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Syn help on butter please?

Hi I don't know if anyone can help me please. I went out for a meal this evening and chose well - grilled gammon, egg, grilled tomatoes, new potatoes and veg. I asked for no butter so it should have been syn free other than the egg.

When the veg arrived in a separate bowl and after i'd put some on my plate i could (very annoyingly) see melted butter in the bottom of the dish. I ate some of the carrot and courgette, not a very large amount - think it was 4 slices courgette and about a tablespoon of cabbage and some carrot batons. I left the rest and stole the salad my daughter wasnt eating :)

The question is how many syns do you think I should account for this? I really don't have a clue! Thanks in advance
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Well u do have a 10-15 syn allowance every day and a bit of melted butter once in a blue moon is hardly going to kill u. (atleast not immediately!)
Thanks for your reply. I know its not the end of the world but I've already had syns today and I have to stick very much to plan to lose weight so I was just hoping that someone could give me a rough estimate of what to allow. Thanks anyway :)


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not sure if this is much help but 10g of utterly butterly is 2.5 syns (if i have worked it out right :))


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I would allow up to 5syns for extra butter...
Ooh thanks Shrimpy. Hmm I'm not sure now - go for 5 or split the difference. I didn't have much of the veg at all so I think I'll go for 4 just to be on the safe side. Thanks very much :)


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I always over estimate, though if I had asked for no butter I'd have sent it back with a rant about "lactose intolerance" or something. If I have paid for food I want it MY way.
Yes I should have sent it back, it really annoying as I really didn't want to be wasting syns on the butter. It was my mum's treat and I'm not really one for complaining though so I just made do. I'll have to get a bit more assertive :)

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