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Sunshine's weightloss challenge

I have been trying to find the best eating plan for me for absolutely ages now. Having tried them all:rolleyes: and only been successful with WW and SW, it's pretty obvious what I need to be doing.

Now a few weeks ago I gave up smoking, still going strong, and started SW, thinking it would suit me this time, but no!

So I'm back, :eek:
I'm going to try and give pro points a proper try this time. I found it too difficult to switch from Discovery and went off the rails:mad:

I have eaten from England this weekend and I know I will be starting at a higher weight tomorrow but I want to make a commitment this time.

in 18 weeks I am hoping to do the Race for Life. I really need to drop a little weight before then!
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Had work yesterday and I find the days I work so difficult to eat properly. My job is incredibly physical and so tiring that my resolve just vanishes and I end up comfort eating.

I did last night too unfortunately. Today is a new day and I had a brainwave about how to stay in control.
I am going to divide my weeklies between my two work days and Saturday (I'm terrible at weekends).
So that is around 16 extra for each day.

My only thing with this is that I know I must up my exercise. I am going to aim for earning 20-30 exercise points per week. I have 3 so far this week:rolleyes:
I have done 30 mins on Your Shape (XBOX) today so far but because it takes a little time to load the games etc I'm calling it 20 mins. I did cardioboxing silver part 2 (twice), zen part 2 and a lot of the chasing lights etc games.
I'm putting this down as 2 activity points, was hoping for more but it's better than nothing.
I am planning on doing more later if I can.
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Good for you, keep it up and good luck with weight loss :D

I weighed in this morning. I lost 5lb this week, I am pleased but also I'm wishing it was more. It's my own fault though as I was not good over the weekend at all.:break_diet:

I wonder what it would have been if I had behaved!?

Week 2 has started now though and no time to dwell on it. I will try harder again this week and keep fingers crossed I stick to it.
I have decided to go back to the old points system for a while. Not sure how long for maybe only a few days, it's just to stop myself binging with 49 weekly points:eek:. Once they are gone I carry on binging:break_diet:

Old points is a little more disciplined for me and also I have still been filling in the tracker online and I am only one over my propoints today. So really it is all in my head :rolleyes: Anyway will carry on like this for a while and see how far I get.

I'm really hoping for 2lb off this week to get my first silver 7, weigh in not til monday.
ok that hasn't worked either :eek: I've switched again as I may be going back to meetings soon and you cant follow old points at meetings.

It's weigh in tomorrow and I totally expect a sts or possibly a gain.
Emotional eating has taken over since Friday after revelations of something horrible that has happened within the family.

However the good news is I still intend to weigh in and take it on the chin ;) before I would have run for the hills rather than weigh in after a bad few days. So a gain, or a sts will not stop me this time.

Will update tomorrow.
Good luck for WI 2moro, sorry to hear about ur bad family news! Don't beat yourself up too much about ur emotional eating...x
Thankyou! Honestly my extended family is like a badly written soap:(

Ok I have had to face up to something today. Yesterday was a STS. Today I have discovered I am actually 7lb heavier than I thought/hoped. No more kidding myself and I am going to embrace all of the weight I have lost so far not just this year. I have sensible scales now.:rolleyes:
Not had the best of weeks really but not given in completely :eek:

Going out this afternoon for a nice walk in the sunshine. Always does wonders for my mental wellbeing and I am looking forward to seeing how much I can physically do since giving up smoking (now almost 5 weeks ago).

Actually thinking about it I should be thankful that I am not gaining weight each week from not smoking. Maybe I shouldn't be so obsessed with losing at the moment.

Weigh in on Monday, not sure what to expect really. OH has weighed this morning and lost 2lb despite me leading him astray:D :break_diet:

Well done on giving up smoking for 5 weeks, and you are right it's a challenge trying to lose weight at the same time!!

Hope you have a lovely walk this afternoon and it helps you get back in "the zone". I'm sure you'll have done well at your WI this week. Don't you just hate it when your OH has a loss when its not deserved!! My OH decided he was going to keep within points while I'm dieting too!! He continually loses 2/3 pounds everyweek, so frustrating, so lucky!!!

