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Syn free wrap... or is it?


Slimming World
I found this link the other day to a lady who has worked out how to make a wrap entirely out of mung beans and from what she says it's rather tasty.

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I thought yum, awesome... syn free wrap! However, someone then pointed out that perhaps the beans would have to be synned as they're being used as a flour subs... I looked in my book and it only really mentions cous cous and chickpeas as flour substitutes but I'm not sure.

Looking back at the link, the lady says the wraps are really filling.

What do you guys think?
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As they are soaked (not dried) and are being served with the rest of your meal (the veggies/contents of the wrap) and not as a snack on its own I imagine it would be OK? Its not really any different to whizzing chickpeas. Cant guarantee it though.

I made a very similar recipe last night out of plain rice flour and then stuffed with mung beans and other stuff, it was GAWJUS. :drool: 10 syns for 2 pancakes. This one has to be better for you than that :)
I would email slimming world and ask. I would imagine it would be okay as part of a meal, but if members start making them to snack on as well as their main meals. I can see weight losses for some being jeopardized.

It is using a free food to replace something that isn't free (ie flour) and that is when it often goes into the syns area according to slimming world.
i make my own wraps by using eggs and cook them like a pancake leave it to cool adn add whatever free filling i like then i get a syn free wrap. If i have run out off eggs i often use a very large lettuce leaf.


Slimming World
Still no reply from SW but I've made some this week and had them for breakfast burritos. I've had one at a time and they're very filling so I've called them free. Will let you all know as soon as sw get back to me. Until then I guess it's your own personal choice! :)
Oh I have went looking for this post after reading about it on the photographs of meals thread, I have a cup of mung beans being soaked ready to make these on Wednesday - can't wait!! haha
Aha I too have a bowl of mung beans soaking! :D I was hoping for Tuesday though...
I had one for lunch today with smoked mackarel, coriander, pickled cucumber and wasabi extra light mayo. It was absolutely gorgeous.

Will be interested to see what Slimming World's response is on whether they are free or not but I think I might keep them in the reportoire either way.
Can u get these mung beans in tesco? If i was able to make wraps for lunch it would help me out as im a student nurse and have zero time to prepare much and sometimes do nights!

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yep, theyre in the dried beans aisle
Do these taste like normal tortilla wraps? Like you use for chicken fajitas? And enchiladas?
The jury is out for me - made them last night but had to add water and shill not that smooth will try later with chicken 'n' salad and see what they are like then. I did use whole not split moong beans not sure if that made the difference
Well I just made some of these just now. I really liked eating it but it was very tricky to make, but then Im not a very good cook on the practical side. :D

I used whole beans too and gave them almost 2 days soaking. I had no problem getting them to a fine paste so I didn't add any water at that point. However, they were really REALLY hard to get to spread out on the pan. I tried using a little oil so they didn't stick but that made it worse, they needed to stick to the pan to be able to spread the batter out as it was really REALLY thick. It doesnt matter if they stick anyway as once all the steam is off they just peel off the pan, so rule number one: add some water.

Second problem was I put them on the highest heat as recommended in the recipe and they just burnt underneath on the first side so I reduced it to medium.

I only got 4 pancakes out of it as the mix was so thick. For number 3 I added a bit of water and for number 4 I added a LOT of water. It made a massive difference cos I could spread the mix equally over the pan and 3-4 mins was OK to let the steam off without them burning.

I chucked a couple of cloves of garlic and 1tsp chipotle paste in when I whizzed it too to give it a bit of spicy flavour.

Id make them again but I need some practise. :eek: :D Next time Id probably try split mung beans as presumably they would hold a lot more water after soaking. But adding plenty of water to the whole bean mix should be fine if thats what you've got.

Then again everyone else has managed perfectly well so its probably just my Skillz again :D

I'm doing a tesco order and fancy trying these but I can only find whole mung beans.... Should I try with these do you think?

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