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SW Solo - time to look after me

Started SW EE on Tuesday - this is day 4, discovered this forum on Wednesday when I was trying to find out what my healthy weight would be so that I could set myself a proper target. So here I am heading towards 12 stone (I hope!).

I did SW last year for a few months, reached my club 10, fell in love and gave SW up for a long distance relationship (with a very fit, 6-pack bearing Karate instructor :rolleyes:). You'd have thought that he would keep me on the straight and narrow, but in fact I just developed all those bad habits again and have gained everything that I lost last year. Sadly that relationship has come to an end so I have decided that it's time to focus on my needs again and get rid of this weight!

So far this week I've been having the SW breakfast of eggs, beans, bacon, mushrooms and 'fried' potatoes, but I'm getting a bit bored of it. I also roasted a chicken at the beginning of the week and I'm bored of that now too! :) My children are away this week so the food is lasting longer than it normally would, I won't get so bored of it if it doesn't last as long - I hate to throw food away.

Next week is going to be a challenge when they come home - days out and treats for them are always a temptation, but I'm just going to pre-plan my meals, take them with me and make sure that I have plenty of fruit to tide me over if I get peckish.

The hardest time of day for me is in the evening when I crave a glass of wine and some nibbles. Sticking to a single G&T (measured out @ 4 syns) and then mint tea. I am finding that the evenings really drag without my habitual snacking, I really need to fill my time with a new 'good' habit.

Anyone know how long it takes to form a habit?

Looking forward to being a part of this wonderfully supportive community, good luck to everyone x
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Day 7

Day 7, but no wi yet. I'm planning to weigh on a Wednesday which has always been my lightest day (don't know why that is, maybe because I was born on a Wednesday? :confused:)

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 lean bacon, beans
Snack: 2 plums, a few strawberries
Lunch: Slow cooked pork, new potatoes and cabbage
Supper: Extra lean beef mince chilli and brown rice
1 Glass of white wine

Working tonight (from home) then up early to the office tomorrow. Must remember to take some lunch with me so that I can stay with the program!
Ha ha Tilly, you can tell I'm a seasoned dieter can't you.

In the old days when I couldn't help but take a sneak peek, I was always lighter on a Wednesday than any other day of the week. Go figure :)

Still finding my way around this forum - not used one before and I think a few things are blocked to me until I've posted a certain number of times. Once I have full access I'll get a lot more out of it I think, but in the meantime it's been great to read other stories for inspiration/motivation, and get support from others , Far better than any group I've ever attended tbh.

My SW group that I attended last year never mentioned image therapy but I've heard it mentioned in other's threads. We used to get weighed, get a chance to buy books/bars, listen to everyones results and clap, then that was it. Seemed like a waste of money once you had all the books that you needed. So for me this has been far more worthwhile.

Everyone needs a diet buddy, and with this forum I have many :)
Breakfast today : bacon, eggs, beans. I was going to have cereal because I really fancied some, but I had a choice of cornflakes for 5 syns (what a waste of syns, I'd rather have a glass of wine tonight!) or 28g of museli which was just a little sprinkle on the bottom of the bowl. I'd have been starving by 10:00am. :)

Had an apple at 12:00, it'snow nearly 3:00 and I'm trying to decide what to have for lunch as I've just got home from work. Off to the cupboards I go...
After a quick scour of the cupboards, lunch is Couscous, tin of mackerel, asparagus and a pint of squash. It's yummy!
Spent so long looking at the before and after pics on here, I've left half my lunch. So that's good :)
Good luck with your journey :)

As you say you're not solo when you're on here

Hey smills, thought id have a nosey on your diary ;) hope you don't mind lol.

After seeing your foody bits, it does look like your repeating things alot, so you might get bored soon. Flick though people's food diaries for ideas of meal, especially for breakfast.

I usually have cereal as a HEB. I like weetabix crunchy bran and All Bran because you can have 42g of that, so you get a decent dish full. Or how about an omlette, with mushrooms, onions and tomatoes? There is a recipe for something called magic porridge as well on here, which sounds lush :)

Also, if your following extra-easy, always remember your 1/3 super free. It really does make a lot of difference.

