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Switching from LT to CD - Need Advice and Anecdotes Please!


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:( Hi All!!

Pasted this thread in a couple of places (VLCD, VLCD Questions) but getting no responses and would really like some advice, if anyone has been in my shoes!

Here's the thing - I'm seriously thinking about changing from Lipotrim to CD. I managed to lose nearly 4st on Lipotrim then fell off the wagon went I went on holiday to Ibiza and have been running like a nut to get back on the vlcd wagon and keep failing miserably. Infact, that's my state of mind at the moment - miserable!:cry: I just can't seem to bring myself to go back to my three chocolate satchets a day (hated the vanilla, strawberry, chicken and 'cardboard-with-a-hint-of-peanut' bars) and 2+ltrs of water.... has anyone else made the swap?

I must confess when my sister called to clue me into a possible swap to CD (we started Lipotrim at the same time and she's doing BRILLIANTLY but thinks a change will help her thru the last mile) I was hesitant as I KNOW Lipotrim works and I'm scared of getting my head around all the complex manoevures it seems you have to make on the CD. And I'm so far from the 'last mile' it's just not funny:eek: ! I feel like a quitter - like I should stick to LT until I get closer to my goal - but it's just not working mentally anymore! Aaargh!!!

Does CD work as well? I have a theorhetical 4st left to shift (when I was 18 yrs old and a slim, healthy, active size 12 I was 12st, so the BMI recommendation is a bit odd, so I'll go according to dress size) and I so want this but my self defeating mind just can't seem to not want food:tear_drop: !!! I'm not even starving but if I survive the urgings of my colleagues to have a huge lunch, by the end of the day I'm desperate for food and have something for dinner - it's like I feel I'm going to miss out or something and don't want to 'deprive' myself. Pathetic, I know, but I've decided to be brutally unapologetically honest with myself :break_diet:

:eek: Sorry I know this is one huge ramble but I'm hoping that a change will help me get motivated again! How long would it take on CD to shift 4st? I'm guessing at the minute but I'm sure I've put on at least 7lbs since my last weigh in - it's bad enough my size 16's are tight - I'm so scared my weight is creeping back up to where I started at 18st 6lb!

Where are the success stories for people that made the swap from LT to CD? How much do you lose on avarege a month? What's the variety like? How often do you have to see the counsellor (as a working, divorced mum there's no such thing as 'spare time' in my life!)? Do the CDCs really make all the difference? How can you possibly drink 4ltrs of water a day (was well impressed with my 2 and a half!)??

thanks for any help that you can offer!:sigh:
Wish me luck!!!
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Hi Beverley, I started out on cambridge so dont have experience of swapping plans but Im sure you would find CD great to help the rest of your weight loss journey.
I find that my counsellor is great for any problems I have and does give me encouragement but leaves me alone if I dont need her so it works ok for me.
I did CD last year and lost 5 stone in about 4 months but I then got my stupid head on and put it all back on so I restarted last week, everyone is different but im sure the losses average out at about 1 stone per month with CD and there are loads of flavours to choose from so that helps!! Good luck with whatever you decide, Sarahxx.


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Forgot to say I am seeing my counsellor weekly now but before I used to do every 2 or 3 weeks so im sure you will be able to make it work out with your schedule. Sarahxx.


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Hello, Bettyboo on here switched from LT to CD, so maybe she can help you....

The losses will be the same really, the only difference being the variety of flavours and the add a meal week after 4 weeks SSing.

Have you tried to contact a CDC in your area to talk through your concerns?


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Hi Bettyboo,

I am switching from Lighter Life to CD this week i think theyre all basically the same but apparantly CD has a few better flavours. Good Luck and focus on how far you have come not how far you have to go it's easier.



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Hi Beverley
Im sure making the change from LT to CD would be a good choice , CD has more flavours and choices from what i can gather , do you know of any CDC's in your area .
Sound like you and your sister have good support from each other .
Do you think there is any other reason why your finding it so hard to stay on the wagon of LT ?
Sometimes we need to have a long hard look at where the problems are and it sounds to me like you need some YOU time ???? just a thought but it is damn hard working and looking after children , we do tend to forget ourselves .
You are NO1 thou hun !
Have a little look on the CD threads im sure the girls and guys wouldnt mind you sending them a PM if needed .
Every one is great on here !
Good luck with your choices and keep us up to date on how you are doing !
Big hugs Sam xx

p.s Im on LT !!!


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I'm switching on Monday...

