a loner haha but keep drinking the water and you'll be fine :) xx

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hey girls!

Well here's another Irish girl in the mix...except I'm studying in London. You think Dublin is tempting?? Try here!! Everyone is eating 24/7, food on every corner :sigh:

Funny thing though is that I lost half a stone between September and December by eating worse food! Crazy or what :rolleyes:

Good luck on the mission :D
Hi I'm Karen

I'm a student in Manchester I'm studying nursing. Most of the girls on rhe coarse or slim model line girls I hated eating infront of them. I'm currently on placement so that's 14 hr shifts with 40 min travel there and back. I find having my shakes on placment easier ascevery ones onsome diet or another lol.

Good luck everyone

Kaz xxxx

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