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Sugar free sweets

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Holland & Barratt do a range called Sula, the Caramel Cream ones are gawj.

Marks & Sparks do their own range in various flavours.

Be careful with them they can give you terrible windypops.


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Thanks! I have to go into town in the morning to be beaten up by my Osteopath so I'll have a look then.

Lady M - thanks for the wind warning!
Thornton's do a diabetic range. Delicious is not the word but again watch out for the windypops!

I adore the Turkish Delight bar, 69p. And the Fudge Bar also 69p. They even do diabetic toffee mmmm. Best saved, like all such products, for treat times only!


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So we can eat diabetic choc? Yessss! Wonder what it's like melted down and put in ice cream Cheryl pmsl? :D



Big Boy

says the resident Carb NAZI. :D


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Why is Atkins ice cream FRANKENFOOD Jim? Is it because of the Splenda? :confused:


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Jim - I just knew I'd get that response from you! But being a girl and with TOTM looming I want something sweet in the house so I don't go silly.
I understand that Nic. :)

Caz, I count all SF / LC Foods as Frankenfoods. A good deal of the original Atkins was about training yourself not to want to eat sweet things. Sadly that wasn't true of later publications.


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Thanks Jim. Fortunately I'm not big on them tho I have to say ythe SF jelly and cream has saved me a couple of times :sigh:
we do what we have to do Caz, I wouldn't sweat over it love.
i have never been a person to eat lots of chocolate but when i get to totm i need sweets. i stock up from the low carb site and pop into boots for atkins bar treat when im out :D


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I used to have the diabetic chocolate or an Atkins bar if I REALLY needed a treat. I've not been into a Boots for that reason, as I know I'll buy some! :D

ETA - it never affected my loss, I just don't want to rely on it this time around...


Loves this site!
Mmmm think your on to something there Caz. We shall give it a try. Think i'll be makiong more ice cream soon as it seems to be a fav with Mark and Oliver. And i guess i know whats in it and surely it must be better than shop brought.

I have sula sweets and noticed on the back the carb count for strawberry and cream is 2.8g with no fibre.

I am new to this so not sure if i should only count the carb count on sugars?


Hi Steve, no that's 2.8 carbs I'm afraid, way too high for induction really.

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