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***super-strong saturday daily thread***

Hello CD gang

Welcome to the weekend.
Today has been (un) officially declared Super-Strong Saturday, with the hope that any of us that might be struggling will be able to find our willpower, commitment and inner strength once more.
I have had a lovely evening - lots of laughter and reminiscence as we have all worked together for several years. Got in at 3am, late for an oldie like me! I did not stick to CD rules and regulations (will say no more) but will draw a line underneath it and start again.
A quiet day planned - wishing good luck and great success to all x :grouphugg:
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Well this very early sta morning im stuck at work snoreeeeeee but only 3 hrs left cant wait for my bed yay!
I'm now wide awake Hoping2LoseBig - without being too detailed I am probably getting a false burst of energy through a sugar rush!
Or perhaps there is still a bit of me that remains nocturnal as I did nights for 3 years (but hated it!)
Hope the last few hours fly by and enjoy your well-deserved rest x

Did anyone watch Children In Need, was it good?
Good morning! I have a busy day today, off to visist relatives and do some window shopping, then have about 64 loads of washing to do when I get back! Hope everyone has a fab day.

Good morning! I have a busy day today, off to visist relatives and do some window shopping, then have about 64 loads of washing to do when I get back! Hope everyone has a fab day.

I did not mop yesteday -- but I'll certainly try today. Mopping is a close second to ironing on my "Housework I Hate List"... however, I love laundry. Want to meet up a the big launderette and monopolise all the machines???

Have a great weekend... lucky you, 64 loads. So much fun!

Will Power

morning all off to do some Christmas shopping. Hoping I find my willpower as I have been really struggling lately! have a good day everyone.
Hi Trisha,

I have been posting on the thread I started called "Atta Girl..." it was supposed to read "What I am doing instead of eating..." -- please feel free to post there. When I am focused on accomplishing things -- it takes my mind off of food. Keeping a list makes me feel as if I have traded my "bad habits" for good things.
So, If you want to -- you could start on the thread by listing things as simple as "got up, had a CD shake, got dressed and got busy with my Christmas list." Then, come back from your shopping expedition and crow about all the "perfect" gifts you found, and then you could wrap them and taunt us with how efficient you are. (And then I would have to come over and give you a smack. I am feeling the Christmas pressure big time.)



Slimming down the aisle
BB you're always up so early!! Well, I suppose it's more you're always up so late!

I didn't watch Children in Need this year. I often do, but didn't really feel in the mood for it yesterday. I hadn't actually realised it was on until the night before. Normally it's plastered everywhere and you can't miss it. Maybe I just watch less TV now! Actually, I barely watch TV, so that's probably why! I probably watch it for about an hour and a half a week and that's about it. It just bored me most of the time, and I never remember that the stuff I want to watch is on anyway.

Falafel I'm hoping the magic laundry fairy pops by when you're out to make your life a bit easier!! :)

Trisha, hope you find your mojo too. You've done so well so far, so you've proved that you can do it. Just got to keep on keeping on. Just have to try and work out where your weaknesses are, and how you'll avoid them, or overcome them. Which is easier said than done I know! Just remember, the people on minis are always here if you're feeling tempted, come run on by, say on here, or make a post, there will be someone here to kick you into shape! :)


Slimming down the aisle
Oops, MM we cross posted. Good morning! I don't actually mind laundry, mopping or ironing, I'm a freak I know! ha
Hi CG,

Are you interested in being adopted? My children think housework is for "other people".



Slimming down the aisle
Sure thing! Depending on where you live... is it a nice place? I'm not too keen on Birmingham forever!
Hi CG,

I'm not all that far from you. We live in Great Stukeley which is near Huntingdon. A sweet little village whose claim to fame is that John and Norma Majors live here. Not that they hang out with the rest of us. lol



Slimming down the aisle
I could pretend to know where that is, but I don't! My UK geography is terrible!


Slimming down the aisle
Good old google maps! I know where you are now! I know Corby, slightly, and Cambridge. I really like Cambridge actually, very pretty. And my friend lives in Ely which seems not far. So it's a deal! When do I start? lol


Recovering Foodaholic
Morning peeps...oh dear, I only just woke up! Oh well I guess that means a few hours less to think about food! The only downfall is that I woke to find other half baking! ARGH! I wonder if we can get a lock for the kitchen door?!

Don't think we're doing much today apart from vegetating at home (by that I also mean doing boring chores too!)

Hey BB I did watch a fair bit of CIN last night- until I fell asleep with headphones on (watched it on Iplayer live in bed!) It was cool, all the usual stuff with Terry being a wally hehe.

Anyway, gotta remember to drink LOTs of water today, I'm feeling thirsty! x
Good old google maps! I know where you are now! I know Corby, slightly, and Cambridge. I really like Cambridge actually, very pretty. And my friend lives in Ely which seems not far. So it's a deal! When do I start? lol

I think we'll have to wait until after Christmas to start the adoption process... if the social workers come for a visit whilst your "brother" is home from the States (where is attending Uni): they'll think we are failures as parents! lol



please try again
afternoon girls, well im only just up, im so sick of feeling ill now. still struggling to swallow and my breath is shocking. now waking fighting for breath in the night ( ive a tendancy to do that anyway, usually resolved using my daughters inhaler, shush dont tell ) but on a plus note at least it ensures im a good girl, lol

will be hanging round the house today, might do something in the kitchen for the others later, depends on weather i can get my butt out of the chair
I am so sorry Claire, can you contact an out of hours surgery? It sounds like it might be serious.
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Hello daily threaders

Firstly, pleased to say that I seem to have re-claimed my CD motivation and back to being a well -behaved dieter, or so I hope.
There was definitely a pre-TOTM demon encouraging the use of illicit food items! So another 3 foodpacks and a fair bit of water to go - was strangely not hungry today.

Spent the day with my Dad at Westfield retail centre, helping him to choose a gift for my Mum. I think it really helped my motivation as Dad thought I was looking so well. I wore a red hooded jacket with a black trim (been in the wardrobe for years but hasn't fitted for quite a while) - we joked that I looked like a cross between Mother Christmas and Little Red Riding Hood?!

Thanks for Children-In-Need update BubblyPenguin. And knowing that Falafel has completed the 64 loads of washing, which has inspired me to do 1 load!
My friend and her husband that did lovely meal yesterday are moving out of London in March for village life in East Anglia; I am sure that Huntingdon is a lovely place to live. I can remember reading years ago that John and Norma had a charmed life there - she was a volunteer once a week for the Meals on Wheels service.

Hope that the bit of rest today has helped you feel better Summayah.

Now chilling out in front of the TV - does Katie Price get all of the trials, lol x
Crikey, just re-read your post Summayah - I think that I focused more on the fact that you thought you were well enough to prepare food for Kaya and your boyfriend.
Yes, what you have said is worrying - are you alright? x

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