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Hey all!
I've been having a look round for the sweeteners I can use as Syn free, but they're all SO expensive :cry: The only thing I would use it for would be in the dessert recipes and the occasional sauce recipe-I don't use sugar in or on anything else anyway.
Is there a nice cheap one someone can recommend? Or one of the cheaper shops (B&M, Home Bargains, etc..) that stock any??
Thank you for any help.
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Wacky Jacky

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I buy "Simply Sweet" which only costs 99p - it's a granular, looks a bit "powdery" but it tastes fine in any of the recipes I've tried, I use it sprinkled on frozen fruit and leave it to thaw slowly overnight in the fridge and by breakfast time a lovely sweet thick "syrup" is present - I don't use it in tea / coffee myself but I have it in my sugar caddy and no-one has ever questioned whether it's real sugar or sweetener so I presume it tastes ok in hot drinks too. I've bought it in various places - Tesco, Asda, Sommerfield and our local Co-op.

Best o'luck'n'stuff with your weightloss journey!


Nojo on the YoYo
Tesco's own brand comes in a lightweight plastic jar with a red label and is only 99p also. This is great for cereals, tea and coffee and general use.

Although for recipes, Splenda is the only one you should use!


Nojo on the YoYo
It's only 2 quid in Asda at the min, and it's well worth it. You use so much less in recipes to get the desired sweetness for things like cous cous cake.

For general use, anything will do, but I can't cook sweet things without Splenda. I know it costs a bit more but it lasts for ages and if you shop around at least ONE of the majors is bound to have it in for cheapness.

I got a clickpack of Sweetex tablets too for cups of tea from Home Bargains for less than a quid and there was loads in it. I think it's a 500 clicker.
I think the only reason Splenda is so expensive is because it doesn't contain that dodgy Aspartame ingredient which all other sweetners do. x
I think the only reason Splenda is so expensive is because it doesn't contain that dodgy Aspartame ingredient which all other sweetners do. x
I won't buy cheap sweeteners because of thr aspartame as I always feel hungover the day after having it and it gives me awful headaches.

As far as I am concerned the raised price of Splenda is worth it just for skipping on the aspartame!
Definately splenda for taste. It is the most expensive but at least you won't be pulling any funny faces when you taste it lol. I think it is made from fructose (natural sugar) so doesn't have that chemical taste to it. Deffinately worth the investment hun.
I am a newbie on this site but not new to s/w and i have started to use Splenda in my cake recipies but find i need to use a lot. I was told i did not need to use as much as the recipie states for normal sugar but i still find i use a lot, i must agree i do prefer Splenda and seems worth that bit extra.:newbie:
Tend to use either the cheaper own brands or simply sweet.

I've been using artificial sweeteners for years & I just think if we didn't have anything that people suggested may be bad for us then we probably wouldn't eat very much at all.

Everything in moderation I say.
i agree with that, but i suffer with migraines and aspartame seems to be one of my many triggers unfortunately :(

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