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Target Date - not reached :(


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Ok - so I started DD on 10.05.11 desperate to loose the zillion kgs I'd added after having my two babies. My target date was 10.10.11 yesterday :( and my target weight is 58kg (realistic in my opinion) and yesterday I was 64.5kg - not even close!!
Yesterday I started my 2nd TOTM since having DS in Feb AND I have a throat infection so feeling VERY sorry myself indeed! :)
I totally appreciate the huge weight loss I've had, don't get me wrong! But what do I do now!? I have " re-set" my target date at 01.12.11 and was thinking of continuing on cruise until I hit 58kg. Would you agree? Also, do I then alter the amount of days I must stay in conso phase?
Any other advise!? I've increased exercise and cut all tolerated items. Dairy is around 250g a day and I am max-ing the lean proteins and green tea.
Thanks in advance x
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I'm not so sure that your target weight is that realistic, your the same height as me and like you I have had 2 children, my target weight was 63.5kg and I was happy when I reached it,
I'm a little under now at 60kg which is fine but I don't want to go any lower as I will look ill.


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You are doing BRILLIANTLY

The target was always the weight - not the date, so just put the temporary disappointment behind you and keep cruising until are the shape and weight you want to be. And then do the recommended length of conso, as this is calculated by weight, not by low long it too you.

You are probably closer to your goal than you know - TOTM will always mask some loss, and if it's your first or second in a while it may be masking more than you know.


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The date is purely indicative and no guarantee...
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I really don't like the "date" thing. No-one can really tell how your body will react, and someone will always be disappointed because that date was "promised"...


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S: 12st6.2lb C: 10st9.7lb G: 9st6.3lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 1st10.5lb(14.06%)
Thanks to you all for taking the time to reply! Feeling a lot more motivated again thanks to your comments! You are right - a date means nothing - my goal is the weight and keeping it off!!
Atropos - thanks for advise about length of conso, makes it a little less daunting (well it's 216 days but hey!) :)
Loushu- I think when I was given the 58kg by the DD calculator I got it into my head and it stuck there! I was a little lighter than that but I do think this is totally achievable for my build/shape. Plus, I have 50% of my wardrobe that is gathering dust! ;) however you have convinced me (even though I am 5/6 kgs away ) to still try on those dust covered jeans to see how close I am! Perhaps thanks to DD and my smaller pear shaped lower body/derrière they might be a squeezable option!! ;)

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