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tashas food diary !!!

i am new here. i started slimming world last September, lost a little weight but then maintained weight using it as i would cheat on a weekend. put round half a stone on at Christmas and then have been eating badly ever since then. i have been following slimming world properly again since last Tuesday but as usual it got to the weekend and i ended up eating load of muffins, ice cream everything!! worked out i would have had way over 200 syns! so starting a fresh today. think this website is fantastic!! i am doing this food diary to help me keep on track and hopeful discourage me from weekend 'binging'. i don't actually dare weigh my self today, too scared eeekk! i shall exercise and eat healthy all week then have my weigh in day as Friday. right so here goes....

green day

breakfast: bran flakes (hexb) milk (hexa), banana

dinner: strawberries, banana, pineapple, blackberries, grapes with a miller light yoghurt (0 syns)

tea: home-made shepherds pie - using 85g mince meat (hexb) onions, mushrooms, peas, carrots, sweetcorn. lots of mashed potato using milk left over from hexa. gravy (2 syns)
side helping of veg, brocalli carrots and peas

haven't had super yet! not sure what to have, il have to have something as its night time when i crave, i just hope i don't go off track :0 going to try limit my self to 5 syns daily.

exercise - two work outs from online exercise TV - 40 minutes

not sure how many syns i have had as it seems i have been working out my gravy consumption wrong. i thought it was one syn for every 4 tablespoons, however, i have seen certain threads suggesting different very confused!

discovered everything i was doing wrong with the gravy, it is not counted as 4tbsp of gravy granuals but 4 tbsp of gravy once it is made up which is one syn.

i think i may have had around 10 syns of gravy, the way i did it. way more syns than i wanted... will have 0 syns tomorrow to make up for it! :D
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been really poorly today so eating plan hasn't really gone to plan as i haven't really felt like eating

breakfast: bran flakes (hexb)
miller light (0 syns)
strawberrries, blackberries, pineapple (superfree)

couldn't manage dinner

tea: i am going to have two slices of wholemeal toast. one piece as my other (hexb) syn the other piece (4.5 syns)
will have a little jam on them (1syns)
may have some low fat cheese just so that i have eaten my (hexa)

daily syns: 5.5 syns

three glasses of water so far, will try for four

excersise - none. bed rest!!!!
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Sorry your not feeling well, make sure you keep your fluids up and I hope you feel alot better tomorrow, take care!

green day

breakfast: bran flakes (hexb)
milk (hexa)
banana- superfree food

dinner: strawberries, blackberries, grapes pineapple (superfree)
vanilla miler light (0 syns)

tea: sw chips, made with three potatoes (free food)
chicken potion (hexb)
half plate of salad (superfree food)
mayonnaise - extra light (1 and a half syns)

snack: 50g sultant scone (8 syns)
jam (1 syn)

syns for the day: 10 1/2

2 bottles of water:
exercise: 2 hours of dog walking
20 mins of toning from exercise tv
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green day!

breakfast: bran flakes (hexb)
skimmed milk: (hexa)
banana (super free)

was out all lunch time and was too late to late to eat really by the time i got in!

tea: slimming world chips made with three average size potatoes (free)
chicken portion (hexb)
half a plate of salad leaves, tomatoes, onions and celery (superfree)
2tbs mayonnaise (1 1/2 syns)

supper: fruit bowl, strawberries, grapes, pineapple and blackberries with a cheese cake style miller light yoghurt (1 syn)

1 and a half sachets of highlights hot chocolate (2 1/2 syns)

daily syns: 5

40 minutes of toning exercises from exercise tv

4 glasses of water so far!
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extra easy day! had an extra easy day today as i planned on doing the kfc slimming world recipe (which was bloody gorgeous!!!!!!!) with sw chips.

breakfast: bran flakes (hexb)
milk (hexa)
banana (superfree)

dinner: half a plate of salad (superfree)
new potatoes made out of two small potatoes (free)
egg (free)
2tsp extra light mayonnaise (1 1/2)

tea: slimming world KFC recipe, made with two chicken breasts (free)
two pieces of wholemeal bread (hovis wholemeal (9 syns)
sw chips, made with three potatoes (free)
half a plate of salad (superfree)
2 tsp extra light mayonnaise (1 1/2 syns)

also made the 12 syns cake recipe tastes a little funny (strange after taste) but have added 4tsp of jam (1 tsp 1/2 syns) synning it as 4 syns as they were heaped so in total 16 syn cake!!!

