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sugar crash?


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Hiya All

I'm starting back on 100% TFR tomorrow along with my OH, he is worried that he is going to suffer with sugar crashes.. I can't comment in this as I have never suffered from them...

He is not diabetic or anything, but does get shakey etc if he needs sugar, he has a lot of sugary drinks and cho*****e

I have said that it should help him being on LT but he is still worried, has anyone had any problems like this either before LT or during LT ?

Thanks peeps x
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hey welcome aboard the pair of you!!
personally i dont get sugar crashes, in fact i get the opposite,,i get a horrible pain n my face when i have something really sugary after about a week of not having anything!! strange i know... anyway if your OH is worried is really worried about it let him take maybe two days to cut down/out carbs and sugary foods , that way he can ease into it. Either way day three and four are going to be tough, but for some people it does help them ease into it..
Remind your OH , not to worry, that the sugar crash etc is prob just the body getting back to normal levels because the shakes give you exactly what your body needs in a day. We get more vitamins and minerals from the shakes than our food that we eat before the diet.
If hes still unsure,, give the few days and make sure his water intake is higher and the carbs and sugary foods are cut down on.

best of luck! xx


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Amanda, sounds like just the usual dizziness that we all experience when we haven't eaten.....but cos your OH probably usually just grabs a bar of chocolate or has a sugary tea or something like that perhaps he's interpreting it as actually needing sugar? Surely unless you're actually diabetic that isn't the case? Whats his blood pressure? Low BP causes dizziness too..Not a medic so no real idea!

Incidentally, I am seriously anaemic and have low BP since the op and get horribly light-headed, actually fainted a couple of times in hospital and once when I got home......and have to eat regularly at the moment to take medication and to try and get my blood levels up. The dizziness is very simliar to how I felt on LT though I never actually fainted.

Good luck to you both, I'm almost glad that I can't do it again!
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I have sugar crashes but when i was on LT last time i didn't get them really just proves sugar is bad for you lol
debz x


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Thanks guys, I've told him to stop worrying and just try it...

If he has sugar crash then, then we will deal with it... I've told him to split the two male shakes into 4 so it's more evenly spread tho...

No need to worry no medical conditions
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Hey I used to think like your OH, but in fact it turns out I was anaemic as well, so that crashing feeling may well be something else, like mine was.
My iron intake is a never ending battle, since my body refuses to process it in tablet form, and it ends in misery.

On the lipotrim diet, day 5 was my worst, may I suggest being aware and making it a curl up in bed and cuddle day?
I got so dizzy, I think that was the crash from getting off sugar, it had been building up for the previous days.

If you read up on the diet, you'll be able to reassure eachother, and hang in there :)

Routing for you guys!


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S: 17st13lb C: 13st9.8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 4st3.2lb(23.59%)
Thanks I'll tell him that

I've told him to just take it easy over the first week lol bless
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hey amanda, i dont think your allowed to split shakes? but just get that confirmed with a veteran.

and about sugar rushes, i usually have them but its more like your gonna black out, and then your back, it feels gooood!

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