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Consolidation Target date = realistic??


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Hello - I'm still on cruise but have a question for those on consos/maintenance phases.
The Dukan calculator sets a date when you should achieve your goal weight, in your experience, is that date a realistic date? Mine is set for Oct but in my head I am trying to say December - more as a safety net!!
I have lost 17 pounds since 10th May - but all I can focus on is the 30 more I have to loose!! Crazy I know, but 30 seems like such a big number........!!
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Dukan Ancestor!!

I only had 2 stone to lose, really stuck to the plan with virtually no slip ups (managed to lose *some* weight whilst on holiday for 3 weeks in the middle) so for me the target date was reasonably accurate. (I only recall it was given to me as a date in September and I made it in the third week of September)

The date is arrived at by assuming a steady average weight loss of ~2lb per week I think. So if you you manage to continue to lose at that rate then you might well make it in the autumn. You should see it as an INDICATOR (which allows you to think ahead for situations like 'I'll bein Conso during the Christmas break'), but it's not a TARGET because we're all different.

Personally I think having a date rather than a target weight or even waist measurement / body shape image is not helpful. If you are nearly there in September but then you tell yourself 'ohh I have till December' will you relax and start cheating 'because you can' ??

So my answer is yes: if you follow the diet to the letter and have no other health issues that affect weight loss you should probably make it.


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I'm sure everyone has different experiences -

- but

- I hit my goal within 24 hours of the date predicted by the website.

I'm still slightly astonished by that!


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sorry to jump in but what happens if you reach your true weight a couple of weeks early? Do you carry on doing cruise till you reach the specified date or go onto conso as soon as you reach your true weight? I only ask as if I continue to lose 3lbs a week as #I have done i will reach my true weight a couple of weeks early and was wondering what to do in this situation


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You go into conso when you reach the weight you plan to stay at.


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Thanks for your responses - it's so reassuring to read that it is achievable!!! Role on October.....!!!
PS Atropos - 24 hours before "the deadline" - pretty impressive!! :)
anjuschka- how on earth did you do PP while on holiday?
were you self catering?
if you were NOT i would love tips. as i work away a lot and when out of the country i struggle!


Dukan Ancestor!!
Ah Jilly - I didn't! I decided that PV all the way was the only workable solution for starters. But no alcohol and no fruit etc! I also decided that after all I was on holiday and had a small slice of bread every morning (you must understand that I am German and 'proper' bakery bread is what I miss most in the UK - even now after 20+ years. I don't get to Germany often, so this was my chance to get at least a taste.)

But yes we were self-catering - and staying with family. Still it was tricky as we were in this tiny place and for example 0% yoghurt was not to be had - you could get 0% diet fruit yoghurts that then had sugar in them. Fresh chicken was impossibly to get. So I just did what I could (lots of fish as usual) - had an active time (tons of walking) and it worked just fine.

I finally gave in on the ferry home and had a 'proper' breakfast with yoghurt, eggs and the like but also some pancakes and a croissant... But as I only did that once the repercussions were minor. I have to add that I was doing all the driving back from Germany - spread over two days with an overnight ferry in the middle - that was my excuse anyway.

My most recent holiday to Spain was self-catering again, so no problems, also I am allowed to eat more normally now, so less problems... For the travelling days I just took a ration of oatbran muffins and a number of hardboiled eggs. Not very inspiring but perfectly adequate when you just need 'fuel', and portable without too much worries regarding refrigeration. I also took a breadmaker loaf of Dukan bread to Spain which saw me through 6 breakfasts... It happily keeps that long as long as it's refrigerated!

When out and about etc I think some people play the 'Atkins card' to help in such situations - i.e stick to very low carb but you are allowed fattier things (like cuts of meat) if there is no alternative. I've not yet had to do this so maybe someone else will pop in and explain?
When out and about etc I think some people play the 'Atkins card' to help in such situations - i.e stick to very low carb but you are allowed fattier things (like cuts of meat) if there is no alternative. I've not yet had to do this so maybe someone else will pop in and explain?
It's to do with it being the least worst choice -

The science behind it is a bit more complicated but basically

The choices work (basically) like this

1 - Protein - eat as much as you like within reason
(because the excess doesn't get stored as fat - you basically pee it away)

2 - Fat - eat as little as possible
(because any excess fat gets stored in your body as, well fat, BUT you will stay in ketosis, so you can burn up the new fat pretty quickly, and you won't get hungry and experience desperate cravings)

3 - Carbohydrates - avoid
(Because not only does excess carb get converted into fat and stored, carbs cause the release of insulin into the bloodstream, and this kicks you out of ketosis - so you will get ravenously hungry and be tempted to binge, and will start to retain water as well as fat!)

4 - Alcohol - avoid like the plague!!!!!
(Because its like a rocket fuel version of carbs - you'll be out of ketosis in minutes - and all that lovely wine will be sitting as fat on your liver before you've crawled out bed with a hang-over from hell the next morning


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Thank you Atropos, that is really helpful.


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Ive had to use the 'Atkins' way when I was at a wedding recently. They served pork sandwiches at the evening do and I was really hungry by then, all the dancing and stuff, so i ate the pork (left the bread and stuffing.. mmm... and looked like a loser at the table but I didnt care). The people on my table looked at me like I was mad but my friends knew and commented on my will power. That made me feel good lol. In relation to the people giving me strange looks I was thinking, 'im never gonna see you again, do I care what you think? erm no!'

I think what Atropos has said makes perfect sense and is something I will bear in mind. Its really weird to learn how all these things affect your body. Looking back I always used to think I ate too much fat but in all honesty I think it was carbs. I was addicted to pasta... well not addicted but I ate it everyday. It wasnt until recently that I realised how much I was eating. I am loving my new found insight. And to be honest I dont think i'll ever eat bread again as I really dont miss it.

I realise I have gone off on a tangent here, I do apologise :)
thank you so much for all the above advise!
all very helpful.

when i am away with work i do PV days and then lots of PP days in a row on my return.
in the states you can get lots on 0% greek yoghurt. but it has fruit in it. but, surely better than a full fat 1.

i have made the bread tonight, and was not too impressed. very dry!! needs butter!!
so if anyone can give me ideas of how and what they eat this with , that will be great.

i made the breakfast biscuits. again...awful.

the rhubard muffins and dukan muffins are what i survive on. they are great.

made the victoria sponge tonight, that is everage. so i just try and take the things i make away with me!


Gone a bit quiet
i have made the bread tonight, and was not too impressed. very dry!! needs butter!!
so if anyone can give me ideas of how and what they eat this with , that will be great
I regret to say it's quite nice with butter! Especially when toasted!
I spread quark on it ( cream cheese in the States?) and put a poached egg on top. Or put ham and egg on top. Or quark and rhubarb. Quark with Splenda, sweetened, and goji berries is good too.
can I please ask what kind of container do you make the bread in?
I did not have much mixture, so the loaf was tiny!
do you double the quantity?
i may try toasting it and put quark on it!

still hooked on the toffee muffins.
they keep me going....thank god for them!!!!


Gone a bit quiet
I use a plastic container from a takeaway, it is round with vertical sides and about 4 " across and about three ins deep. The bread rises to about 2". When it has cooled, I cut it across horizontally like a burger bun. This makes it easy to toast and serve with egg.

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