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Support is the Key :)

I have read a few posts lately and also been involved in one where words were taken out of context and people were offended by particular posts....

In my case, it caused a huge amount of upset to me because I was accused of being off with someone when that is the last thing on earth I would ever want to do... And this has played on my mind ever since.. Reading other posts, I can see it happens quite often....

This forum however is all about support, and as we are all different, we are bound to have different views, we also have different abilities in writing things down, I sometimes struggle sayign what I really want to say...

So .. Iw as thinking.... maybe what we should do, before reacting in a negative way to a post, maybe a person who is offended should PM the poster and ask them to clarify,, saying maybe they found it upsetting (i'm not talking about attacking someone by PM!!!!) Maybe then as the mature adults we are, the OP may wish to modify their post, or the offended person might be able to respond in a better way, knowing the way in which the post was meant to be read...

Forums are always rife with upset...
But this diet is difficult enough as it is, without us attacking each other!

What does anyone else think....?

(OH and before anyone jumps at me... I am not talking about any one person in partiucular... Just I feel as many of us must, that sometimes its sad when things move away from the original question and ends up as an attack on someone.)

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Laugh, love, live!
I'm with you honey. I see this forum as a friendly and supportive place to come. Got enough crap to deal with without this place becoming a free for all to attack one another. I try to be supportive to all and those post that I don't agree with I tend not to read or comment on........that works for me xx


wannabe yummy mummy
Tilly- first of all I always think you come across as being really lovely :)
Second I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said in your post, I honestly don't know if I'd have managed 3 weeks without the support of people here.


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Unfortunately, it can be so easy to misinterpret the written word, especially in forums. If you were standing next to the person who said the thing that might look outrageous in a post, you'd get to see their body language, hear their tone of voice, etc and know that they didn't mean it to come out quite like that. Moreover, that person would pick up immediately on your reaction and modify whatever they said accordingly.

I think it works both ways. First, yes, I agree - a pm to the poster might be a good idea. But also we as readers have a similar responsibility to look at what's written, take a deep breath and ask ourselves whether the person who posted really meant whatever it was to come out like it did. Weight loss is a particularly emotive subject it seems. :)

On the whole, I think everyone here does a fantastic job of supporting each other, especially as the same questions and issues inevitably crop over and over again. IMHO, I've never been on a more supportive forum. :D

Quick, let's have a group hug... :grouphugg:


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Tilly...
I think you have always been a great support on here.. and I know how you felt the other day.. sometimes people do take things the wrong way..
Sometimes I dont say what I feel, Im the kind of person I just think I will keep my mouth shut.. as I do worry what I say..
Chin up sweetie your a great support on here.


always struggling
Hi Tillyfloss, dont feel upset hun you are one of the most motivational people on here and whoever took your words of support wrong just misread them. Its a bit like texting its so easy to mis read cos you cant see the face.

If I were on the outside (not that Im in Prison) I would choose you as a friend and think of you like that anyway on here just as so many others do.

At the end of the day it was said earlier and you said it too -this diet is hard enough without us flying of on one so lets take deep breaths and all smile and hug and keep up the excellent work and Tilly.... you are fab :hug99:x

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