Takeaway (Chinese/Thai) propoints help please !

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  1. nichols2828

    nichols2828 New Member

    Hello members
    I am having difficulty working out the Propoints for our Sunday night feast of either Chinese or Thai.
    Any guidance on our favourite dishes would be appreciated:

    Beef Satay- large(foil) container
    Beef oyster sauce " " "
    Fried noodles small " "
    Fried Rice " " "

    Tempura king prawns (6)
    Prawn toast (4) quarter slice
    Dim sum (5)
    Pork spare ribs large plastic container
    Fried pork in garlic/pepper "
    Beef massaman "
    Coconut rice small "
    Beef green curry

    I know there are some examples on the WW website, but I am unsure about portion size.
    I realise It may be difficult to match these exact dishes, but some idea would be great.
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  3. claire-louise1990

    claire-louise1990 Full Member

    Hi Hun I have the 2014 new po points eating out guide I'll just go and grab it and check for you give me five mins and I'll look for you xx
  4. claire-louise1990

    claire-louise1990 Full Member

    Hi again It hasn't got all of them here is all that's in the book that you've asked for or closest too it:


    Stir fry beef oyster sauce : 9
    Rice noodles Singapore style 12
    Special fries rice 15


    BBQ pork spare ribs 22
    Beef green curry 20

    The other things you aske arnt in here. I'm of out for a sec now but later tonight I'll see if I hav time to so all the Thai and Chinese points for you.

    Ps if probably add half as much points again as I think these are based on restaurant sizes. Takeaway are generally larger. I have jus uploade all the indian points on so take a look at those too xx
  5. nichols2828

    nichols2828 New Member

    Thank you very much Claire-Louise,
    I can't believe you have given your time to help me .
    It's much appreciated and will make a difference to my crusade to feel I am not doing this alone.
    Mark X
  6. claire-louise1990

    claire-louise1990 Full Member

    No prob I know it's so frustrating sometimes when you can't find the pints for things. I get so upset when I see everyone has replies on here but know one will reply to my questions so I end up changing my meal haha. I'm just about to upload the full Chinese list for you
  7. claire-louise1990

    claire-louise1990 Full Member

    Ok so

    Chinese food

    Chicken and sweet corn soup 8
    Hot and sour soup 4
    Prawn crackers 4
    Seaweed deep fried 4
    Sesame prawn fingers (each) 3
    Chicken spring rolls (each) 4
    Duck spring roll (each) 5
    Vegetable spring rolls (each) 4

    Main course
    Aramaic crispy duck with pancakes (per filled pancake) 8
    Beef with green pepper in black bean sauce 10
    Char sui pork 9
    Chicken and cashew nuts 10
    Chicken foo yung 15
    Chicken in black bean sauce 13
    Chicken in mushroom deep fried 18
    Duck with Chinese mushroom and bamboo shoots16
    Fried udon noodles with golden mushrooms and bamboo shoots 10
    Kung po chicken 12
    Lemon chicken 9
    Mushroom chow mein 8
    Prawns wih ginger and mango tout4
    Mushroom foo yung 14
    Soy sauce chicken 17
    Special chow mein 15
    Stir fry beef in oyster sauce 9
    Str fry pork with garlic and chili sauce 8
    Sweet and sour chicken Cantonese style11
    Sweet and sour pork balls22
    Sweet an sour prawns 10
    Szechuan prawn with veg 12
    Vegetable curry 8

    Side orders:

    Braised assorted mushrooms 1
    Chinese greens in oyster sauce 1
    Egg fries rice 12
    Mixed Chinese vegetables in oyster sauce 6
    Plain boiled rice 12
    Rice noodles Singapore style 12
    Special fries rice 15
    Stir fried vegetables 4

    Desserts (not that they taste nice... Bluergh)
    Fortune cookies each 2
    Ice cream 9
    Lychees (6) 0
    Toffee banana 8

    Ps sorry for any misspellings I'm coping it from my book into my phone lol hope these help you
  8. claire-louise1990

    claire-louise1990 Full Member

    Oh also says some meal options in the other page but only four lol:

    Sweet and sour pork balls with one portion of special fried rice 37pp

    Prawns with ginger and mange tout with half portion plain boiled rice 10pp

    Aromatic crispy duck (4 filled pancakes) 32pp

    Lemon chicken with half portion if egg froed rice 15pp
  9. nichols2828

    nichols2828 New Member

    Thasnks so much.
    Do you have any Idea on the portion size the points relate to ?
  10. claire-louise1990

    claire-louise1990 Full Member

    Generally average restaurant size x
  11. Tiger-lilly

    Tiger-lilly Silver Member

    Much appreciated Claire

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