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Syns 'n Stuff - My Daily Food Diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Moonbeamcor, 8 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Moonbeamcor

    Moonbeamcor Silver Member

    Righty-ho, here we go. Fingers crossed I will be much more strict with myself keeping a diary on here. Will I be able to come back and add/edit/ total my syns at the end of the day?

    Breakfast; coffee with milk and sugar (2 syns) (meant to have fruit, but um, didn't)

    Nibbles; none! Yay me!

    Lunch; leftover spaghetti marinara with a poached egg, black coffee

    Nibbles; cuppa tea with milk and sugar (2 syns), 1 light babybel (that my babydude opened but then got grossed out when he tried to eat it, hahaha!), one wee bite of his bread roll with marg and honey (synning this at 1)

    Supper; syn-free cottage pie, mixed veggies, sugar-free sparkling elderflower, sliver (1cm x 10cm) of choc courgette cake (2 syns)

    Nibbles; more cottage pie while tidying kitchen, another 1 x 5 cm slice of cake (1 syn), choc coconut options (2 syns) mixed into fatfree greek style yogurt, and I'm about to have a 175ml white wine (6 syns)! Let's see if I can control myself for the rest of the evening. Have loads of photo/video backing up and organising to do, so hoping that will keep me busy til bedtime!

    HexA - 50 ml semiskimmed milk, 1 light babybel
    HexB -
    Syns - 16 :(

    TBC, possibly. If I get munchy again later, looks like I can maybe have a slice of (small brown) toast with an extra light Laughing Cow? Haven't done very well with the fresh fruit and veg today - need to do a shop and prep to stock up.
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  3. Moonbeamcor

    Moonbeamcor Silver Member

    Just making quick note - not been on much today as kids not well! :(

    Coffee milk sugar 4 syns
    Leftover SW spaghetti and poached egg

    Bite of brown toast with marg .5 syns?

    Lunch SW cottage pie

    Licked the spoon after mixing choc macaroon mix with my wee girl .5 syns

    Supper SW Chicken curry, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, rice. Half poppadum 1.5 syns

    Sparkling Elderflower

    Light laughing cow cheese

    Macaroon 3 syns
    crispy fries 3.5 syns
    red wine 8 syns

    HexA - milk in coffee, light cow cheese
    HexB - bite of toast
    Syns - 21 Boooooooooo. Crud. I really deserved that glass of wine tho!!
    Last edited: 10 February 2014
  4. babytreetrunk89

    babytreetrunk89 Gold Member

    Here to sub :)
    Food is looking fab x

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  5. Moonbeamcor

    Moonbeamcor Silver Member

    Thank you :) Erm, I'm a total newbie, what does 'here to sub' mean?

    Today's Slimming World menu is brought to you by... two sick kids and a pile of laundry and housecleaning to do! Hurrah!
    Haven't actually sat and had breakfast but this is what I've had so far today (at random intervals);

    Coffee, Milk, Sugar (4 syns) (thats two mugs of coffee!)
    My babydudes leftover breaky, which consisted of small bite of toast with marg, 2/3 hardboiled egg, with about 1/2 tsp light mayo (.5 syns)

    1/2 orange
    3 seafood sticks
    Bite of banana
    More coffee, milk and splenda
    Sparkling summer fruits water

    Half slice of my wee girls toast (kids leftovers again! ) marg'd (1 syn) with light cow cheese
    Sparkling summer fruits water

    SW cottage pie for lunch

    another flippin' macaroon (3 syns)
    Sparkling summer fruits water

    random bites of gammon, mash, homemade applesauce, carrots, broc, cottage cheese, grapes, all syn free, while trying to feed my boy his supper. Oh wait, applesauce - can I HexB that? *checks Food Optimising booklet * Yes, I can. And I had nowhere near 375g of it!