going to eat half -- 8 syns

so todays syn total = 20

4 glasses of water

exercise: two hours of dog walking
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I quite fancy having a go at the kfc chicken, where did you get the recipie, was it on here, food diary looks fab!! Keep it up
yes, go on to slimming world recipes and there is a thread called KFC done the sw way.
you should try them, very easy to make and better than the real thing - gorgeous.
i think i may have to make them again tonight!
19/3 - sat

ok, so i knew today was going to be a hard day to eat normally, saturdays would usually be my binge day and have been pretty much every weekend for the past few years, although ive tried countless times to just eat reasonably i could never do it, which is why today i am extreamly proud of myself!!!

breakfast: bran flakes (hexb) skimmed milk (hexa)
banana (super free)

by the way i warm all this up in the microwave as like it better, i have seen many threads saying if fruit is cooked (or mashed?) you count it as syns, however im not going to for this as i dont see how it can make a difference in this meal to my weight loss!

dinner: grapes, two bananas, straweberries, blueberries (superfree)
two vanilla miller lights (0 syns)

tea: SW KFC chicken (made with two small chicken breasts , with SW chips (made with two average baked potatoes) two pieces of hovis wholemeal bread (9 syns)
large plate of salad leaves, onion, mushrooms. (superfree)
2 tbsp mayonnaise ( 1 1/2 syns)

snakc: 88g bag of malteasers (22 syns) grapes (superfree)

syns for the day (33 1/2)

exercise: 30 mins toning from online exercise tv

i know i have had like 33 syns, however compared to a normal saturday i have done really well, and as i dont use all my syns up through the week i think it should be ok!!! :D
green day :D

breakfast: bran flakes (hexb) skimmed milk (hexa) banana (free food)

snack: orange, small dairy milk bite size (two small squares) going to count this as 3 syns as i am not too sure, small slice of cadburys chocolate orange, again not sure of the syns so going to count it as 3.

dinner: two bananas, grapes and blueberries (superfree) with a miller light yoghurt (0 syns)

tea: spaghetti bolognaise:
85g mince (hexb)
42g feta cheese (second hexa)
100g wholemeal pasta (free food)
mushrooms, onions, tinned tomatoes and fresh tomatoes. (super free)
sauce mix (half) 2.5 syns)

super: banana, blueberries, new york style miller light (1 syns)

syns for the day: 9.5

exercise: been at work so lots of dogs waking

water only three glasses so far
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monday, 21,03
green day.

breakfast: bran flakes (hexb) skimmed milk (hexa)
banana (superfree)

snack: two clemintimes (superfree)
two foxs creams (6 syns) couldn't resist!!!
celebration chocolate (2 syns)

dinner: blueberries, grapes, banana with a new york style miller light (1 syns)

tea: 85g extra lean mince (hexb)
one onion, tin of tomatoes, mushrooms, 3 fresh tomatoes (superfree)
just over half sauce mix, (3 syns)
100g wholemeal pasta
42g feta cheese (second hexa)

snack: bunch of grapes
one and half cadburys highlights hot chocolates (2 1/2 syns)

syns 14 1/2

exercise: very busy at work so lots of running about (feel like i have run a marathon!!)
two 20 minute work outs from exercise tv
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tuesday/ 22/ 3
extra easy day

been an absolutely gorgeous day and had the day of which was fantastic! been on a big walk with the dogs, clothes shopping and then sunbathing in the garden with both dogs and a rabbit which was very lucky to not have gotten eaten by miss lexxie dog. had an extra easy day as my sister wanted me to make the sw kfc chicken with sw chips, however she decided to have tea at her OH so made it for my mum and she loved it.

