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*** Successful and Slimming Sunday - Hour by Hour***


WILL be Slim!
Hope no one minds me starting the daily post but i've been up for hours and i'm bored! lol

Well after my roung feeling yesterday i feel fab today...esp as last night i got home from my folks house to a parcel from ebay...a dress from warehouse i bought...size 14....and stunning!
Didnt think it would fit as warehouse always come up quite small...but it fitted beautifully and my DH's eye's popped out of his head....
so i went and looked in the mirror and i was in shock for about 3 hours with how amazing i looked!!! i didnt want to take it off! lol
So that made me feel 100% better than i felt! lol

Today we are going to do as little as possible as we're brassic (apart from my beloved paypal account for shopping lol) but looking forward to another slim feeling day!

Hope everyone has a wonderful 100% day!

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Morning Lizz, and everyone else..

Hope everyone is having a 100% weekend.......

Lizz, Good to hear your feeling better today hon, and great news about the dress fitting you I bet you look fab in it what a lovely feeling!

It doesnt look very sunny here today in London.... boo hoo.
We are taking the boys to see the "Milkshake" show this afternoon.... most people are off to see take that at the moment and we are going to MILKSHAKE.. lol

Have a good day everyone........... xxx


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well done on the dress Liz!
I've had a really bad week, a close friend died last week, and i've found it really hard to concentrate on the diet had have ended up picking most days. i really want to get back on track and get rid of this last stone. the last few dyas have bee better, but still ended picking at end of the day, so here's hoping that today can be a pick free zone for me


my weekends been rotten

I'm back on track tomorrow, would do today but out at MIL's who in return for washing machine privileges has me moving boxes, so I'm not tetra'ing it today.


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Morning all.

I still feel so tired and drained,no energy.not taking hayfever tablet today and see if that helps. Was so close to eating last night but decided it was mainly my legs that felt tired so feet up with cold towel on them and that helped. I've pretty much still got 2 stone to go till goal but when i look at myself i feel I could stand to loose quite a bit more but guess I wont know till I get there and besides I cant wait to start moving up the plans.

hope everybody has good days!
I am quite pleased with myself really.
On Friday evening i picked at some chicken, and this is the first time I had done it since I started SS. (nearly 6 weeks ago). It wasnt really a moment of weakness as such, I saw it and thought about it carefully and decided I wanted a bit. Was not even very much, but it was nice. Anyway, I started to panic a bit later, thinking I might start picking all the time now - but I haven't and I had a big test on Saturday... day trip to Alton Towers!!! The smells from the eating places were just bloomin fantastic. There is a little stall that sells the most delicious looking pies too. But despite the fact I thought i might be tempted, I wasn't and I didn't have anything I shouldn't yesterday.
Went on Rita, which I hadn't been on before. Queues were too big for Nemesis, which is a shame as I love that ride. We had a good day, but the queues were massive and to be honest although we had cheaper tickets, I still felt as though we had not made the most of the day.
Back to today and feeling good, might finish this week and do one more on SS before starting to move up the plans before my holiday.


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Hi all.

Been picking :(. DS stressing me out, he's fine but getting more mobile and its just so tiring,Im exhausted and thats with being at mums today from 1-4 so its not like its been all day on my own. Hope I've not ruined WI on weds but just now I kinda feel like I dont care. Really considering speaking to GP about CBT sooner rather than later.
Hey everyone seems like lots of mixed days on here today.....

Lexie - massive hugs for your terrible weekend and hope things can only improve for you! xxx

Lizz hope you still have that stunning feeling still going on - keep up the good work - ahve replied bout jeans on my last nights thread about them xxx

Curly - hope you and boys enjoyed milkshake - god that taks me back we used to watch it every morning when my 2 were little - good old noddy and fifi! xxx

Trisha hope you have had a pick free zone today xxx

Tinka well done for resisting in Alton Towers xxx

Angela - hope you feeling a bit better now adn CBT sounds like a good plan. maybe moving up the plans now may be a good idea to keep you on track - I know Katycakes did that to lose her last 2 stone and it worked a treat. xxx

Ive had a good day and been 100% been really busy - hence not coming on here till now. will put all my details on my diary -
see you all in the morning


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