ProPoints Take 2!! Or is it 3?!!

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  1. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Here we go again!!

    I'm Ness I'm 29 (30 this year!) I live in cornwall with my wonderful husband and 2 amazing children Ryan who is 6 and Sophie who is 2.

    For those that don't know my story...
    I started WW at home last may weighing in at 23st 4lb my heaviest ever I managed to get down to 19st 12lb fairly easily but at the end of October I fell off the wagon and just couldn't get myself motivated again. I promised myself I would get Xmas out of the way and start afresh in the new year but I just couldn't get my head in the right place. Thinking a change might be what I needed I signed up to SW weighing in at 21st bang on but 2 weeks later and 7LB lighter SW is making me misserable!! I'm missing the treats and the chocolate I could enjoy on WW!!
    So here I go again back to WW

    I will weigh in at home on a Thursday
    My aim: to be rocking a hot dress at my 30th birthday party in August I will be fit at 30!!!!

    Starting weight: 20st 7lb daily pp allowance: 44

    LETS DO THIS!!!!
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  3. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

  4. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Hey! Last diary ever I promise lol
  5. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

  6. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    This is my 4th! Lol
  7. paul1989

    paul1989 Full Member

    You've been all over this year :p. Lets hope you can settle in this new home lol
  8. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    I'm here to stay!! No more messing about time to crack on and shift this weight for good!! X
  9. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Food for today


    Chicken mug shot 7pp

    Extra lean pork mince 5pp made into meat balls cooked in tinned tomatoes onions and peppers.
    Mushrooms, micro chips 4pp

    2 mini pork pies 10pp
    Mint kit Kat 3pp
    Bounty 7pp
    Options hot choc 1pp
    Coffee with sugar and 1 biscuit 4pp
    Milk for coffees skimmed 3pp

    44/44 dailies used

    49 weeklies remain.
  10. popnfresh

    popnfresh Full Member

    Welcome back to ww! Best of luck hunny x!
  11. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Thank you xx
  12. paul1989

    paul1989 Full Member

    mmm that looks so nice. I need to make something simple but nice like that. Trying to avoid any frying though, maybe something similar would work in a casserole dish?

    I totally think WW is the best for you Nessa. You are still getting the snacks you enjoy and when your weight gets lower all you need to do is cut out one of those snacks. This will be your last diary as you will reach your goal here ;)
  13. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    I think it would totally work in a casserole dish you could make it in bulk too and freeze some portions.

    I think you are right WW really is best for me, I enjoy my snacks makes me feel like I'm having a real treat without going over my points and when the times right and my points get less I will slowly cut them out. Here's hoping for a good week!!
  14. WillowFae

    WillowFae Gold Member

    *sinks into the beanbag in the corner* :)
  15. paul1989

    paul1989 Full Member

    Hows your weekend been Nessa? Enjoyed being back on WW?
  16. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    All is going good!! Love WW!! Xx
  17. MrsLmc

    MrsLmc Gold Member

    Subscribing if you don't mind. Kinda in a similar situation. Was doing excellent but struggling to get my motivation back. We'll do it this time!!

    I also have 2 kids. My wee girls 5 and my boy is 2.
  18. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Welcome to my diary. We can so do it this time!! X
  19. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    I'm walking home from work!! Check me out!! And it's raining!!
  20. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Had a crap week and I've put on 1lb not bad considering the amount I've eaten and had Chinese last night. Here's to a fresh week xx
  21. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

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