breakfast. bran flakes (hexb) with banana and vanilla miller light yoghurt

dinner: two bananas, slice of pineapple and lots of grapes with a strawberry miller light yoghurt

tea: (made for two) three chicken breasts (free food)
breadcrumbs made with three pieces of wholemeal bread, average of 7.5 syns as it was shared between two.
sw chips made with four potatoes (free food)
half a plate of salad leaves with onions
extra light mayonnaise 2tbsp (1.5 syns)

snack: 25g feta cheese (half of hexa) with some skimmed milk (second half of hexa)

highlights hot choc (2 syns)
two clemintines (superfree)

syns: 10.5 syns

exercise: 30 minutes from exercise tv
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green day

breakfast: bran flakes (hexb) skimmed milk (hexa)
banana (superfree)

snack: two clemintimes
celebration chocolate (2 syns)

dinner: two bananas, grapes and slice of pineapple (superfree)
vanilla light yoghurt (0 syns)

tea: made a sw Kiev it was gorgeous, will definitely be making them again!!

chicken portion (hexb2) plus bit extra (1.5 syns)
piece of bread to make breadcrumbs (4.5 syns)
low fat chedder cheese 42g (hexa2)
sw chips made with one potato (free food)
half a plate of salad leaves
2tbsp extra light mayonnaise (1 1/2 syns)

syns for the day: 9 1/2

had a VERY hungry day and see my self craving something later... i may have a scone even though i shouldn't... BUT not much fruit in now so i may just have to do it. will only be going over my syns slightly...
wahaayy i resisted the scone! ive had a clemintine, bunch of grapes a new york style miiler light (1 syn) and a highlights hot choc (2)

so syns for the day (12.5)

more than i would like however really have had a hungry day today! out for lunch tomorrow, shall stick to baked potato with beans and salad.
thursday 24/3
green day

breakfast: bran flakes (hexb)skimmed milk (hexa)
banana (superfree)

dinner: baked potato, with beans and side salad

tea: made chicken kievs again. they are divine! made my mum them too she absolutely loves them, i think it will definitely be a weekly thing... cheesy gorgeousness yum!

chicken breast (hexb) sw chips made out of one and a half potatoes.
42g of low fat cheddar mixed with garlic and parsley (hexa2)
piece of bread to make bread crumbs (4.5 syns)
half a plate of salad leaves (superfree)
mayonnaise 2tbsp (1.5 syns)

kitkat: (5.5 syns)
highlights hot choc (2 syns)

syns: 13.5

exercise: 45 mins of exercise tv

it is weigh in tomorrow, been doing this diet properly for over a week now and this is my first proper weigh in, i have a feeling i haven't lost anything, just a feeling because of the way my clothes fit me. if anything my jeans today felt tighter!! i think i may just be having a fat bloated day (i hope). if i have actually gained weight tomorrow in stead of lost i am definitely doing something wrong...
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friday 25/3 green day

breakfast: branflakes (hexb) milk (hexa)
banana (superfree)

dinner: two clementines, one banana, grapes, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries
miller light yoghurt

4 roses sweets...OOOPS (10 syns)

tea: sw pasta bake (yum!)
made for two ( could serve way more really made loads but as it was made for two ate half, hehe)

two chicken breasts (hexb2)
aubergine. carrot, onion
four rashers bacon 100 grams (8 syns)
pasta (free)
morezzalla cheese 84g, my half of 42g (hexa2)
then the recipe says it is suppose to be one syn anyway so 4.5 syns all together for the half what I had

syns for the day: 14.5

exercise: done loads of exercise at work... including around 2 1/2 - 3 hours of dog walking.
saturday 26/3

extra easy day

breakfast: strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, raspberries and banana (superfree)
bran flakes (hexb)
miller light yoghurt

dinner: baked potato with beans with half a plate of salad leaves
1 tsp mayonnaise: (0.5)
one clementine

kitkat (5.5 syns)

skimmed milk a few dashes will count it as two syns...

tea: rest of the slimming world pasta bake, extra easy day so the bacon is now free with the cheese as (hexa)
half (0.5 syns)

supper: squidgy chocolate cake made without the sugar: (5) (half the cake)
some jam 0.5 syns.

the cake (was horrible, think its the low cal sweetener i am using. think i need to invest in some splenda!

froze a strawberry miller light with half a vanilla miller light with some raspberries and strawberries and a banana. was divine! has got rid of the horrible after taste of the cake... thank gawd!

syns for the day: 13
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