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SW Men?

Hey my fellow MM/SW lovelies!

Hope ur all doing very well.

I have a question for our gorge men in the group and women whose hubbies are doing SW too!

My Hubs is desperate to lose weight, but hes a bit of a fussy bugger when it comes to his food.

Hes usually has HEXB toast for brekkie, and he'll eat whatever Dinner I make in the evenings, what do you eat/prep for lunch?

He's a mechanic, so pretty physical work so deffo needs to keep his energy up too.

Im sure once he's lost a few pounds he'll swear by it but its just getting his lazy butt motivated!

Thansk in advance for any comments

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What days will he be doing? How long does he get for lunch?

Just seen your sig, well done! I'm trying to get mine below 30 for iui :)
he gets 30 mins, and I tend to stick to EE, as Its a good mix of both!

Thanks, I was told to lose a stone before b4 IVF in October lol, IUi didnt work for us :( fun hey?

Thanks hun


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So you'll need some things that are either pre-prepared or quick to cook, plus have the 1/3rd. Have you had a look at the 'whats for lunch' thread for inspiration? I'm not much help as I do green, so always use one of my Bs for lunch time.

Sorry the iui didn't work hon. We've been at this game for 11 years now, and it sucks.
Does he have access to a microwave?


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My OH is not following it strictly but loosing alongside me nonetheless. For lunch he tends to have pasta in a tomato sauce with some ham or chicken, cottage cheese quiche (but blended to disguise the cotage cheese!!), homemade soup in a flask, jacket pot and beans if somewhere with microwave. He also likes lots of little snacks - crab sticks, cold sausages, babybel, hard bolied eggs, pickled onions etc.

Hope this helps for starters x
Yep, he has a micro!
These are great ideas, thanks guys!
I will check that thread 2moro!

11 tears sucks :(


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Beggars can't be choosers, it's down to my pcos. Just gotta lose weight, do iui and ivf rounds, then we'll move on to adoption :D
I think he needs quite a hefty lunch to keep him going so how about left overs of dinner not necessarily the night before, so like some beef stew with loads of veg, ditto to chilli or some pasta bake? That sort of thing? Like I'll be happy with some salmon and salad but my boyf wouldn't be!

This is only our first week but so far my partner is enjoying his lunches better than his usual rounds of sarnies!

He has taken cold pasta with ham and lots of veggies, mustard stirred in. He's also had SW quiche and cold new potatoes which he said was his fave! (mine too I must add).

Hope he finds something he enjoys. xxx
My OH usually takes leftovers from the night before. If it's something which isn't good the following day, then he'll usually have a meat & salad sandwich. He also has a yoghurt and some fruit.


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