Good luck with your journey xx xx
Hi Vicki

I didn't know about the 1/3 superfree, I'll re-read the book, thanks. I'll also double check the cereal situation.

Well, I've just had my wi this morning, and I know week 1 is always the best for loss, but I'm really chuffed that I lost 4lbs! :D

I've been working since I got up this morning, and now I'm pretty hungry so I'm off for some bacon and eggs :)
"Anyone know how long it takes to form a habit?"

Hi smills! Supposed to be 28 days, I think! Best of luck with following EE. I began SW 'seriously' again in April (after an absence of many years) and found EE worked very well for a few months, but I seem to have reverted more to original days now - that's what I value about SW, it's so versatile and there's always a plan to suit the mood of the moment :)
Oh dear, had a bit of a wobble last night. Went to a friends for tea and her husband cooked salmon, pasta, scallops and veg. Trouble is, it was all fried, mostly in butter :( I left the pasta and skipped dessert, but I did have 3 glasses of wine.

I was good at lunchtime though. Out with the children and stopped for lunch at Waitrose where I had a fruit salad and a glass of water. So thinking back, maybe the day wasn't so bad in all.

Lunch: fruit salad
Tea: salmon, scallops, veg, (fried)
Wine x3
3 crackers 2 laughing cows(HEB/A)

Bought some crunchy bran in Waitrose and had them for breakfast they were LOVELY. :D thanks for the tips guys.

Back on plan today.
I've been working too hard for the last few days, burning the midnight oil after the little ones have gone to bed.

So after last night's 'not so great', to today's 'much better':

Late Breakfast (wasn't hungry first thing):
bacon, egg, beans, mushrooms and tomatoes (making sure 1/3 of the plate was superfree, thanks vicki)
Late lunch/tea: chilli (made with extra lean steak, peppers, onions, passata, herbs and spices) broccoli, corn on the cob, brown rice.
Muller Light (are the cheescake ones free?)
Snacks: Apple, tomatoes, Finn Crisp (HEB) Laughing Cow Light (HEA)
1x G&T (4 syns) ;)

And for the first time in many months, I was actually craving fruit (not chocolate!!) so I stopped off at Tesco to stock up.

Feeling full and healthy today, a good day :D
Another late night - that's not supposed to be good for weight loss either...


Proud to be a LOSER :)
Another late night - that's not supposed to be good for weight loss either...
Oh no... don't say that, I'm generally up til 2am every night scouring minimins forums :eek: right, this last post then off to bed i go.

Firstly, welcome to Minimins. It is the best tool you will ever need when slimming. Fact. Great people, great support, great chat, just great!

Secondly, good on you going solo :) i think when we start changing ourselves for other people, we are more likely to quit. The fact you are doing this because YOU want to will mean you're more likely to stick to it (if not one of us will give you a kick up the bum lol)

BIG congrats on the weightloss! That's amazing!! You should feel so proud!! Also, don't worry about those ''wobble'' moments, we all get em, you just gotta say ''oops, my bad, let's move on shall we? Pass that plum!" lol! :D Are you doing any exercise with your diet by the way?

Haha i liked the 'you're lighter on wednesday' comment... i may see what my lightest day is next week lol!

As for your diary, yeah try not to get too bored. Mix things up. To be honest, im happy to have the same 2 types of breakfast every morning... either beans/spaghetti on toast OR bran flakes. lol and if i want an extra syn free breakfast ill just have yogurt and fruit. I like to give myself all the syns/HEx's possible for the evening, because thats also when i snack the most!!

Keep up the fab work :) xxxx
Hi bugs!

I totally agree with you, joining this forum is the best thing I have done. I used to diet with a friend but she's on the dukan diet and it's just not for me, eating like that just seems faddy, but it works for her.

When I diet I don't like to make a big deal of it to my girls as I don't want them to end up like me - I've been a yoyo dieter my whole life. I can see that my mum has major food issues and I just want my girls to be healthy, so as far as possible I try to make sure that we eat the same. I've told them I'm on a healthy eating campaign.

Just need to start exercising now...

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