suprised how much fat is in each food

Victoria Plum

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nearly done my 1st week on xenical and it has been an eye opener on fat contents lol!!

cant believe how much fat there is in some crackers, was really shocked at that as i was previously eating them regularly.

Bonus that crumpets are low fat :) so i treated my self to 2 this week as ive been avoiding bread and any bread type products like the plague over the last few months.

Anyone have any other foods that they are suprised with the fat amount??
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I was surprised with eggs as I was looking forward to a spanish omlette and then my other favourite - pilchards on toast - definitely a no no! Dont think the little blue Doctor will like that!!! I am on day 3 of Xenical and all good so far xx

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Me too - I used to know all about this type of stuff - saturated fats etc, but when it came down to it was amazed.
I have never eaten much, just drunk way way way too much due to the pressures of my job and carrying out my job - ( passenger aircraft pilot), and took delight in setting light to "m&s good for you" type crackers as the fat content is so high they burn like a candle........
Quavers will also do this.
Looking from the dark side it really is an eye opener!!!

what other food will burn if you light it?
some cheese biscuits

ps - did I say aircraft pilot - meant electrician or was it surgeon?

Victoria Plum

S: 20st1lb C: 18st2lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 38.6 Loss: 1st13lb(9.61%)
With eggs, is the fat content still high if you only use the egg whites??

hope not lol!! egg whites scrambled is just like normal scrambled eggs.


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nope the egg whits r real low in fat. In fact i dont think there is any! i used to have one whole egg with 2 whites!

I have about 2 eggs a day on sw and i dont have any side effects! It affects different people in different was its just trail and error!