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Teas and coffees


Sakora Princess Warrior
I have found myself buying lots of different coffees, which I love. I always drank coffee black so I had no problems with that I just needed to find different types of coffee to bring some excitment to them. Also I have found having a green tea or mint tea in the morning starts the day nicely. I am in search now of some new teas that will be appropriate for lipotrim. Leaf only ofcourse. What do ye use?

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Sakora Princess Warrior
I drink white tea, is really light and doesn't have that bitter after taste of regular tea when black.
Ill have to look out for that thanks munch.

I heard someone say they mix there chocalote shake with there mint tea when cool to make a a moouse.... doesnt that sound yum"


Sakora Princess Warrior
I have also hear making a coffee with the vanilla shake makes it a bit like a latte? Anyone know exactly how they make this?


Sakora Princess Warrior
Hiya, I melt spoon full of coffee in warm water and let cool then mix with the vanilla shake and some crushed ice..yummy
mm yes I have my coffee maker cooling over night so I an make ice coffees today... I think the ice is the key in that one wouldnt you agree?
I make up a liter carafe of coffee, and add sweetener, then leave it in the fridge to cool. I add ice to my hand mixer when I blend, but often find the chunks of ice get cought under the blade and *WHOOSH* there's a splatter problem. I also make mint tea and leave it to cool, then mix that with a bit of coffee to the chocolate shake. I've even tried strawberry shake with mint tea. It was something different, but I can't really rave about it.
I like green tea with a couple of sweetners in it. It's a natural appetite suppressant do it's especially good in the first few days to keep the hunger at bay! Also drink peppermint tea and the kinds of black tea that you're not supposed to put milk in as they taste ok on their own, like darjeering/ earl gray. And I'm a coffeeholic! It's nice to be able to have one thing in the diet you can choose as a kind of treat and vary a bit :).
hey, i'm not sure on earl grey, don't think it's allowed as it contains oil from orange rind - and fruit teas are not allowed... anyone else know?

I love my peppermint tea, nettle tea, green tea and white tea!! + my espressos! mm


Determined to succeed ...
White tea is the tea that is made from new buds and very young, very gently dried tea leaves. Because of the careful and light processing, the leaves retain all their contents of antioxidants.

Thank goodness for Google !!!
Earl Grey is allowed when TFR. The bag supplied with the lipotrim sachets lists it as one of the permitted teas. I think Lady Grey isn't allowed though.

thanks for responses folks...

I loooovee tea.. but hate the fact that i cant have milk in my tea when on LT... food I can do without on LT its the tea that makes me have cravings..

must try bit of vanilla in black tea...
I like fresh mint leaves(not the english mint but the long leaved mint from the helal shops) in boiling water its realy refreshing and free from cellulite causing caffiene.

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