Good luck with this week! x
It is annoying isn't it, however turns out I had a stroke of luck myself and lost 2lb:D

Maybe my scales are broken because mine really isnt deserved either:copon:

Do you have a diary? I shall go and have a look:D
Well done on your loss this week! It's great when you have an unexpected good loss, isn't it!

Yup I do have a diary, you found it...thanks for popping in! I really find keeping a diary keeps me on track. It's almost like I feel I'd be cheating if I came on here and I hadn't stuck to points.

Hope you have a good week x
Yeh I think a diary has been helping me a little bit too:D

I bit the bullet and joined a new meeting:eek:
I was looking at how much I had lost since I last went to meeting (as I was positive I could do it alone:() and I have gained loads since then:rolleyes:

However I was surprisingly calm even though the leaders scales said I was 5lb heavier than my scales because
a) I had to weigh fully clothed obviously (I don't at home)
b) At home I weigh in the morning and I can only go to evening meetings.

So in all the 5 was expected:rolleyes:

I have to change my weight in the side bit AGAIN :eek:

I am feeling quite positve for once though:D
Good for you!!

Don't worry too much about the 5lbs difference. It just shows what a difference certain times of the days or your clothes make to your weight. Finger's crossed you'll have a good loss next week at your new meeting. x
:wave_cry:Things are going wrong.

Firstly it's weigh in on Tuesday and I am pretty sure I have lost 0lb. I have been sticking to plan but I am not well and feel 'puffed up'.
I had to go to the Doctors on Thursday night, my neck was badly swollen. He said it could be glandular fever and has put me antibiotics but he also made me go straight and have blood taken. He wants to look at my thyroid results.
I had it done last year though and it was fine - although my neck was swollen then too.

All I know is I feel dreadful, I'm totally knackered permanently and the antibiotics don't seem to have sorted the swelling in my neck.

I am trying to decide at the moment whether I am going to go to weigh in on Tuesday or not. Blood test results should be in tomorrow lunchtime so maybe I will decide then:(
Oh poor you!! Well first thing is first, you need to concentrate on getting better first before you worry about WIs, there is plenty of time for them. Sounds like it might be glandular fever, the fact that you are exhausted all the time! My friends husband had that a few years back. It did take him a wee while to get over it, so you should really look after yourself and not do too much.

Hope your blood test results shed some light 2moro and you start to feel better soon. If I were you I would absolutely forget about this week at least for this week!

Get well soon x
I got the results back and there was nothing wrong. I really don't understand, the swelling in my neck has gone down slightly though. I still have another 9 days left of penicillin so the nurse said to see how the swelling is after that and go back.

I decided to brave it and went to weigh in. I am disappointed with the 2lb loss but I know that is rediculous considering I wasn't overly good last week and of course being swollen up:rolleyes:

I have an issue with my meeting though and think I may go back to my old one.
This leader whilst hasn't said much to me is a bit of a stroppy one. I have seen her get stroppy 3 times now.
Although I can see why she needed to say something to the person concerned, she speaks to people with an awful tone in her voice. Secondly she had 2 teenagers on the paying desk last night, at a guess a lad of around 13 and a girl or around 16. They are obviously one of the regulars children and helping out but they were the stroppiest looking kids I have seen for a long time (and I have a nearly 15yr old myself:sigh:).
Not only that as we were paying for ww sweeties at the back the lad came running up to tell the lady behind the counter how much some woman in the yellow top had lost that week.

Now I'm a bit shocked to be honest as weigh in is supposed to be confidential and as that lad had been giving out the leaders notes for each person as they arrived he knew how much everyone weighed and was gossiping about peoples losses:confused: A nice lad I'm sure but...

Anyway enough of my ranting, I'm going to try and have a better week this week and seriously consider going back to my original meeting:)

i do hope you feel better soon ..i had a similar virus which showed nothing on bloods but felt awful and swollen for weeks so i really feel for youx try to eat healthy but not diet too much right now...take care and nice to meet you :)

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