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Supersize v Superskinny

Lil K

Addicted to Minimins
Will be watching this - I saw an interesting article for the first episode in the News of The World Sunday magazine at the start of the year. It said it was from a TV show, but didn't say when it was going to be aired - I've been looking out for it ever since.

Thanks Janey
just look at the skinny 's weekly food intake !!


Gone fishing
Enjoyed this apart from the fact they had that vile Gillian McKeith on it.
I nearly turned off when I saw she was on there. She does annoy me...but I was annoyed that she was asked to join the programme. I thought she was going to get some help and advice, not give it :D

I know she probably can't help it, but why have someome who has probably got an eating disorder themselves, giving advice to others with eating disorders:confused:

Also a bit worried about the 'skinny' one. Really surprised that her body managed the amount of calories after getting used to such a small amount.

Thought it was a little irresponsible. I'm sure she must have left loads. Either that or was in a lot of pain all week:confused:


a bit different everyday
wow it was interesting though, I thought the skinny one looked really ill, and not being mean but i think i saw a certain tooth enamel problem with her ?:(
the big girl ate a ridiculous amount comparitively though ,makes you think huh [but the big girls food did make my mouth water lol]
I agree with you all on Gillian Mckeith, but she does spit out the truth, albeit a bit harshly! And rude. She has put on a few pounds as well, I wanted HER to jump on one of those pony things! I want one too! Less poop to clear up!:eek:
The skinny one had legs that you drive a train through, and the larger one was large, such extremes. What enamel thing are you looking at? I missed that one!
I'm surprised the silly little dwarf doesn't get lynched! ( I mean mcKeith of course) if she came up to me and said I had a big bum I reckon my Tourettes would kick off - big time!


Intuitive Eater
Enjoyed this apart from the fact they had that vile Gillian McKeith on it. Im so glad I Sky+ it and could fast forward her section. She must be the most smug & arrogant woman on TV.. I swear Id never tire of slapping her :mad:

Ok *breeeeatthe*

Ahh better now :giggle:
I totally agree, she is vile! :jelous:

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