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Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by StephaniexSx, 13 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. StephaniexSx

    StephaniexSx Full Member

    My first post :)

    I thought posting here would here me with my journey on this diet.

    It is time i take control and stop dwelling on the past and wishing i was thin instead of doing something about it.

    This is my second run at this, before i had lost 6 stone back in 2011 and piled it on back and even more, at the time of the loss i felt just as fat as i did now but looking back i was more happy than ever.

    My goal is to get happy again.

    This is my day 1!
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  3. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    Good luck Stephanie!! You've already proven to yourself that you can do this which is such a head start!! Keep glugging that water!! Xxx
  4. StephaniexSx

    StephaniexSx Full Member

    I had my first weight in, i was chuffed. I lost 6 1/2 pound. That was from Monday night to Friday afternoon :)

    Days are getting easier, when i wake up i dont feel any dread about it being another crappy day of not eating.

    Here is to the future!
  5. StephaniexSx

    StephaniexSx Full Member

    Today is my day off, i try and stay away from the kitchen as much as possible. Physically im not hungry much anymore but mentally im fragile. I still have those arguements 'go on have a banana' NO YOURE NOT ALLOWED'

    staying in my bed all day with my bottle of water lol
  6. StephaniexSx

    StephaniexSx Full Member

    Going to bed once again feeling good i have stuck to my diet :)
  7. Jo1989

    Jo1989 Gold Member

    Hi Stephanie! You're doing so well sticking at it, and as you know, its so worth it!

    I think the second time around you appreciate it more, and know you really have to get it right this time.
  8. StephaniexSx

    StephaniexSx Full Member

    Yes definitely!! I was so foolish to let it slip the first time but it helps me strive more because I know how good it will feel

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  9. StephaniexSx

    StephaniexSx Full Member

    Day 7 - was on call for work so had to set my alarm for 7 to see if I get a text to go into work, nothing yet.

    How annoying, I hate being up too early as the day drags in when im not at work.

    Oh well ill glug a pint of water and gk back to sleep

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  10. StephaniexSx

    StephaniexSx Full Member

    Well that's me just up. So thirsty, need water asap.

    Might try have a choc shake hot I hear alot of people enjoy it, ill give it a bash

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  11. tlbanks

    tlbanks Full Member

    Choc shakes hot are fab! Good luck for this week :)
  12. StephaniexSx

    StephaniexSx Full Member

    Turned out i didn't have any choc shakes lol ill buy some next week!!

    Been very bored today, had half a powder shake his morning and then two bits of chicken... sometimes I think I could just eat nothing im that bored.

    Still going strong though, been thinking about going on holiday next year that's keeping me going :)

    2015 seems so far away but its almost june already. Crazyyy!!

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  13. tlbanks

    tlbanks Full Member

    Haha I'd have to agree, the year is flying by. I find Sundays hard & boring too as everyone is home & eating constantly. I've had to remove myself from the kitchen/dining room just to keep sanity intact
  14. StephaniexSx

    StephaniexSx Full Member

    I avoid the kitchen at all costs lol

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  15. tlbanks

    tlbanks Full Member

    It's getting that way for me lol. Enlisted the OH to sort the kids & himself out for a while
  16. StephaniexSx

    StephaniexSx Full Member

    Another monday morning!

    Had to force myself to have a shake this morning, might need to switch what I get up a bit!!

    Hopefully the day goes in fast, id really like to sleeping.

    If only I could sleep until Christmas, id be sorted lol

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  17. Jo1989

    Jo1989 Gold Member

    We all have those horrid days! When is your week 1 weigh in? Excited for a great loss?!
  18. StephaniexSx

    StephaniexSx Full Member

    Well ive had my first weigh in! I started last monday and my diet woman came back on friday so we are sticking yo Fridays going forward lol

    Lost 6 n a half pounds first 5 days, I was well pleased :)

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  19. Jo1989

    Jo1989 Gold Member

    Amazing! You're doing so well, totally proves sticking to it is worth it doesn't it.
  20. StephaniexSx

    StephaniexSx Full Member

    And I best get a good weight loss this weigh day lol

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  21. Jo1989

    Jo1989 Gold Member

    HA I'm sure you will, weeks 1 and 2 are normally great results, its just the odd week after that throws you off, but even then your body normally catches up the following week. I'd hoped to lose 4lbs last week and only lost 3lbs, but I was feeling quite bloated (explained by the surprise totm!) so hoping for a 4lb loss this week! As long as I lose another 7lbs over the next 2 weeks of SS I'm a happy bunny.

    How you finding it generally? Stopped feeling hungry?
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