    Leftover SW curry (even better on day two!) with SW chips for supper. No superfree to accompany. :( Not prepared enough!
    Sparkling summer fruits water

    Okay, moment of truth, thus far, (but heading to bed shortly!) for today.

    HexA - Milk in coffee, 1 light cow cheese
    HexB - wholemeal toast and bite of applesauce
    Syns 8.5 ??? I feel like I've been snacking all day. Yeesh, tempted to go on a chocolate hunt to spend my syns!! Hmmmm...
    (edited the following evening... I blew it! Had an orange club biscuit, and then went and ate a fruit one too!! All within about five minutes!! ) Total 19.5 syns :banghead:

    Sorry if this is too detailed - just want to make sure I'm counting ALL my syns!
    Last edited: 11 February 2014
  6. babytreetrunk89

    babytreetrunk89 Gold Member

    Your thread can never be too detailed :)
    Here to sub means im subscribing to your thread so when a new post comes up ill get a notifocation :) xx

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  7. Moonbeamcor

    Moonbeamcor Silver Member

    Not as nibbly today, thank goodness! Home with both the bairns again though, so DID munch toast again! Arrrgh!

    Breakfast; coffee, milk and sugar (2 syns), 1/2 orange, 1/2 banana, bite of cold gammon

    Sparkling summer fruits water

    Lunch; poached egg, beans on Ryvita

    Coffee, milk and splenda, skin of an apple I peeled for the babydude

    Seafood sticks x 4

    A couple (okay like, three or four) bites of omelette with toast while trying to get my kids to eat. Omelette was meant for them, not me, so had whole milk and cheese in it, and was cooked in oil. So part of HexA and 3 syns??

    Supper; SW curry again, boiled rice

    HexA - milk in coffees, mild cheddar in omelette
    HexB - dark rye Ryvita x 1
    Syns - 5 so far.
  8. Moonbeamcor

    Moonbeamcor Silver Member

    Not feeling great today, have probably caught the kids flu bug. Will still keep track though...

    Breakfast; coffee, milk and sugar (2 syns)

    Lunch; sparkling peach water

    Edited here... :)

    Felt a bit better in the afternoon, so between about 1 and 8 pm, I've had;

    Bite of cottage cheese
    Hard boiled egg
    Sparkling water, peach again, I think!
    A piece of baking chocolate (3 Syns)
    Ryvita x 2, with quark and slice of ham

    Am cooking myself a syn free SW quiche at the mo, so will be able to munch that straight from the fridge and take it for lunch over the next couple days. Ingredients are; cooked macaroni (for base), layer of grated courgette, layer of grated carrot, layer of chopped up ham slices, sprinkling of chopped yellow pepper, then whizzed onion, 4 eggs, cottage cheese w/chives , leftover veggies from fridge together, poured it over the top, popped in oven. Smells great already!
    . . . . .

    Yep. Yummy quiche, even though it got a bit burnt around the edges!

    HexA - milk in coffee
    HexB - Ryvita x 2
    Syns- 5
    Last edited: 12 February 2014
  9. sparkledpixie

    sparkledpixie Silver Member

    Here to subscribe, food is looking great! Where do you get the sugar free elderflower from? I love the stuff but can never find it without the sugar!
  10. Moonbeamcor

    Moonbeamcor Silver Member

    I get the Sparkling Elderflower from Aldi, and a lovely elderflower and pear one from Tesco. I used to avoid any fizzy drinks, but since starting SW, I've been hooked on these! Usually buy four at a time and keep them in my wine rack :D
  11. Moonbeamcor

    Moonbeamcor Silver Member

    Eep, been busy and forgot to post!

    Thursday, was at work, so it was much easier to control the nibbling!

    Coffee with milk and sugar (2 syns), apple, blueberries
    Light Alpen bar (lemon) (3 syns)

    SW quiche
    Mullerlight toffee yogurt

    Black coffee

    After work; bite of quiche, bite of cottage cheese -not too much before weigh in!