Hi Beverly..
I am new to this forum and usually post on the lipotrimusers.com forum but came across this yeaterday..
I have done LT 2 years ago and lost 10stone.. I was still only half way to my target when I decided I had had enough but suince then have struggled like mad to lose any more with other diets.. I went back on LT 6 weeks ago and found it really hard.. Like you I only like the choc shakes and just didn't know how I was going to cope for months again .. I have heard about alot of people who have successfully swopped over to CD and I am joining them from Monday.. I found a counsiller (she sounds lovely) she even comes to your home to weiigh you and deliver your stuff.. The main difference with it is the variety of flavours of shakes and soups and they have bars.. (i have been told they taste nothing like those horrible flapjack things LT offer).. They also do ready made cartons for you to use.. This kind of sold it for me so I don't have to mix things when I am at work:) The other difference is the add a meal week.. I was really worried about this because I thought I would fall off the wagon at the first step when I was allowed to eat but when I found out the choices of food ( not very much ) and the reasoning behind it I feel better. It does work out quite a bit more money as well if you are tall.. I am 5'11 so I have to have 4 packs a day so obviously it costs more.. Have to say though it still costs less than my usuall 3 takeaways and a night out a week.. not to mention all my chocolate and crisps :D ..
I will let you know how I get on if you like.. The people who I know who have already swopped have found no difference in their weight loss just a bit easier to stomach...
I also found the cambridge website really usefull for infor and they have a counsiller finder thing on there..
Hopes this helps...
J xxxxx


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Thanks For the Responses Guys!!!

:) Hi Podgey!

Okay honey, we're in this together .... met the lovely counsellor today and he & his partner were so supportive and positive!!! Due to the horrified look on my face when they offered me chicken soup they actually made a soup then and there - guaranteeing I would like it - and guess what? I DID!!!!! It was nothing like like LT!!! BLISS!!!

Don't get me wrong LT was fabulous but I was so bored of chocolate and it's impossible to motivate yourself when you think that for the next five months all you can have is a chocolate shake and water - ughhh!:( Anyway as my CD said it would be like riding a bike with one leg on the pedal and the other on the floor ... getting no where FAST!

My big sis is the ultimate scientist so we went through the Cd site and all the info together and we start tomorrow.

Welcome to this great website - must admit I find navigating around a bit hard but I'll find you or you find me and we can cheer each other on.:)

Maybe I'll be adventurous enough to start a diary thread:D !
Feel confident and positive for the first time in aaaages - and my CD will call every day for two weeks to support me through the tough patches - they seem to be so good and they live across the ROAD from me so scheduling probs are nonexistent! Perfect!
Take good care of you,
Bev x


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Hi to Dawn, Samantha, Karen & Sarah!

Hi All!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Samantha, Dawn, Sarah & Karen for getting back to me!

I posted this thread all over the place when I had no response (vlcd questions answered etc) - and I have news: as you probably read above I spoke to & visited my local (very local - across the ROAD local) CDC and I start the CD tomorrow!

I absolutely can't wait - I feel so confident about this new start it's actually scary! My CD asked when my hardest 'I'm not hungry but want to eat' times were and promised to call then & everyday for two weeks to get me in the swing! the support offered is unbelievable and the fact that they have kept the weight off themselves (my CD's partner is a CD)is a great motivator.

My pharmacist for LT was lovely but not "overweight" - it was a job for him but my CD has been there, bought the t-shirt, survived and thrived. It CAN work for me too.:D

And the best bit? No more SS on chocolate shakes alone! The variety of flavours is staggering... I actually didn't know what to choose so picked a bit of everything:cool: !

I'm hoping to start a brutally honest diary thread to keep me firmly on point and focused - so keep an eye out if you're interested in the ravings of a mad woman!

So first weigh in - I'm 15st 3lbs (was really shocked - thought I had really ballsed up all my hard work - well in a way of course I have, in the six odd pounds I put on during October/November/December, all is not lost as I thought it was). I'm 5ft 8" exactly and have 5 stones to lose. And you know what? This time I actually believe I can.:)

Thank you for all of your advice and supportive words. My last ever day one starts at midnight on the 18th February 2007.

