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Sunburn !!!


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My 11 year old daughter is away on a Girl Guide International Jamboree in Essex. She has just phoned me and asked me to take her some more money when I go for a visit tomorrow. LOL she has managed to spend £25 since Saturday :eek:. Anyway during the conversation she let it slip that she has burnt her shoulders quite badly(luck has it that there are no blisters). I packed suncream for her,but she said factor 15 was not strong enough(I think this has been said to her by one of the leaders), I used factor 15 in 35degree heat in Egypt last October and she didn't burn then,she has never burnt in her life as I have always been very careful.I am sitting here fretting about it now and I am a little peeved that this should happen whilst in the care of others. I understand that the leaders have 35 other girls to look after and that can't be easy, but my god don't they realise that burnt skin can lead to skin cancer later on in life.I think she has applied it once and not re-applied it later, you know what kids are like. Thats why they need reminding.
There, rant over. Sorry guys but I have been a little tearful about it,maybe I'm over reacting because she is my only baby and I miss her :tear_drop:
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you would have thought that they would be reminding them to reapply the cream...

a think a snot letter to the organisor wouldn't go a miss, after all - they are in their care, and sun burn/stroke etc is a hot topic at the mo, so they should realise.

good for your girl for applying it in the first place though, could have been worse.

try not to worry, just encourage her to reapply and keep her water levels up during the day.



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Kay... not having a go but I am olive skinned and tan very easily and always always use factor 35 -50 even in the uk - the sun is the same sun wherever in the world... children are especially suspeptable to sunburn as the are always chasing round in and out of water, I wouldn't expect that the kids would listen to the leaders asking them to reapply anyway - but in future I would get her wearing a high sun block (does she really need a tan ?) that is waterproof etc etc . Don't panic this time but I wouldn't send her away with such a low SPF - if you look at kids creams they are all really high for a reason. i.e young tender burnable skin. She'll be back soon, if you are worried, get her to the Dr for a check over .
I agree - factor 15 is quite low. You can buy total block which is better. You can also get suncreams that last longer and dont need to be applied so often. But as always they do come off in water or with sweating! She should be old enough to remember to reapply. Dont think the leaders can do more than to remind them.
My youngest is at Scout camp and I've sent her with factor 30. I told her to apply it regularly but I'm guessing in all the fun and excitement that will be forgotten! She is only 10 but I'm pretty sure my older 2 would be just as bad! How many times do you drum it into them to no avail!!!!

Have you some soothing after sun to take her? I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

Hope she is having a great time, I know mine is!!!

You should try and get some P20, u need only apply it once a day so would be great for her. Think with a bunch of kids like that there should def be a sunscreen break after lunch where they all apply it at the same time, if i even bring someone elses child over to my house to play would be slapping on the sunscreen when they going into the garden. Boots advertising a sunburn cream maybe a tube of that for her would help. xx


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My eldest - 5 - has come home from holiday club with quite a red neck, apparently he has been good at putting it on everywhere else but always forgets about his neck. It has gone brown now but that's not the point, they are also expected to be able to put it on at school by themselves which I think at 5 is a bit young...

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