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SW obsession

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Indieflower, 20 April 2009 Social URL.

  1. Indieflower

    Indieflower I have my mojo

    Well today I've been off work with some sort of sickness bug (feeling a little perkier now). The point of the story is, I've got weigh in in half an hour, and do you know what was going through my mind?? Of course, it was, I wonder if I've lost weight due to the bug :eek::eek::eek: Obsessed!!

    I'm not complaining cos obsession is working for me :D Deffo not hoping for a bug each week though lol.

    It got me to thinking, who else is obsessed? :D I thought it might be amusing to see how obsessed all us miniminers really are??

    K xxx
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  3. crazycrafter

    crazycrafter I have collar bones!

    A few weeks ago, I'd had a lousy week - my Mum got admitted to hospital, and I'd had a tummy bug. Coupled with that, I hadn't food optimised at all! Was dreading the scales, but I'd lost 4.5lbs! I'm sure it was the bug.
  4. Rachella

    Rachella Silver Member

    I am REALLY obsessed - I see someone stuffing their face with 'bad' food and all I can think is 'Oh my gawd there must be a zillion syns in that'!!!

    When I meet up with friends, I am always bringing up the topic of SW! They must be bored of it by now... :D

    On a more serious note - I'm currently studying towards a diploma in Welfare and Criminiology and I am finding it hard to focus on study when I'm giving so much of myself to thinking about and doing SW! Plus all the exercising I'm now doing! I'm going to have to put something on the back burner for a while... probably the exercise... which is a shame coz I love it!
  5. Indieflower

    Indieflower I have my mojo

    Just got back from weigh in and lost 4lb! Must have been the bug!! :)

    I know what you mean Rachella, I find it hard to have much else inmy life to focus on as well.....but it will all be worth it in the end! And as for your studies, you shoudl really put them first, it's your future!

    I'm starting a law degree in September and I'm worried about how much focus I'll have as well. At least you recognise you need to do something about it though. xxx
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  6. weemo

    weemo Trying again!!!

    Well done Kerry, that's a fantastic loss xx
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  7. SkinnyMoo

    SkinnyMoo Full Member

    Well done, that's a fantastic loss...now where can I get me one of these bugs? lol
  8. Indieflower

    Indieflower I have my mojo

    I'll send my friend over to you, she's riddled with it! lol

    Thanks hun xxx
  9. *Fallen Angel*

    *Fallen Angel* Full Member

    Well done Kerry!
  10. Indieflower

    Indieflower I have my mojo

    Thanks hun :) It makes it all worth while when those numbers are ticking down! xx
  11. BikerAngel

    BikerAngel Silver Member

    well done even if it was down to bug fab result x
  12. Indieflower

    Indieflower I have my mojo

    Thanks, I'm not saying the bug was worth it....but the loss is a bonus I suppose :)
  13. Frontier-Phil

    Frontier-Phil Silver Member

    Well done KERRY good loss, sorry to hear you wearn't feeling well

    Phil x
  14. Indieflower

    Indieflower I have my mojo

    Thank Phil :)

    I was actually just wondering how you're getting on with Red? I've started introducing green, only two a week but I'm finding no difference in my loss and it's nice for a bit of a change.

    K xx
  15. *angie*

    *angie* loves food and cooking

    Great Loss Indie - glad to hear you are feeling a bit better :)
  16. Indieflower

    Indieflower I have my mojo

    Cheers hun, the unfortunate part of feeling better is of course work tomorrow! lol :)
  17. Frontier-Phil

    Frontier-Phil Silver Member

    Hi Kerry

    Things are still good.. I had a littel divert for the red a couple of days ago. I had some SW chips with some vegs and a really tender piece of chicken done in the slow roaster.

    It made a change, and they were really nice as the last time I actually had chips was before Christmas.

    I am going to treat myself in the next few weeks with a green week, I was told that it is also a very good way of resetting the met rate. The body doesn't expect it so it supposed to work really well.

    Phil X
  18. Indieflower

    Indieflower I have my mojo

    Fantastic. As my target gets closer I think it's important to start doing green. I'm a little worried that if I suddenly starting eating lots of carbs the weight will pile on!

    Let me know how you get on with the green week and how your loss was pls. It would be great to hear how it goes.

    K x
  19. Frontier-Phil

    Frontier-Phil Silver Member

    ....Of course honey x


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