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Hello all

Welcome to Super Sunday, wishing another sucessful day of CD for each and everyone, regardless of whether its the first day or week, or we are a bit more established.
Its great to see so many new people on the Cambridge Diet Forum - hope that you will dip into the daily (or almost daily) threads whenever you can.
Had an enjoyable day yesterday; I like all kinds of music so I went to a classical piano recital in Hampstead with a friend from North London (who is doing Slimming World and looking great - we were congratulating each other on our respective weight losses). Met up beforehand for a stroll around the shops (lots of unique boutiques) and then into a pub for coffee ,which we had forgotten is reknowned for serving gorgeous food.
And although the aromas were very appetising, I think that I more enjoyed the pleasure of being a lot slimmer than I have been for ages than the perceived joys of dining out. Wow, I must be making progress!

Sitting up watching repeat of X-Factor and looking forward to a lazy day, will be popping onto daily thread later.

Hope its a good day:)
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Quick hi here. Off to dry my hair then going up the mountain to a little village which is having a chestnut festival! Not quite sure what that entails - will tell you when I get back. Have a good day folks :)
Morning all!

Nice to see a Sunday thread! Well done on not be tempted by those delicious aromas Bling - you're so right - nothing tastes as good as being slim. :D And Alex, I'm intrigued by the chestnut festival. Maybe you get to throw them at each other? :D Play conkers? Hmm...

I'm planning on having a nice lazy day today. My OH and son have said they're quite happy not to have a roast dinner (hurray - I don't have to cook!) so I'm thinking of doing some surfing on the web, maybe get out into the garden and rake up the leaves (that's exercise, right? ;)). Otherwise, not much planned. :D Just the way I like it.

Wishing everyone a slim and successful Sunday!


please try again
morning girls
well clocks went back and i did change all mine but he still woke me up at 6am grrrrrrrr and he wondered why i went to bed at 10pm last night insted of sitting up spending time with him

yesterday went up the wall, only had one pack and what was i thinking a friggin cupcake
so cross with myself, didnt even taste nice and now my stomach seems to have expanded by several inches ( ok heading for TOTM seems to be not helping there )

hope everyone else is having a good one


is back on it...
Good day for me so far, have finished TOTM so feel less bloated instantly!.. also went to the pub on Friday night will lots of friends for food and drink... and was amazed how the pub managed to convert something on the menu for me... i had the grilled Lemon chicken without Lemon, and with just salad and seasonal veg, well just the broccoli out of the veg... :) was so nice being able to feel part of a social thing... also guzzed about 6 glasses of water!... :)

Got a similar experience this weekend.. as im off to see 2 concerts back to back Thursday and Friday and then is my Boyfs birthday on Saturday so we are going out for a meal... all i have to contend with is Pizza Express on the Thursday night... which thankfully due to the Nutrition area on the Pizza Express website, i can see that a Pollo salad without the dough sticks and dressing is 294 cals... :) and on the Saturday night we are going to Loch Fyne so will pick something equally low to have... :)

Very excited about being "in control" on these social occasions.. :)

Hope everyones extra hour Sunday is grand :D

Ive been an active bee already this morning all 4 of us went to the local woods took the dogs and has a long.........long walk! and ramble lol put a pic up in album of this morning its just me & eldest larking about was lovely crunching the autumn leaves :D

Trying to get myself together to go shopping but HATE clothes shopping seriously fat or thin it bores me senseless (i should be born a bloke) i have ample coinage :D but lack of motivation!!!!! looool might go after lunch once browsed a bit more on here....its addictive!

Happy Sunday all ! X

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Good Afternoon everyone,

Been a busy bee this morning, came on her for a little while.
Got myself dressed, had my shake, put some washing on, tidied up, put some more washing on etc etc.

Now back on here after having another shake and got my green tea :) Aaahhhhhh!

Me and OH have ordered 60 boxes ready to start packing as we officially move in together on 9th November into our first house.
My place is pretty much packed but ive got ants in my pants and want to be organised eek!

Gonna drive him mad, have also just arranged Sky+ to be installed the same week we move in and get a BT line reconnected! We're off to look at white goods in a while *yawn* (when he gets off the phone to his mother lol)

Hope your all having a good day?!


Wants to be slim :)
Hope everyones extra hour Sunday is grand :D

Ive been an active bee already this morning all 4 of us went to the local woods took the dogs and has a long.........long walk! and ramble lol put a pic up in album of this morning its just me & eldest larking about was lovely crunching the autumn leaves :D

Trying to get myself together to go shopping but HATE clothes shopping seriously fat or thin it bores me senseless (i should be born a bloke) i have ample coinage :D but lack of motivation!!!!! looool might go after lunch once browsed a bit more on here....its addictive!

Happy Sunday all ! X

Just looked at your pic in the woods today....you are looking amazing :) can def tell the difference over the last few months huh??

Where in Essex are you btw?x


please try again
am determined to be a good girl today.
have had my first pack of the day and 1.5l of water so am now gonna put the poorly sick girl down for a nap and im gonna have a nice bath


Wants to be slim :)
Hi All,

Not been a great day so far...woke up with a headache and not really been able to shift it. Have drank loads of water so not sure if it's because I had too much sleep or what!?

