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SugarRush ' s food diary of a cake maker who can't have cake!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by sugarrush, 3 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. sugarrush

    sugarrush Full Member

    Newbie advised to keep a food diary on here so going to give it a try. Going to start with yesterday so her goes

    Breakfast; porridge hex b and 2/3 hex a semi skimmed milk cup of tea with left over splash of milk and 1 tsp honey (1 syn)

    Snacks; Orange

    Lunch; Mugshot (Chicken and sweetcorn noodle) Pretty sure these are free (please dont tell me otherwise)

    Snacks; Packet of skips (4.5 syns?) Galaxy hot choc (8 syns? ) and a pear

    Tea; Don't know what to call this had onion garlic pasta chicken sieved tomato and an oxon cube (all free?) And a cherry muller light

    So syns 13.5?

    No cakes to make (as title suggests im a cake maker, my diet down fall!) But have one today. Agh how many syns in left over buttercream 10 million? Must resist
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  3. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Subscribing! I'll keep my beadie eye on you ;)

    Weigh the cut off bits of cakes and think "do i want that on or off my weight this week?"

    Im not sure about mugshots syns etc but your day day looks fab.

    What day will you WI at home?

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  4. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Tried to look for syns for you chick and sweetcorn is free, galaxy hot choc is 4syns per gram and skips are 4.5.

    So your doing fab! :)

    Have you tried the options hot choc indulgence. They are very nice and only 3 syns, the normal ones are 2 but i find the indulgence much richer.

    Have a nice day. X

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  5. sugarrush

    sugarrush Full Member

    Great thank you so much!! Thought I had overestimated the galaxy but better safe than sorry. I usually drink tea but managed to run out of tea bags and didn't have any options but I bought a few of the normal sachets last night, didnt realise the indulgent ones were only 3!

    Great idea with the cake cut offs, my cakes are 4 inches high so even a cut off is alot lol.

    Weigh in will be Wednesday, have to make sure I loose some weight now I have a beadie eye on me! Have you got a food diary? Not sure how to subscribe yet but want to follow a few when I work it out x
  6. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    I do have a diary the link is on my signature just reply to something and you automatically subscribe then.
    Im not sure ill be much if an inspiration lose the plot quite a lot!!:screwy: but do take a look at peoples diaries some are amazing.
    Ive just swapped from a monday WI to a Weds. Psychological but got fed up WI after bad weekends. I know if im gonna loss dont matter which day but was getting too distressed with it all.

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  7. sugarrush

    sugarrush Full Member

    Think I've found it! Thank you.
    That's why I chose a Wednesday! Plus Monday Tuesday aren't usually baking days for me so made me feel better. You look like your doing well to me with your awards at the bottom of your signature!
  8. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Only taken 4 months tho!!! Some people lose loads but ive come to the conclusion i love my food too much. :D

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  9. sugarrush

    sugarrush Full Member

    I love food as well!! I haven't got huge amounts to loose this time and found it easier when I had alot to loose Tbh.

    So yesterday wasn't a good day

    Breakfast: 2 small wholemeal slice of toast hex b and a teaspoon of jam 1 syn

    Snacks: Carrot sticks and a smidgen of buttercream to check taste (2 syns?)

    Lunch: Steak salad and muller light

    Tea: Chip shop (hangs head in shame) had a handful of chips and fish bites although I removed the batter on all but one. Don't know how many syns this all adds up to but from the eating out thread im going to say 15 for chips and 5 for the battered bite

    After tea breaking bad snacks: Fat free yoghurt, plum, banana and carrot sticks. Usually share size bag of walkers so improvement!

    So syns add up to 23 probably more to be honest but couldn't face anymore

    Hex a was used for milk in my tea.

    Here's to a better day today!
  10. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Snap! Im no good at weekends had chinese! But did stop there, normally i would have lots more to pick but was nicely satisfied with the grease from the chinese. :)

    As you say new day today. Have you any plans? Mine should be on plan have friends round for a bbq so ive planned lots of sw friendly bits.

    Have a nice sunday. :p

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  11. sugarrush

    sugarrush Full Member

    Working today at my other non cake job so have a nice syn free lunch just need to be good when I get home tired and don't fancy making anything!

    Hope you have a fab Barbecue!

