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Support and reassurance for SSing pls!

Hi all,

Just wanted to to join in with the massive CD community as I am booked in to see my CD counsellor on the 8th. Have previously done LL five yrs ago and lost 9 and half stones but since baby have to lose that stone and a half again. Advice if you please, last time I sole sourced was dreadful for about a week with carb withdrawal so does the prep phase really work and if so when should I start? The 4 week break is a bit new to me aswell as I SS'd for 11 months last time. Finally whats it like exercising on SS as Im a fitness instructor and am worried I be as flat as a pancake!?

Cheers all and let the coundown commence.....
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Hi there,


I've exercised while SSing before, apparently one needs to drink more water. But since you do it for a living you may need to ask your counsellor regarding extra nutrition.

Having been a consistent failure on CD ... I would heartily recommend preparation by cutting down on carbs so as to fall into ketosis quickly. However since you are a fitness instructor I'd expect you'd hit ketosis quickly as exercise uses up glycogen stores.

Also ..... you must look gorgeous ...... 9 stones :wow: down AND a fitness instructor to boot!!


Thanks for such a fast response, am so new to Minimins I just lost my post! Maybe I should swat up on how to use the site as a distraction for that first week on SS?! Yeah, I'm thinking maybe another food pack to combat those free radicals I'm gonna be producing. Thanks for the vote of confidence too!
Minimins is such a fantastic distraction when you're getting back into SS - keep coming back as we'll all struggle through together!!

I exercise quite a bit (but obviously not as much as you do) I have a horse, run 3/4 times a week and also love to swim. I find I actually have more of a 'buzz' about me when I'm in ketosis. I know I'll probably get a smacked bum for saying it (and more so now that my BMI is not far off 25 now), but I exercise on SS. I have an active life, can't just sit around doing nothing, that's not healthy. I just drink loads of the clear stuff, and have an extra shake if I feel I need it here and there. It's not an issue, I've not keeled over, yet!

Good luck! You'll have blasted that 21lbs into oblivion before you know it!


Goodbye Tum
Hi, just to say welcome really, I swim and now I'm not too heavy will be using our stepper every other day but don't intend to do too much, over Christmas we went round a museum then hiked to the city centre and I went really dizzy, probably my own fault for not telling everyone I needed a drink and five mins sit down.

Great luck, you've done the hard work, your baby weight will drop off xx
Cheers hun, I am a cardio fanatic so will either have to have extra pack I guess or calm down (unlikely)! Yeah I remember that Ketosis feeling, clear head and all and was running when I did it before so will play it by ear. Thanks for letting me in on your experience. Whats all this coming off SS at BMI plus a stone, sounds like I'll only be on it a month anyway, makes me nervous "eating" the last stone off....
Yes, I know what you mean.

On LL did you SS all the way to target? I think that's what I'm planning to do, my CDC hasn't said otherwise anyway. I'm aiming for 9stone, and to maintain 9 to 9 and a half. not sure as NEVER been that skinny before. (Well, probably was that big whenIi was like 12 or something?!!!).

Good luck!
Yes, I SS'd down to BMI 24 which was way too skinny for me and made me look old in the face, you know? I'm done by 10 and a half stone to eleven as I can carry the extra weight because of the weight training I do. By the looks of it you have about the same amount of weight to lose as me, so keep me posted.

Excellent - a diet buddy - we''ll keep each other on track!

I know what you mean about being too skinny. I saw Ulrika Johnson on telly yesterday and she looked very skinny and gaunt, and it really aged her.

I definately have plenty to grab hold of still, originally planned to stop at 10stone but I think under all this fat is quite a small frame. But not sure as always been chunky. I think I'll know when I'm getting close.

If they let you SS to goal on LL there can't be too much wrong with doing it, hoping my CDC will just let me keep on going.

keep me posted!

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