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Sunday cooking smells!

Well, hubby is downstairs cooking himself sunday dinner (won't temp you by telling you what it is!) but the smell wafting upstairs is incredible, but strangely, I am sitting here feeling quite calm about the whole thing! Think Im still in shock about the size 12 mini skirt, ha ha!! Tummy is making some very weird rumblings though!
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Good on you Greenockgal ----- what's this about a size 12 mini skirt????? I've not come to that post yet ---- :wow: :wow: Good on you, brilliant news :clap:


Striving for slimness
yeah there'll always be a sunday dinner in the future when you've finished your diet, but I bet that feeling of a size 12 skirt beats any dinner!!!
MMmm....lately, I have really been enjoying smells - and visuals as well - benn well in to watching Jamie Oliver and just thinking I am making a list of fantastic things to try!

My hubby has been working so hard at wiring our garage, I have been making him marmite on toast - thats been tough though as I could so easily have licked my finger - but I was good.

But the smeels are affecting me less and less as the diet goes on, which is a good thing.

Good on ya GG - wiill be all worth it when you are strutting around in your new skirt! :D

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Marmite:eek::eek::eek:
I love Marmite - but the very first time I tasted it I thought it was disgusting!

Then, 3 years later after smeaing the stuff on ryvita with cheese for my husbamd he MADE me taste it again. Literally - lol - he put me in a headlock and forced me to have it! Nad I was like, "oooooh!!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMY!" And I have been an absolute addict since then!!! I even make marmite popcorn (melt it in the butter)....its scrummy!!!


Hate it but doing it!
yum yum, you've got to try marmite and cheese on toast, ahhhhhh :drool:


Hate it but doing it!
Mum makes marmite and bacon sandwiches, lush, oops, that's it, i'm salivating, quick pass the water!!
Hi Katie, the skirt was a bit of a revelation! It's stretchy denim, but it's a mini skirt (ha ha, I'm 40 in 2 months!) so goodness only knows where I'll wear it! I nearly bought the 14 and thought sod it, get the 12, nearly passed out when I got it on and zipped it up!!!

Only 6 quid in the sale, but it was a total feel good factor moment! Only spoiled by my rottten sh*t of a brother (but that's on another thread!)
Good on you GG for buying - hey I'm 40 in 8 months and if I can get into a mini skirt in the summer you can be damn sure I'll be giving it a go :D
LOL sounds good to me ;)

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