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Tara's SlimFast Diary


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A little bit of background info, I'm Tara, 25 and mum to 2(one 6 and one 6 months)trying to lose all the weight I piled on whilst pregnant with my youngest. I'm also recovering from nerve damage caused during my c-section so can't do a lot of exercise at the moment but hopefully that will improve soon.
Well I'm nearly at the end of my first week and so far I'm really enjoying it. Official weigh in is tomorrow but I've been naughty and weighed a few times through the week, wednesday showed 3lbs off and since then the wii board tells me I'm hovering inbetween 13st and 13st 1lb, would be over the moon if I woke up tomorrow and another 2lbs had dissapeared as then would be under 13st but can't see that happening:sigh:
I've been struggling to eat enough calories though as I don't feel that hungry:confused: So I don't know if I've pushed myself in to starvation mode and that's why I haven't lost anything else this week, here's what I've had this week:

B:5 bourbon biscuits:(
L:cafe latte shake
D:sweet chilli chicken with noodles, carrots and cauliflower
S:banana, pineapple, carrot and cucumber sticks
Total calories:1,213

B:cafe latte shake
D:chicken hotpot with broccoli
Total calories:618

B:cafe latte shake
L:cafe latte shake
D:chicken pasta bake, broccoli, cauliflower
S: Pineapple
Total calories:980

B:cafe latte shake
L:banana shake
D:chicken hotpot
Total calories:1,010

L:pizza hut buffet(1 plate of pasta, 0.5 plate of plain salad, 0.25 of a cookie dough dessert)
Total calories:just under 1,000 roughly

B:cafe latte shake
L:Roast lamb(with roast potatoes, veg, a tiny bit of gravy and one mini yorkshire)
D:banana shake
S:banana, twister ice lolly, 4.5 maoam sweets
Total calories:1,289

B:cafe latte shake
L:banana shake(not had yet, will do in a minute)
D:will probably be beef in black bean sauce with rice and maybe some veggies
S:not had any yet, will probably be whatever fruit needs eating before I do shopping.

Plan for next week is to make sure I have at least 1,200 calories per day and to try and increase the little bits of exercise I can do.
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Yes, naughty bourbon biscuits. The OH bought a big multipack of them and 'unfortunately' left them on the sofa this morning and the dogs pinched the lot:8855:

Weighed in this morning and another lb off:D Hopefully should reach my first goal of being 12 stone something next week. I've also lost 1cm off my boobs, a whopping 6cms off my waist and 1cm off my hips. I just hope it starts coming off my hips a bit quicker as they're now 2 dress sizes bigger than my waist so can never get trousers to fit properly.
Done the food shopping for the week, got some weightwatchers desserts to try and up my calories a little bit, can never say no to sweet stuff. Also got some dropweight chocolate milkshake powder, had one earlier and it's not too bad, much less sweet than slimfast. When I made it up with 150mls of water as directed it was like glue so chucked another 100mls in and it was better, tastes a bit like liquidized chocolate readybrek.


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This week hasn't been too great, took the kids to alton towers on Tuesday and had really good intentions, took ready made shakes with me. Then it rained and I got freezing sat round waitng for them on the rides so needed a hot lunch and the kids wanted burger king so ended up having a meal. Then when we got home I thought sod it and had a twirl, a mini pizza and half a tub of ben and jerry's:break_diet:
Have been back on track since though so hopefully it won't have done too much damage. I've done no exercise this week either though so we'll see.


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just think of alton towers as a little blip in a normal week certainly no point beating youself up about it,,, somedays life just has to be normal without worrying about the diet, we all need to live thats my motto and ive stopped beating myself up over the bad days, has certainly done alot to brighten my mood lol


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Thanks Kazzy, I'm not going to let one bad day spoil everything. Have been really good since.
I weighed myself earlier and another 1 lb off:D so it can't have done too much damage, really happy to be able to say I'm 12 stone something now rather then 13 stone.


