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syn free lemon curd


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Hi, I am new here, and did see a post requesting the above recipe, but can't find it sorry to the person asking

I love this recipe, I use it on fruit and for a treat crumble mini meringues (1 syn each) to make a lemony eton mess :)

Lemon curd syn free

3 heaped dessertspoons sweetener
Grated rind and juice of 1 lemon
2 large eggs
2oz fromage frais

In bowl suitable for standing over simmering pan place grated rind and sweetener.
In separate bowl whisk lemon juice and eggs together then pour into first bowl.
Place bowl over a pan of simmering water stirring until thickened
Add fromage frais whisking until smooth

Stores for 5 days in fridge
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Mine didn't make it to the fridge,especially not for 5days !!!!! Lol

I ate the whole lot on 2slices of nimble and it was bloody gooooorrrrrgous !!!!! :)
Not sure I let mine thicken for long enough, didn't want scrambled eggs. Looks like a sloppy mousse but tastes absolutely gorgeous. Will defo make some more, can't stop eating it on pagen krisprolls!! Takes me back to my childhood!! Thank you x


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I "attempted" to make this today and it turned out like scrambled egg and had like these little lumps in it and I don't know what they were haha!

god knows where i went wrong! But it did taste like lemon curd!


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Keep stirring when over the heat, and make sure your not boiling the water too hard.
I made my hubby make some -well he did throw out a fresh batch I had on the side to cool lol
He can't and won't cook, but as he did not want to invoke my wrath even more, he complied :)
His turned out fine but I had to keep prompting him to stir when heating.

I hope you give it another go, it is really delicious


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Made this today - Went lumpy so I forced it through the sieve and it worked fine! was yummy mixed with quark instead of ffrais the used to fill my lemon flavour roulade :) Served with squirty cream tonight :)


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calgeo - my cravings resulted in a mars bar and a can of coke every day lol I was a tank by the time I gave birth :)

I forgot to buy lemons when I went shopping - what is wrong with me!

I have bought a slush mug and want to try it frozen, I am hoping for lemon icecream mmmmmm
Hi kron
I'm allergic to berries so the thought of an Eton mess in any guise is doing it for me! Will give this one a go!


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Hope you enjoy mmmm I want a lemony Eton mess now, but need lemons!


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I have a very powerful sweet tooth so can empathise!
Picked up a few bits today, unfortunately the fruit and veg section was not extensive or inviting so just got the essentials which didn't include the wrinkly lemons lol back to my normal store next time lol


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Hi JackieN Yes I think yogurt would work, I keep meaning to make it that way just to see.
I haven't tried greek yogurt so unsure of the consistency. If you try it let us know :)

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