SW recipes, cooking times are wrong ?


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Hi I'm new, this is my first post. I'm following the recipes on the main website as I'm only just on week 3. But when it comes to cooking it it seems to be over cooking on most recipes. Like they ask you too cook in the pan for 20 mins then ask you to cook it in the oven for 20+mins. Has anyone had these problems? It is driving me mad and my electric bill lol.
I haven't noticed this so much with the times as I never tend to follow these on instructions.

However, what really annoys me is when they "lie" about ingredients. I made SW Southern fried chicken, which used ground polenta as the coating (HEX B) but when I used how much they said, it hardly coated the chicken at all, and I ended up having to use a lot more and syning it and going over my syn allowance! There have been a lot more occasions like this, however this one was the most frustrating lol