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Syn Free Onion Chutney/Marmalade


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Hi Everyone,

I love pickles esp branston and picalili :) however I have 2 issues that they are synned and also that I live overseas and I have to pay thru the nose to get them....so I decided to make my own onion chutney, here is my recipe:

1kg onions (ı used red onions)
200ml of balsamic vinegar
300ml of apple vinegar
couple of cloves garlic
salt and pepper
5 dessertspoons granulated sweetener

I sliced the onions up small and reasonably thin, added the vinegars and sweetener and then simmered for approx one hour until the vinegar had evaporated and formed a thick sticky sauce. I then transferred into steralized jars and sealed.

In my opinion (although I am biased) its a great chutney and would liven up a chicken breast or a cheese sandwich (as I ad today!)

Claire x
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That sounds great Claire - will definitely try it some time.

Just thinking on a jacket spud with HEX cheese, and SW coleslaw it would be delicious.


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Hi Lyn,

I think cider vinegar would be the next best thing or white wine vinegar maybe (maybe its actually cider vinegar but they dont call it that cos we are supposedly a muslim country!!)

I took jars to my friends and they are raving aout how good it is too :)

Enjoy x


Making this today but in a smaller quantity, cant wait to try it on my cheese sarnie yumyumyum :)


Never gets tired of SW!
Thanks boncuk for the amazing tip!! I adore chutneys and anything involving caramelised red onions!! I'm definitely going to make this! I may even make them in gorgeously decorated jars and give them to people as Chrimbo pressies!!X


Ohhh funcurls what a fab idea as presents :) its my sisters birthday soon and she on sw too. :D


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Thank you so much for the idea of making free chutney!! I'd never have considered trying it with sweetener but made some a fewd ays ago and it's gorgeous!!! I just used onions, balsamic vinegar and a sprinkle of all spice and cooked it down really slowly over a few hours until it was reduced and sticky. I'll be experimenting with other kinds now as I just can't get enough of it and it's all free!!!!!

I have made this this morning. I made it using Cider Vinegar but halved all the ingredients (just in case i didn't like it!!) and it is soooooooooooooooooooo nice!!

Thank you so so much for posting.

Myself & hubby have just had it for lunch -

I got some breakfast Mushrooms & baked them for 10 mins, then put some chutney in, some grilled bacon & topped with laughing cow cheese (broke up into pieces) & grilled for a futher 2 mins or so - served with salad & more chutney on the side & it was heavenly :D

Hubby says its a definate winner too :happy036:
what a saviour! my weakness is cheese and chutney! thats how i ruined all my efforts over christmas, i ate cheese and chutney at least once a day for a month! I make my own chutneys anyway but never thought of using sweetner, thats why i'm not a rocket scientist i guess. Def trying this, will let you know if i come up with any other flavours.


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Oh I am sooooooo pleased that you all like it :)

I want to make some kind of picalili as thats my true fave :)

Claire xx

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