    Post weigh in meal, SW version of a Monte Cristo sandwich, which I've been wanting to try doing for ages. Turned out to be tres yummy!
    2 slices of nimble bread
    Sliced ham
    Sliced turkey
    2 x light babybel, grated
    1 large egg, beaten together with a large spoonful of fat free yogurt
    Frylight, salt and pepper

    Later, sparkling peach water, and an orange club biscuit (6 syns) I thought clubs were 5.5 but I just looked them up and they're 6!!


    HexA, milk in coffee, babybels
    HexB, nimble bread
    Syns, 11

    Friday, I'm afraid I um, went off the deep end. :(
    I was very good during the day, just had black coffee, fruit, sparkle juice (that syn free sparkling water stuff, you know), quiche for lunch, oh, an Alpen bar with coffee in the afternoon. Was saving my appetite a bit, as I thought hubby had planned something for Vally Day.
    In the evening, it became different that there was nothing planned, so I had a Mugshot for my supper.
    When I realised hubby hadn't done anything (not a card, or a note , or even a text!) and that he was aware but just didn't care, I had a big sulk, and ended up going out to buy myself some flowers, chocolate and wine.
    I should have stopped at the flowers, I know!
    But I didn't. And then I came home, and drank all the wine, ate the chocolate, and found some cheese in the fridge and ate that too. I think I also ate random free stuff, like sliced turkey straight from the fridge.
    Now it's the next morning, and I feel like absolute crap.
    How pathetic am I?

    Right. This saddo will be back on it today!! I hope.
  12. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Hi. Im here to keep my eye on you!;)
    You are not a saddo, just got a little dissapointed at hubby last night so you made yourself feel better. Forget about it today and get yourself "back in the zone"
    Im sure your hubby did care, if he is anything like mine, money is tight, we have 3 kids, and why should we spend double on flowers when the same bunch will be a lot cheaper a week later. Dont let the nation dictate when we should show eachother what we feel.
    Back to SW, your diary sounds crazy! :p (i like a bit of crazy) your doing fab, just remember to fully have your HEs as it is classed as syns if you dont get the full quota.
    Good luck on your journey hun. Together we can beat the flab! :)

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  13. Moonbeamcor

    Moonbeamcor Silver Member

    Ooh I didn't know that about the Healthy Extras! If I don't hit the full amount, it doesn't count as a HexA or a HexB?
    So is it not possible to split them like I've been doing, so I can have milk in my coffee, but still have a smidge of cheese as well? I've been thinking the fact that I'm not getting 1/3 superfree is a task concern as well.

    As far as yesterday's upset goes, I'm sure I overreacted, and yes, I know it's more important to show our love for each other regularly, rather than just one day a year. I was just disappointed that there wasn't even a little note or special hug to mark the occasion. It's not so much letting the nation or the commercial side of things dictate how valentines day should be, I think it's more to do with my past, as my dad would always get a big huge frilly heart shaped box of chocs for my mom, and little heart shaped boxes for me and my sister and brother - so yeah, that was probably part of it too, missing my Daddy!

    Onwards and forwards and upwards, etc!
  14. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Awww. Thats so sweet, your dad was one a few.. lucky you.:)
    I was always told you can split the HEXs and that they had to be exact half or the calcium/fibre would be wrong and wouldn't count..:confused: I always thought it was confusing but please don't take my word for it I no longer attend group but maybe someone on here who does may be able to put us right.
    Now when it comes to superfree foods - I had done it in the past where I didnt eat my SF and didnt lose weight for long. This time round I am making sure I have it even if its a side of fruit or something and Ive not had a gain yet... so I am still experimenting on that one, but think it might be so.
    Pleased to "meet you" have a nice weekend hun. :wavey:
  15. Moonbeamcor

    Moonbeamcor Silver Member

    Okay... let me just say, I haven't given up! My Vally Day threw me for a loop, and although I haven't been as bad as I was on Friday night, I've not really been keeping track.
    We're heading to Butlins for a wee break tomoz, so have been trying to get organised for that, but also looking after unwell babydude (was worried today that he actually had measles!) and wondering if the Butlins break was actually going to happen at all!
    Anyway, will do my best to keep track while away... we're self catering, so have packed loads of fruit, veg, tins of beans, alpha-getti, and other free stuff, plus, have done a SW quiche to pack up in my Tupperware and keep in the fridge.