    Deceived on a little break in June so going to have a think about a nice easily reachable goal to work towards for then!
  12. sugarrush

    sugarrush Full Member

    Yesterday I had:

    Breakfast: 2 slices of small wholemeal toast (hexb) a teaspoon of honey (1syn)

    Lunch; past with tomato onion and chicken and muller light

    Snacks ; Apple

    Tea; tomato spaghetti with cheese (Hex A)

    Snacks ; Pear and hazelnut options (2 syns)

    So in total I had only 3 syns, was trying to make up for the awful chip shop syns the day before.

    Was really naughty this morning and jumped on the scales 2 days early and apparently have put on 0.5lb Really hoping this was just punishment for my impatience.
  13. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Dont worry about the scales yet, they do go up and down like crazy. My hubby hides my scales and gets them down when its WI, that way I dont get on them everyday as it really dictates my mood! Grumpy if ive put on and grumpy if I havent lost! Just Grumpy really!!;)

    Had my bbq and it ended up being a very naughty event. I dont think I had any less than 2000 syns!:eek: Whoops!!

    Enjoy the rest of your BH. x
  14. sugarrush

    sugarrush Full Member

    May get hubby to hide the battery, I do sometimes weigh myself first thing and last thing and I need to get out the habit!

    Barbecue sounds fun, 2000 syns sounds very naughty tho!!

    I've been good today had a long walk with the kids and only had about 3 syns. So far so good but bought curly wurly for later!
  15. freakydarkstuff

    freakydarkstuff Silver Member

    Popping in to subscribe! Good luck Sugarrush!
    And thank you again for the kind words about those silly mikado sticks on my food diary the other day!
  16. sugarrush

    sugarrush Full Member

    No problem freakydarkstuff! When I did it before I felt guilty for using my syns and wasn't until i realised that's why they were there and I enjoyed the plan!

    Yesterday i had:

    Breakfast: 2 slices wholemeal bread with scrambled eggs (hexb)

    Lunch: Mugshot and banana

    Snacks: 3 haribo sour dummy sweets (don't know on syns will say 3)

    Tea: slimming world chips and home made burgers with loads of salad Raspberry and cranberry muller light poured over blueberries and banana slices and a curly wurly.

    Used hexa on milk for tea (I drink alot of tea!) So think 9 syns.

    Also went for a lovely walk with my parents and my 2 children through the woods to some lakes to feed some ducks and did some running up a massive hill with my lo so feeling yesterday was a good day. Little lady has decided to throw up every 10 minutes today so while she is having a nap going to prepare something free for tea so I don't just grab anything after the long day I'm bound to have! Luckily little man's back to school so only one to deal with. Booked a little Monday to Friday caravan break for 16th June last night so hoping to lose 6 lb at least for then fingers crossed!
  17. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    You seem to be doing really well sugarrush, hows your day been hyn? Ive had an awful last 3 days think all my hard work before the weekend has been sabotaged. Todays been ok so far but Im really struggling to get back on the wagon, have so many naughty foods calling out my name...
    Good luck for tomorrows WI hope you get a result, Im not holding my breath. Very bad example to you this week I am very sorry. x
  18. sugarrush

    sugarrush Full Member

    Your jacket for tea looked yummy and very good! You may syprise yourself sometimes it works like that and if not at least you know where you were naughty. Nothing worse than having no clue where you went wrong! Good Luck.

    Managed to only have 6 syns so far and that was wholemeal toast I had with beans for lunch. My daughter has kept me occupied alot tho!

    Hoping I haven't gained tomorrow but don't mind if I sts as I haven't done too much exercise!
  19. sugarrush

    sugarrush Full Member

    This mornings WI +1lb

    Really don't know what went wrong. Really disappointed

    Anyway yesterday's brekkie: weetabix milk and blueberry hexb and half hexa

    Snack: apple

    Lunch 2 small slice wholemeal toast no butter (6syns) baked beans muller light tiny bit of cheese other half of hexa

    Tea: casserole with beef onions peas potato's and celery and oxo with a portion of broccoli

    Snack: vanilla muller light strawberries nectarine and bananna

    Plus 3 teas with a slash of milk in each so saying this is 3 syns as I'm not sure

    Total 9 syns.
  20. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Dont worry mate keep at it. :)

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  21. freakydarkstuff

    freakydarkstuff Silver Member

    Sorry to hear about the gain but you are doing so well. Don't give up!

    Hope LO is feeling better now.

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