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Sw newbie doing it alone at home

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by michellem162, 19 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. michellem162

    michellem162 Full Member

    Hey everyone starting a food diary as I am doing sw from home so need all the help and encouragement I can get lol.

    So here's today's diary:

    B- overnight oats (35g) with two aldi ff Greek yougurt and frozen berrys

    L- ham salad with boiled potatoes and an orange
    ( asda light mayo) syns

    D- tuna pasta salad (more mayo)

    S- aldi crisps, banana and plums

    Unsure of exact syns but will assume 15 for today
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  3. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member


    I too am doing sw from home, have been since January on and off but the last 3 months more so. I have lost 21lb and couldn't have done it without the support from my lovely friends on the forum.

    I hope you find it as helpful as I have xx
  4. michellem162

    michellem162 Full Member

    That's great well done .
    Am not really sure how this site works yet but am sure I will not be long in learning lol x
  5. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member

    Just have a browse through, subscribe & comment and your off lol x
  6. michellem162

    michellem162 Full Member

    I have subscribed to a few now but not getting any notifications .

    On to add to today's diary aswell as I was hungry had a mugshot and plums not having a very good first day x
  7. ScouseBird83

    ScouseBird83 Full Member

    Hi Michelle!

    I'm a newbie! Signed up online last night and today was my (proper) start! Been doing some of the SW recipes for the past month, and for someone who didn't think they could cook (!), I've surprised myself and they have been delicious!!

    I'm using 7 syns at the mo, sat drinking a glass of red wine!!

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  8. michellem162

    michellem162 Full Member

    I know what you mean I wasn't much of a cook myself but am getting there with the reciepes lol x
  9. michellem162

    michellem162 Full Member

    Today's diary:

    B- overnight oats with frozen berrys and ff yougurt

    L- leftover tuna pasta salad from yest with an orange and plum

    D- diet cola ham, mushy peas, veg and sw chips
    Desert was syn free cherry rice pudding with added cherrys

    S- 2 mikados and a banana

    Counting today as 5 syns for the mayo in the pasta and mikado

  10. holiday-dieter

    holiday-dieter Silver Member

    Subscribed. Diet cola ham sounds really yum! How do you make it? :) x
  11. michellem162

    michellem162 Full Member

    Thanks for the subscribe . Just put ur ham joint in a pot and cover in diet coke and boil till it's cooked it's really nice and a have some left so it will be the same diner again 2moz lol x
  12. michellem162

    michellem162 Full Member

    Today's diary:

    B- weetabix
    Had cherrys to go with it but started to take a reaction to them so cldnt eat then :(

    L- tuna salad with two eggs (2 ts light mayo so 2 syns??)
    Mullerlight and a orange

    D- yesterday's leftover ham with sw chips and beans

    Having a blue wkd or Smirnoff ice later but unsure of syns any1 kno?

  13. Dawnio87

    Dawnio87 Full Member

    Hey Michelle,

    I'm also doing SW from home, lost 6stone last year doing it n was off the wagon for a while but back on this week.

    Alco pops are pretty bad, if memory serves me Blue WKD is 13.5 syns and Smirnoff ice is 9 syns. That's why I try to stick to vodka and diet coke lol!

    Good luck
  14. michellem162

    michellem162 Full Member

    Go you well done that's excellent . Oh really that high? Aw well I was driving and only had one so not alls lost and I avoided the buffet and won't be hungover tomorrow so it's been a good night lol x
  15. Dawnio87

    Dawnio87 Full Member

    Aww that's not so bad then, and waking up hangover free is a huge bonus Happy days!
  16. michellem162

    michellem162 Full Member

    Had a bad day yest so here's the diary:

    B- grapes and banana

    L- went out for a carvery lunch and had lentil soup, pakora and salad, turkey, chips, turnip,mushrooms,cabbage, Yorkshire pudding x2 and gravy, followed by choc fudge cake and cream

    Mega syn overload scared to even kno how many it could be never had anything else after this and gna try and be syn free or very low syn till thur for damage control so fingers crossed
  17. Dawnio87

    Dawnio87 Full Member

    Aw weekends are always tough Michelle. Especially at a carvery/buffet cos there's so many yummy temptations around.

    Best thing is just draw a big line under it and today is a new day! Plus the start of a new week. You can do it
  18. michellem162

    michellem162 Full Member

    That's exactly what I have done dawn just not the best thing to do on my first week lol x
  19. michellem162

    michellem162 Full Member

    Today's menu :

    B- 2 eggs 3 bacon and tinned plum tomatoes with a banana after

    D- aldi piri piri chicken, 1/2 a packet of aldi spicy cous cous (1 syn ?) salad, corn on the cob with 2 ts light mayo (3syns)

    S- aldi sweet and sour cup shotz (free), plum, Mullerlight and 2 aldi benefit bars

  20. michellem162

    michellem162 Full Member

    Today's menu:

    B- bacon,eggs,mushrooms,beans and tinned tomatoes

    D- aldi tinned stew and mixed veg with aldi benefit bar

    S- chocolate birthday cake in work (really need my jaws wired )

    Went to a birthday BBQ after work and had some chicken drumsticks and wings with the skin removed so hopefully shld be syn free

    Really need to try harder to resist the temptation so disappointed in myself

  21. Dawnio87

    Dawnio87 Full Member

    Aww I wouldn't be too hard in yourself Michelle! We all get those days, at least you still took skin off etc and made sensible choices instead of completely gorging (my usual style is all or nothing making damage limitation hard!)

    You're brekkie sounds yum haven't had a hot breakfast in ages, I'm thinking a SW fry could be on the cards this Saturday mmmmmm

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