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Sweet smelling wee...


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Sorry to be gross but I'm just wondering if anyone else noticed a change in the smell of their wee when starting SF? Since I started properly I've noticed my wee smelling like sugar puffs. I've googled it and a lot of people say it's a possible sign of diabetes but I don't have any of the other symptoms of someone who might have diabetes and I'm wondering if it's anything to do with SF?
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Sorry I can't help you there! Have you tried looking on the SF website? You could always send them the same question if its not covered by the FAQs and see what they say.

Hope that helps
BL x


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hi lissy25 my wee also smells like yours, i did not notice but the 3 men in the house notice when ive been,also my mum yesterday went to the toilet after me and said whats the smell,i have been on slimfast 6 months and lost -49 and am fit and healthy i thinks it is one of the many chemicals in the shakes,i only drink strawberry i think it might be the sweet smell from that,nothing to worry about.


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Is probably all to do with ketones being extracted in your urine. Nothing to worry about unless you are having other symptoms like increased thirst etc. I had the same thing when I was doing Lighter Life and it was all due to the ketones. Am only on day 1 of SF, so not peed a lot yet lol.


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sweet smelling urine can be a sign of dehydration, If you're drinking less then 2-3litres a day this may be why x


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sweet smelling urine can be a sign of dehydration, If you're drinking less then 2-3litres a day this may be why x
I agree Rachel, it can be a sign of dehydration and also a sign of ketosis happening.

I know when I have been SS'ing on CD my wee wee always smells sweet :eek::)


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Thanks for the help. I'm not sure about it being dehydration because since starting SF I've tried to drink as close to 4 litres a day as I possibly can. I did some reading on Ketones cos I had no idea what they were and I think it could be that.

A non-diabetic can show ketones if he/she hasn't eaten for several days, or is on a severe weight reduction diet. In this situation the body is starving, and there isn't enough available glucose, so fat will burn for energy and the by-product, ketones, may show in the urine or blood.
Lissy xx


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Are you having the 2 shakes and a meal with snacking inbetween, or are you doing a variation of the SF diet if you don't mind me asking?


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I have stuck to the plan really closely 2 shakes or smoothies 600cal meal and up to 3 snacks

I noticed the smell had come back today :( and it had to be when I'd just been to the loo in the cinema and there was about 5 women waiting to use a it... :argh:
Give it a week or so and then maybe ask your doctor. saying that i find my wee changes depending on what i eat. I love asparagus but when i eat it it makes me wee smell bad! Beetroot also turns your wee red like there is blood in it.
It be worth a check at your gp's as hydration isn't the issue and on the SF diet your body doesn't enter ketosis which rules out the 2 most common causes. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about but it doesn't hurt to get it checked x
Ummm Slimfast replied and they came to the same conclusion "dehydration" I suppose if I really think about it I'm having on and off days with how much water I drink and also the sweet smelling wee is coming and going.

I am never thirsty! I force water down just because of all the good things said about it when it comes to weight loss, I'm like a bloody camel.
haha I know what you mean, some days I can drink 3litres no problem but other days I just have to force myself to drink 1!

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