Supplements anyone?


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Just wondered what, if any, supplements people take? And if they think they make a difference?

Just before I started doing SW I started taking zinc picolinate and kelp, because I was starting to wonder if I had an underactive thyroid. Decided a few supplements wouldn't do any harm, and could possibly do some good.

Well I had good losses, then I started to forget taking them and my losses slowed down drastically. Of course it's almost certainly complete coincidence and there are other factors at play but I've started taking them again just in case!

Anyone else taking anything they think makes a difference? eg chromium? (Meant to be good for maintaining blood sugar levels). I can see from another thread that some people swear by green tea so I've started drinking that again as I really like it anyway.

Every little helps! As they say.
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I take green tea capsules. I've no idea if they work but i've been losing at least 2 pounds a week since Christmas, so i'll keep taking them for now! Be careful that you don't take too much of the metal compounds as they can be toxic in high levels.


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I'd definately reccomend NOT taking any vitamin supplements, for the main reason that you don't need too. Unless you've been medically advised by a doctor to take them, the average diet has more than enough of your daily reccomendation of these vitamins and antioxidants. Buying them is empty money down a drain, into a very lucrative placebo market!

Just my little health advice of the day! lol


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OK I confess I am a medic - or at least was in a past life - and while I agree with much that NN89 says there is a vast area of the neutraceutical market that hasn't been fully explored and it is, IMO, unwise to make sweeping generalisations.

I always diligently research neutraceuticals before I take them. I was merely looking for anecdotal evidence of other people's experiences. As often anecdotal evidence is as valid as hard science. IMHO!


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My thyroid I've been told is borderline lunderactive. So please tell me about these supplements, as it's not low enough for medication, but I reckon it may affedt weight losss




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I am hypothyroid and have been losing between 1.5-2 lbs per week which for me is very good. I take vitamin d supplements and immune boosters. The vitamin D because of the hours I work I get very little sunlight in winter and they have helped very much. The immune boosters because I had a nasty infection earlier in the year and had an awful time with antibiotics so dr recommended immune booster. Feeling good right now and losing steadily - long way to go but this is the first diet I have used that I have actually lost weight on so very happy bunny!!