So had some tuna at lunchtime with my choc shake (because i am not officially on SS until my next WI)

This has made me feel a little more energised but headache still there.

This is my 5th day on CD, am supposed to be doing somewhere between 810 & 1200 - first few days followed 810 but struggled to eat evening meal as well as shake, so just been having 3 shakes last two days. Found this fine until today!

Oh well, guess I will have to go through all of this again after 1st week WI :( haha
rebecca im in Upminster...know it? near Dartford 'ish :D

Sorry you aint feelin to grand :( but you'll be fine once you get into the swing of it all...i remember feeling bit $Hit the first week or so calling my CDC that i wasnt feeling right...but she just kept saying 'hang in there' and she was right ..so you'll be right as rain soon promise x

Well i went out to Lakeside just now couldnt be bothered with the main mall so headed for Asda (anyone see me?? looooooool) rushing round there like a loon looking for tops... well i bought a jumper dress pinafore stylie very nice! in the young girls range '21' something well who cares i liked it :D also bought a lovely gillet?? not sure if that the right word lol anyway lurrrrve my new dress and now have my airport outfit sorted lmao :D black leggings, me new dress & me gillet haha

I heart airports..quite obsessed with them *im sad*


please try again
yep im loving baths, always nice when ur ass finally fits in em, lol

i hate shopping too, i write a list of what i want and from where, where to get it and im outta there as soon as my list is done im outta there!
Hello again

Well I promised myself a lazy day and so far have not detoured from my plans. Got up late (about 11am!) and have just chilled out since.
My most energetic action has been to load the washing machine and put laundry out on the line - oh what a superb effort, lol
I have just looked at Mrs. Essex's photos, that 5 stones loss really shows. I wish that I had a dog to take for walkies, although the poor creature would get used to having to wait if there was something good on QVC. Yes, unfortunately my willpower weakened and I was sucked in today by the combination of a 3 easy payments weekend and the one hour Butler and Wilson jewellery show, so a swarovski crystal handbag charm is on its way (which coincidentally is a dog that looks like Sweep from the Sooty show). Apologies if this demonstrates my age and younger CD'ers are wondering who these characters are?!
A woman looking suspiciously like me would have been seen buying a couple of pairs of gemstone jewellery earrings yesterday afternoon - ok, this is not the appropriate forum but if anyone visits, lives or works near to Hampstead there is a lovely small shop in Flask Walk near to the tube station that sells the most beautiful scarves, shawls and bits of jewellery - and its very cheap. My two pairs are sterling silver with genuine coral and rose quartz stones, £10 each or £15 for two.
Ok, spontanoeous sales pitch over, glad that you are back on trach Summayah - I'm yet another one thats looking forward to a spendid soak in the bath.

Catch you all later x
Afternoon ladies just had a long read up of the thread, hope you are all well.

Nice and quiet here, OH is off to work soon and my daughters have gone to see Hi 5 at the alambra and my son is at his friends, so I think im going to have a sanctuary spa body wrap and a lovely pamper bath, get my PJs on for when the kids get back and watch movies with the kids later, perfect Sunday for me, im craving for a cheese and pickle sandwich its really annoying me but its not going to win so if I bandage myself up I cant walk haha.

Kids are on holiday tomorrow so I have a house full of holiday kids, all over eight as well and no little ones as they are all on hols with parents so going to be kind of a break for me too as the older kids tend want to do there own thing, must have a halloween party though one day.
Hi ladies,

Witchy I have just been reading through the threads and yes my kids are off too, the dreaded half term. I work shifts and I am off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I must admit I find it alot easier to be at work as far as the diet goes because at least my mind is occupied, I find that when I am at home with the kids I EAT, but this time NO. I will take them out for the days, it will cost a fortune but I keep telling my husband it will be worth it (not sure he is convinced).

Day 3 for me and I am not feeling to bad. I am hungry and tired as I am on nights at the moment, back into work for 7 tonight for 12hrs, then off :D.

I am hoping to feel more energised tomorrow (please tell me I will):cry:
Hi Nic

Im a childminder so I work at home, so my kids being home makes life easier as they play with all the other kids, I prefer doing CD at home dont think I could do it if i worked in an office.

have a good holiday and try not to spend too much hehe.
hi all

just wanted to check... had a really lazy day today too went to visit my parents etc but home now doing well noting again lmao.

went out to a club last night as the designated driver with oh friends n familly who i dont know too well was so biring and awkward would have been easy to just get merry but not remotely missing alcohol so no danger of that.

got in around 3 am even once the clocks had been put back so had a long lay in this morning

1 more cd to go today its a choc mint mix a mousse chilling in the fridge think il wait till lil one is in bed so she dont pinch it lol they are loooovely arent they!

well just wanted to check in n say hi really! not got a wi this friday cdc on hol so not till following fri planning to have 100% fortnight i feel soo in the swing of things now reckon il be on for a good wi!!

forgot to mention bought new dress for last night size 16 its so cute i love it!!!!
The chestnut fair turned out to be quite good. There were several types of entertainment on, lots of stalls and then in the middle of the field they were roasting chestnuts and giving everyone free bags to nibble at. Needless to say I was good and did not nibble at anything.

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