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Another 3lbs off since friday:D I can't believe it.
wow. your doing great. alton towers probly didnt affect your weight as you were walking all day! not been there for years. i love that place :D


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wow. your doing great. alton towers probly didnt affect your weight as you were walking all day! not been there for years. i love that place :D
It's great, we have merlin's passes so go quite often aswell as chessington, thorpe and legoland.
It can't have been the walking as I have to use a wheelchair for anything more than 10 metres due to nerve damage in my back, that's why I'm so shocked, I'm averaging out at eating only 300 calories a day less than my BMR so shouldn't even be losing a lb a week. I'm not complaining though;)
Well either I've put on a lb since yesterday or the stupid wii fit was lying when it told me I lost 3lb:cry:This is why you shouldn't weigh in early:sigh:
Oh well, thats still 3lb off in a week which is brilliant. Also lost 8cm this week, 3cm off my boobs, nothing off my waist this week, 2cm off my hips, 1cm off my thigh and 2cm off my arm. So at least it's evening out a bit rather than all coming off my waist. Another 1cm off my boobs and my waist and my top half will be a size 16, still got a way to go to get in to size 16 trousers, another 11cm(they're between an 18 and 20 at the moment).
My back seems to be improving a bit, I can manage little bits on the wii fit as long as it's just standing and moving my weight, can't lift my legs yet. So have been doing perfect 10, table tilt, that other tilt one with the red, blue and yellow balls, the chicken one and segway speedway. I've also started with some light hand weights whilst I'm doing my physio exercises on the stability ball.
My physio thinks I should be back to work in about 6 weeks(that's an optimistic estimate though) I'd really like to be 12 stone or less before I go back as then I should be able to fit in my bigger work clothes as I really don't want to have to buy more. I don't know if I can do it though as I know my weight loss is going to slow down pretty soon:confused:
have you got a normal set of bathroom weighing scales you can use? my wii fit board is crap for weighing. it gives me differnt readings all the time. can differ as much as 2 stone but i do have it on carpet! i use my bathroom scales. so much better.
My scales broke whilst I was pregnant(gutted as they had a body fat monitor on them too:mad:)
We've got wooden floors throughout(except for the stairs and one of the bedrooms)and mines pretty accurate, I was weighed on the hospital scales before then weighed when I got home on the wii and they were the same. I've just realised that on sunday the OH put the board on the rug for me instead of straight on the floor which probably explains the difference.
Not had a very good couple of weeks, a combination of TOTM and a cold:(.
I lost 1lb last week which isn't too bad considering I came on the day before weigh in. Have eaten loads of crap this week though, don't think I've had even one slim fast shake and haven't been drinking enough water. I don't know what's wrong with me, been having nothing at all until dinner time most days then having junk, this week I've had half a tub of ben and jerry's, 2 feast ice creams, 1/4 of a chocolate cake and 5 jam doughnuts:break_diet:
I will get back on track today though and try not to worry too much about tomorrows weigh in, I had a sneaky peek on the wii fit a couple of days ago and had stayed the same so fingers crossed if I have gained it won't be too much
OMG I've lost 2lbs :eek::bliss:
I was not expecting that, I'm over the moon, I was really expecting to have put on a couple of lbs.
So 4 weeks in I've lost 10lbs in total, 2" off my boobs, nearly 3" off my waist, 1.5" off my hips, 1.5" off each thigh and and 1" off each arm. My top half is now a perfect size 16, need to lose another 4" off my hips to get in to size 16 trousers, though my 18's are starting to fall down as they're massive on my waist, so will be at that awkward stage for a few weeks where I'm inbetween sizes:rolleyes:
Just need to keep up a loss of 2lbs a week now for the next 5 weeks and I should easily reach my goal of getting to 12 stone or below before I go back to work.
Massive well done hun, thats fab :) And that " loss is amazing!! Reminds me that i must book in with my gym to have mine done :)
that is fantastic well done

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