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SuePat10s Diary


I am one of the 63336
Tomorrow is my first WI.

The first week has been suprisingly easy. I got through my OHs birthday tea (lots of sandwiches and nibbly bits AND chocolate cake), breakfast at a cafe on Friday (OH had sausage, beans, bacon and chips - I had black coffee) and roast chicken with all the trimmings today - which I cooked.

Despite the occasional waver I haven't wanted anything.

Feeling low so hoping for a good loss tomorrow as I need a confidence boost.

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I'm sure you will of done fab! I'm joinng you tomorrow so will be looking to see how youve done. Chin up chuck and be happy you are doing great x Helen x
Hi Sue, welcome to the diary threads! Good place to vent...I'm sure your wi will be fab, you've been so good all week!


I am one of the 63336
Thank you ladies xx

I've noticed that although I'm losing my chin (did SW before changing to CD so not just from this last week), my jowls are sagging.

Oh the joys of being nearly 42!!



I am one of the 63336
Wow, I don't remember posting that entry. I MUST have been out of it this morning.

Still a bit grumpy and feeling unappreciated. OH text me this morning to say hello (he's a lorry driver and often texts if he's on a break). I mentioned I'd done washing tidying up, getting dinner ready, taking in a new mattress, taking the old one off the bed, putting the new one on, making the new bed, arranging for someone to collect the old one etc (they're kingsize one's so quite heavy) and was only just (at 11.30am) managing to settle down to some of my paid work. The only response I got was 'ok xx'.

Well, thanks for the appreciation!

Mutter mutter moan moan!
Hi Sue

Uh oh to the jowls. I noticed yesterday that my boobs are sagging! lol

As a size 24 Im only a C cup, when I'm skinny I'm flat chested, so they are the first place any weight comes off. Bugger! I thought big bum meant big boobs?! lol
Congrats Sue! See all that hard work was worth it, mind you I think you breezed through it didn't you? Well done! x


I am one of the 63336
Congrats Sue! See all that hard work was worth it, mind you I think you breezed through it didn't you? Well done! x
Thank you very much xx

To be honest I have found it an absolute doddle. I have a real hate/hate relationship with food and following CD is an absolute relief. I feel absolutely wonderful having a total break from food and all the guilt that goes with eating 'naughties' - which I don't have the willpower to resist.

This way, with it being a 'no' and no compromises to food, I can unlearn old habits and teach myself new ones AND I get a healthier body along the way!

Thank you for your support xx
Good for you!


I am one of the 63336
Well, today was a struggle but I've got through it without giving in. I AM going to be thin.

Just seen a news report on Kevin Halstead winning the lottery. We used to talk online many many years ago but I didn't believe him when he said him and his wife were separated but not divorced. I thought he was pulling a fast one and wanted a bit on the side (plus of course the mileage in between) so stopped chatting. Oooops!

Ah well, more than content with my OH. We may be poor but we're very very happy xx
WOW Sue, 10lbs in your first week is absoluely amazing. Well done you, I would be chuffed if I lost that.

Oh Sue! You've done it now....

Only, joking. Do you really think that, that tiny bit of tuna is going to reverse all the good you have done. Of course not! There are plenty of people on here who have a meal once a week to keep them sane and they don't notice any difference in their weight loss.

Don't be hard on yourself, you've done amazing! You deserved a treat! You don't need to feel guilty at all. x

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