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Sue's new group, new start diary.


I am one of the 63336
Well, I actually started the new group last Thursday but due to the mess that is my private life, I've faffed about since. BUT it is Monday and I will crack this. I was half a pound off 3 stone but at WI at new group was 'up' to just 2.5 stone loss.

After Fri-Sun, I will be happy with a STS this week but I AM going to get back on track right now.

I have the offer of a mobile home in Tampa in Oct 2010 (just the 1 week but it will be sunshine!) & I refuse to look like a beached whale. To get to target by then I need to lose 5lb a month. Now, that IS a more than realistic target so not too much pressure on me.

I just have not got to let me personal problems make me eat so much chocolate!!
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soon to be skinny minnie
Hi supat, draw that old line under your naughtiness and start fresh, you can do it, just think about your great incentive to keep at it. x


I am one of the 63336
Well, it's Tuesday and fortunately I had my voluntary job to take my mind off things. My lad has got a concert with his school tonight which I really don't want to go to, but if I'm out i won't be nibbling.

My head is in an absolute mess and the last thing I want to think about is eating properly - but I must, and I will!!


I am one of the 63336
Hi Taz

Ex-husband problems but all sorted this morning. Not how I was expecting but I'm totally cool with it all.

I had a 'naughty' bacon sandwich but it fits in to the plan (just, synned) and as long as I stick to free food (poss another He B depending which plan I follow today) I'll be ok today.

Back on track with a vengeance.

Skinny minny here I come!!


I am one of the 63336
Good afternoon ladies, & thank you very much.

Today is going really well. 4.5lb weight loss. Still on plan. Caught up with an old work colleague and had load to chat about. All in all, rather cheerful :)


I am one of the 63336
Thanks Taz, thanks Gem xx

I'm sitting at work - don't think they'd be too happy if they knew I was on here :) and have had FOUR Terrys All Gold but not sure of the syns.

Had 2 Alpen Lights for brekkie so still have a full choice for which plan to have today. Oh decisions, decisions!!


I am one of the 63336
Well, yesterday turned into a choc fest but not overly stressed as I know as long as I stuck to the plan the rest of the week I can make up for it.

Feeling really upbeat about it all at the mo.


This is really the time!
Hi Sue

I am so happy that you are feeling upbeat. Lifes stresses certainly put the pressure on sticking to plan!

I am at TOTM and could have punched myself with how much I wanted choc yesterday. Ended up having 4 choc fingers and a reduced fat digestive. I think it was the same syns as a full fat digestive, but not as nice!lol

Good luck with the rest of your week :)

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