So here goes......
Bev x


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Good luck with that Beverly.. I start Monday so not much difference.. I am soooo glad to hear the soup is better.. That cheers me up no end..
I am really looking on this as a fresh start and hoping that I will beable to keep at it until I get to my goal.... (stil along way away)..Don't get me wrong I still expect this to be hard.. anyhting on ss I think will be hard but it will be nice to be able to have a choice of tastes... I too am looking forward to the support from the CD lady.. we were on the phone for about an hour yeatserdeay and she seemed genuinly interesterd and careing about her clients.. I have been to 2 different chemists whislt on LT and found them just so so about wanting to offer advice ect...
I like you have alot to thank LT for and it did work for me I have lost over 10 stone now in total and feel so much better than before.. I still have a long way to go though as I still weigh 28 stone....:eek:
Maybe we should start a dirary together... something to report in on everyday.. I know I might think about doing one.. I never have before and think it might keep me motivated.. I am still trying to get on with this site as well.. I am a bit of a technophobe so am learning as I go bear with me... I am rambeling on aboout nothing now so I am off to bed.. It's my sones 13th birthday and he has 4 friends sleeping over so I am not hopfull of a peacful night... :cool:
Have fun with all your flavours 2moz..
J xxxxxxx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi Beverley,

I started with LT on 22 November 04.

I change to CD because I was getting bored of the flavours. CD has far more choice. Though I did come to love the Peanut flapjack (Burnt Carboard). :)

I did lose 7st with LT and went on to lose another over 2st with CD and have now been trying to maintain my weight.

My weight losses were about the same but the Add A Meal week gave me boost.

You will be spoilt for choice and the bars are to die for.



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Hey Podgey!

Hi Podgey,

If I can, I'll start that diary thread today - and we can both report in everyday as you suggested:) ... Good Idea! Believe me, whatever works at this stage can only be a 'force of good'!! lol!

My day is going okay so far - had a chocolate & mint shake this am and chicken & mushroom soup for lunch .... I actually weathered the office mad dash for lunch where my colleagues get every delicious smelling lunch and dessert you can imagine. Yay me! Choc Mint shake is Delish! And absolutely lurrrrve the chicken and Mushroom (should have picked more of them!) - saving Spicy Oriental for dinner so I'll let you know what that's like;)

Had three litres of water so far today, and have been to the loo nearly every minute - last night was particularly fun as you can imagine!

Off to do some work - hope you have a great day!!!

I'll check in later and see if I can track you down to see how you got on with your first day! Good luck, honey!

Bev x


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Hey Bev..
I statred on CD on Tuesday.. I am well impressed... I found the new flavours really great after all those weeks of only chocolate on LT... I tried the choc tetra pack to take to uni for lunch and it was sooo easy.. No one looked at me and asked "what's that".. I was sick of constantly getting asked daft questions whenenver I got my shaker out before and they were usually followed with some daft remarks from people who don't approve.. .
Like you I am looking forward to the bars in a couple of weeks... think I can remember how to chew LOL.....:D
I have tied the friuts of the forest shake this morn, it was lovely so thin I am going to be better on this...
Hope you are well and we can get that thread started soon.. I might have a go myself 2moz if not... I somehow feel better if I can put my thoughts down somehow..
Just off to a lecture now so will have to cross my legs no dought by the end.... :D
J xxxxxxxx


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i tried liptotrim a year ago and it was awful. lasted only a few days. had a taste of my sisters flapjack and wanted to cry!

now im on CD and i can honestly say....i had the LT fresh in my mind and thought it would be as bad BUT its nothing like LT at all. loads of flavours, im always spoilt for choice and it all tastes great. ooo and the bars are just magic. u can also use "mix a mousse" which gives u something to chew and is a real life saver!

i would be amazed if u didnt prefer CD. wishing u lots of luck!!



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Like Karen i have tried LT before, but sorry all i can is yukkkk(dont mean to offend anyone on LT) i just couldnt take the shakes. CD is fab really really tasty shakes, and the Veg soup is fab with loads of pepper in it yummm, and the bars i can be completely honest in saying i would prefer a CD bar to a bar of chocolate they are lovely.


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I started on lipotrim and it flew off me. Am struggling on CD............but still maintaining some weeks and loosing so its better than nothing........a more scenic route. Haven't gone back ssing yet........am still doing 790.xBettyboo


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Week 2 on CD and still loving it!

Hi All ....

Quick update - this is now my second week on CD and I'm still loving it! Had some really shaky days over the weekend (brother-in-laws' birthday get together & tummy ache on sunday) but kept coming back to my favourite CD shake (chocolate mint) and found that because I actually like these flavours I'm more motivated to hang in there and keep going.

Started my diary thread (join in Podgey if/when you find it and I'll make it Podgey and Bev's thread - think I can do that. Well, I hope so!) and will be going there next to update too.

Thank you all for letting me know you have made the switch and are doing great. Sounds like CD is LT but with more choice & structure. Can't hurt as I know that I will need to radically change my eating habits and attitude to food when I reach goal (& beyond!)

One question though - if my original question has been answered do I just leave the thread and keep checking it or end it somehow? Sorry, still a bit of a newbie & don't know how these things work!

On my way to target!
Bev x