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Switching from CD To Atkins?


Likes to eat.....
I'm thinking of switching from cd to Atkins. I am so sick of it now and I have 1 stone to loose. I did atkins last yr but was too stressed and ate far too many peanuts :sigh: so my plan is to read the book again and then switch over. I'm not in ketosis at the moment as i'm on 1000 calories a day because i'm fed up but dont want to pile the pounds back on.
Anyways was wondering is anyone else has switched from these vlcd's and continued to loose weight? I'm so fed up I just want to be healty and happy again :wave_cry:
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I was on Lighterlife for my first 20 pounds, it took me a few days to adjust, I even put on a couple of pounds I think, but after that it was a breeze, lucky you the food in the first few days tastes better than ever, try to keep your carbs fairly low and enjoy, easy as that :)


Likes to eat.....
Thanks guys! Feel even happier about switching now :) Congrats to you all on your losses amazing stuff. Going out for a meal now with friends and it seems almost easy alright compared to cambridge. I'll read the book properly again and off I go. Thanks again it's great to see ye all doing so well


Likes to eat.....
Thanks it wasn't bad at all! I avoided all the sweets i'm so proud especially at the cinema :) I'm already looking forward to breakfast, oh is salt a no no? I can't remember
I'm not sure about salt, Jim's the man for that, he is our Guru :)
but I do know that I seem to be needing salt on less and less food and I used to be a salt junkie. I used to put loads on before even tasting my food, silly me.
Hi jella, Salt in moderation is OK, but if you are going to drink the recommended amount of water then I wouldn't worry as any excess will be flushed away.

Have a read of the stickies at the top as well love.



Likes to eat.....
Thanks jim! only for the eggs I want it most meats are salty enough. I've started today and started reading the book again last night (I forgot how big the book is!)
most meats are salty enough
Hmm, processed meats are, but you're not supposed to be eating them on induction Jella.
OK, that's no big deal then love. :D To be honest I had sausage and bacon all through induction with no problems, but I did and do drink loads of water, between 8 - 10 pints a day.

Have you seen the discussions about legal low carb sausages?


Likes to eat.....
Thanks Jim haven't seen thoes discussions. I didn't realise there was a problem with sausages I just read the packet for everything :) My day is going well not very hungry at all and drinking loads which I had been doing on cd already. I feel like there's so much food I can eat it's great but i'm carefull to not over do it, I want to keep the excitment up
yes Jella, some sausages are surprisingly high carb.
Thinking of switching from CD to Atkins

I have only lasted one week on CD and due to all the grown kids that have descended back into my house cooking food I just cant stick to it. I havent cheated yet but its killing me. I am feeling sooo low and obsessed by the food they are eating. I even want to eat things that I would never eat when I smell them cooking it.
Is it a good idea to change over? Thanks
I did cd only lasted two weeks, starvation and only 4 lb lost in two weeks on ss. So went onto Atkins this is my 1 st week I did a sneaky weigh in which isn't due till fri and losing on average 1lb per day for first week which is better than I did on cd. So Atkins all the way for me now. You won't be disappointed. Good luck fawn.


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I did lipotrim for 3 weeks but am starting Atkins today after having the weekend off. Needed real food

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Am a VLCD addict and am really struggling this time round. Really flirting with the idea of jumping on the atkins board. l tried it last year and lost a few lbs as well as inches. Only need to loose 2 stone. My problem on atkins is l enjoy it too much :rolleyes:. Just writing this is making me salivate lol.... x

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