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Surprise Surprise...


I will be skinny again!!!


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haha so you won your bet with your friend then that he wouldnt take you away!!

i hope you are alright chick **big hugs**

xxx mwah


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Aww hun!! Thats not good but it is good! You should be pleased with yourself for being able to take a stand with it! You know you deserve so much better than the way he was treating you! :hug99: xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol im grand :)

thank you :)

Trying to get people to go out tonight now lol!!


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Lol! is this guna be your first night out on the beer since giving it up for LT? x


I will be skinny again!!!
No I went out last night and drank alot of whisky lol!!!

Was quite drunk :)


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haha!! did it take alot for you to start to feel drunk?!! xx


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Hope you are ok, i think if you are already ok about it you know you have done the right thing! xx
glad you feel fine about it - i guess that shows it was the right decision. You deserve someone who appreciates, understands and cares about the person you are.

His loss!
Wow! I haven't been on to know the whole story but I am certainly ipressed that you've decided to stick up for yourself. I hope that that means since losing your weight youve gained some self confidence and a sense of self worth. He sounds like a bit of a prick actually just from that one message so take care of yourself girl and let others do the same.

I bet he is starting aurguments because he is feeling insecure with all the weight you have lost, he'll be worried that you dont need him anymore and he's trying to put you down. Good on you for not putting up with it x
Hope you managed to get someone to go out with tonight.

You have to kiss a lot of frogs to get your prince - perhaps he's one of the frogs. :king2:
aaaw hun sorry to hera about your break up :(

You are a beautiful woman, you won't be single for long!


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Hugs hun! But glad you're ok about it. Hope you have a bawl tonight!!!


Here we go again!
Hope you have a great night out tonight Chels!

You wont be single for long, you are a beautiful girl and a lovely one too. You deserve to be treated with respect and so glad you stood up to him. I think he was feeling insecure cos you look so good.

You are much better off without him.


I will be skinny again!!!
Awww thank you all :)

Im still feeling ok about it all :)

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
awww just read your thread hun hope your ok, its his loss your gorgeous hes a fool to treat you so crappy, maybe its for the best if your not feeling that bad about it u done the right thing.. hugs and kisses (())xxxx


My husband = My hero
Go ed girly!!

about time u showed him, hope u really are ok about it all hunni.

ur guna have them fallin at ye feet!!



It really does work! :)
Just popped back to the LT forum and spotted this....sorry to hear about the break-up.

As others have pointed out, you could have the pick of the boys anyway, so his loss......if only I was younger.....and single..... hahaha.

Seriously though, hope everything is OK and you enjoyed your night out.


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