    Happy half-term, all!
  16. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Wow. Ur organised well done! Have a lovely time, hope ur LOs ok.
    Who knows what junk ill b putting down my throat this half term!:eek:
    Enjoy. :)

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  17. babytreetrunk89

    babytreetrunk89 Gold Member

    enjoy butlins! :D x
  18. Moonbeamcor

    Moonbeamcor Silver Member

    Right. Back from holiday, MUST get back on it. Haven't gone totally crazy, but have gone over my syns everyday, and haven't kept track at all. (Have had a chicken, stuffing and Mayo sandwich- had this first day... it was divine! - restaurant meals, Burger King, crisps, wine, biscuits, chocolate, cheese, more wine... okay maybe I did go a bit crazy)

    Today or tomoz (amongst a break from holiday laundry, housework, etc) will dig out my SW folder and recipe books and plan the week ahead.

    I've been breaking out, and I feel heavy and oogy. I think my body is craving healthy food!
  19. Moonbeamcor

    Moonbeamcor Silver Member

    Breakfast; coffee with milk and sugar (2 syns), bite of SW quiche, apple

    Lunch; Chicken Cupshotz, celery sticks with 1 light cow cheese

    Got munchy while prepping tea so had about 4 tbsp of cottage cheese.

    Supper; pasta with a syn-free bolognaise sauce, fat free Greek yogurt with white chocolate options for dessert (2 syns)

    Glass of white wine, 8 syns.

    Hopefully that's it! Ooh wait, totals...

    Totals ;
    HexA - milk in coffee, 3 x light cow cheese
    HexB - 2 x Ryvita
    Syns - 12

    Forgot how much I like celery sticks with laughing cow cheese - really enjoyed that bit today!
    Last edited: 22 February 2014
  20. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Welcome home hun. Its funny how we crave healthy food when we've had a real indulgence, why cant we just crave healthy food all the time?
    Glad you had a good time and well done for getting straight back on it, looking forward to ur diary this week. :)

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  21. Moonbeamcor

    Moonbeamcor Silver Member

    Flippin'eck. I have a confession to make. And I think I've been delaying making it all day by not coming onto this forum.

    I ate half a pork pie last night.

    I don't even like pork pie! Is this some sort of psychological issue? I was doing so well ALL day! I don't know what happened... I saw it in the fridge, decided to try a thin little slice to see what it tasted like, and then it was gone!

    The worst part is that I went into some sort of auto-denial thing, and forgot about it until this morning when my OH was like, "Where's my pork pie??"
    Gawd, I can't describe the feeling of dread that washed over me at that moment.

    And now I can't find the crying icon!

    * boo hoo *

    Okay, so, how many syns do I need to add for this disaster... 28!

    Right. Here's today's diary then...

    Breakfast; coffee milk sugar (2 syns), random bites of orange, grapes, strawberries, light babybel.

    Lunch; poached egg, half can of spaghetti hoops. Was hungry 30 mins later, so had a chicken mugshots.

    Cup tea milk sugar (2 syns)

    Supper; tuna, sweetcorn, kidney beans chili sauce, pasta, mixed together and plunked on top of huge bowl of baby spinach leaves
    Sparkling peach water
    Two bites of Bami goreng (1 syn)


    HexA - milk in coffee-tea, light babybel
    HexB - Alpen light bar
    Syns - 33 including my midnight feast.
    Last edited: 24 February 2014

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