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Tail between legs *whimper*


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Hi all! :wave_cry:

Well, I'm so down in the dumps I could cry. Again. It's all my fault so I don't deserve sympathy but I'm SO angry at myself I need to declare it.

I stuck to the plan 100% for 3 weeks. I'm talking a max of 1.5 syns per day, if that. (Mixture of red and green days like I did the first time I did the diet and lost a fair bit). Anyway, I had to have stitches in my neck/shoulder area and when I went to get them done, I weighed myself and I hadn't lost anything. Not even half a pound. There were no star weeks either!

Cut to me having my stitches in for a week and me being told not to move around or lift stuff until I came back a week later. Already defeated by zero weightloss, I took that as "eat what the heck you like". So, for an entire week I stuffed myself full of everything I could think of. My OH was more than happy to encourage me in doing this as he hates the diet. Not only that...I had the stitches out midweek and continued to stuff through bank holiday weekend. Today, I woke up and got back to plan. However, I've done the damage and am back to being bloated and heavier than before. I'm SO annoyed at me.

I've been depressed since early this year anyway due to getting ill and no one knowing what's wrong. I can't exercise much because I get dizzy spells, I'm not working as being dizzy means I can't drive to work let alone teach. I've just been festering on the couch. OH works long hours and we don't eat until late when he gets in and he wants to eat crap infront of me.

To make things worse, I'm feeling all bloated in time to be taken to try on some wedding dresses this week.

Argh. Ugh. Pants.

I'm such an idiot. I wasn't even hungry for bad food. I just made excuses. *sigh*

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Now to maintain.....
one thing that really sticks out reading your messages is you say you did the plan 100%.
yet you also say you stuck to about 1.5 syns a day.....well in my eyes thats not doing it 100%!
you need your syns too.....although i understand the thought of ooo if i dont really use them thats extra good thats not how slimming world works!
they say use between 5 and 15 a day.....trying to stick around 10.....so to have truely been 100% you need to have at least 5 syns a day.


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Thanks for the tip. I have 1.5syns a day because of my actimel 0.1% to help my stomach issues. I stick to less than 5 because my old slimming world consultant told us to never have more than 5 and if we aim lower we won't go over. You weren't allowed to have 10 syns until you were target and it was unheard of to have 15. I'm doing it without group this time around (possibly why I struggle?!) so just go on what I was told last time.


Now to maintain.....
oh my god hun...that consultant sounds bad!!!!!
all the groups and slimming world books etc advise between 5 and 15 but never,ever lower than 5....so the average is to use around 10.
this is so you dont feel deprived at all and have your treats....also by using more than 5...say 10+ it gives you something to cut down if your weight loss reaches a plateu,to give it a kick start again.
i dont know how it works but you really do lose more if you use your syns!!


Now to maintain.....
just to add i personally find group really works for me and i doubt id be doing so well if i didnt go but i really do utilise this forum and some facebook groups i use.they really are a godsend and i should imagine even more so if you cant go to class!
theres always someone around to help or give info if you need it.
just shout!


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*waves hello at Fray*

hey you - dont be so sad, you are back on here for a start - and thats a good thing! you have identified what you have done wrong on plan, and have come on here to get support!

Have you looked into going to a class? perhaps that support network is what you need as it sounds like your OH is not supportive of SW at all - which must be really hard for you.

as for the syns - have at LEAST 5 per day!!!

Sending you loads of love xxx hope you get back on track really soon! xxx
Exactly what Luverick said. The very first thing to leap out at me too was the syns. You can have between 5 and 15 every day, but an absolute minimum of 5.

Try upping your syns, even if it is just by adding some mayo to your food or having a cereal bar for supper or something, and see what difference that makes. If that doesnt work, if you could make it to a class or two just to get the up to date information, then that would probably help a lot.

Also, with you not feeling so good, it may be whatever is causing that, which is causing you not to lose weight too. So if you up the syns and that still doesnt help with the losses, then hopefully getting yourself sorted *eventually* medically will...
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Eek, you know...I might actually struggle to up my syns without blowing it.


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For example, today is a green day.

I've had:

Breakfast: HEXB Honeynut shredded wheat with a dash of HEXA skimmed milk (I struggle to use more than about 100ml for the whole day when I'm on plan), and a banana

Lunch: Lowfat supernoodles

Tea: Will be mushypea curry and rice

I may possibly have a free mullerlight later on in the evening. Oh, and my 1.5syns for actimel.
Is this daily food intake wrong?


Now to maintain.....
hmm looking at it honestly you havent eaten enough!! i still cant get used to being told that whilst on a 'diet,lol!!
also not enough fruit and veg-superfree.
take a look at the food diaries section to grab an idea of what other people are doing....mine is in there,meli's is also good and there are loads of other good ones too.i find it really useful to look through them.


Now to maintain.....
also if you are on green you need to have 2 hea's and 2 heb's a day.
its only on ee that you only have one of each.


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I may well attack the grapes in the fruit bowl in a moment and have an alpen light bar with a cup of tea.

I used to hand in my food diary every week to my consultant and it would barely have anything Hex's/syns on it. She said I was doing great. I think she may have broken me. :(
All of the above..

One third of your plate should be superfree foods, for example, veg, or fruit. More filling, less calories.

Mushy peas are only free, not superfree, so you need something in there too that is superfree and makes up a third of what you eat. What else is in the curry with the mushy peas?


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yea i agree with syns last week i asked my consultant if i could be 'strict' on myself for next few weeks as i wanted lose alot b4 holday (that now gone out window) however she said yea can do what i want as long as in no cercumstances i go under 5 syns as i NEED them.


Now to maintain.....
it really does sound like you were unlucky hun and had a terrible consultant :-(
any help you want just ask....you can and will do this!!!!! you will be fab,all the tools to help you are here with these fab people and their knowledge,ive found this site sooooooo unbelieveably helpful.
there is a newbie post somewhere (im no good with links) explaining the plans....it may help you and make you feel better to read that and get exactly how it does work and what you should be doing.
forget what your consultant has said or done(or not done!) read up,then pick yourself up and carry on knowing that this time it will be fab because you've got us for support and the correct knowledge!


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All of the above..

One third of your plate should be superfree foods, for example, veg, or fruit. More filling, less calories.

Mushy peas are only free, not superfree, so you need something in there too that is superfree and makes up a third of what you eat. What else is in the curry with the mushy peas?
There's baked beans and curry powder. I got the recipe in a thread here. I'm confused now as I see a lot of people eating just the curry and rice here. I guess I could add mushrooms/onions?
Baked beans in tomato sauce are free (but SuperSpeed, yay!), curry powder is free too. Yes, add the mushrooms and onions, they are superfree and speed foods. That should balance it out nicely :)

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!


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hi there try not to be too hard on yourself. You don't seem to have eaten very much at all. I couldn't possibly stay on plan with that amount of food. I'm a serial restarter on SW but having only been back 3 weeks I feel less bloated & have been eating so much. For example we had a BBQ the other evening salad, new potatoes, savoury rice, 6 quorn sausages then a bowl of strawberries & mullerlight. I always manage at least 5 syns a day but wld allow myself 15 if needs be. Try eating more & u'd be surprised the difference to ur weight loss. Stick with it & stay on here & u'll do great x

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