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tell me ...why did you start CD ? what was your first motivation to do it ..


methenie from london.
just to let you know and to remember for yourself why ..you decided to start this big adventure ..


ok im going to tell you why

im a mum off 2 kids and im 44 now
in 5 years i did have lot off happy moments and some hards really hard one .
i did go down from paradise to hell , and fall at 24 stones , alone to look after my 2 children one is disabled .
i did realise how i was and decided to change my life , be a nice and lovely mum .

:) yes im on this way ..

on your keyboard ...
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Hi Methenie

What a great reason for starting CD!

I was in a situation where I am extremely lucky and have most things I could want out of life, lovely home, good job, wonderful husband etc. The one thing that I didn't have and couldn't seem able to control was my weight. I hit rock bottom earlier this year and just sat with my husband on the bed sobbing my heart out, I hated looking in mirrors, buying clothes, felt uncomfortable and had problems with my knees. I decided to try and change my life once and for all.

why I started CD - so I can stun everyone wearing this in august........

And so I can live a happy and healthy life with my future husband (heart disease runs in my family...).
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Can't get over how totally, utterly, unbelieveably gorgeous that dress is!!!



methenie from london.
my target ... to be at 10 or 11 stone and see my daugter proud of me looking nice and slim..
and show to people its possible to do it , to help them to start this adventure also.
give help and advise from my proper story .

well done girls.
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my reason

me and hubby have been given the chance of having one free attempt at ivf treatment hopefully next yr,and they like ur bmi to be under 30 well mine was 32 but is now 30 and i aim to lose a lot more,so i can give my self the best chance possible to concive...:)


methenie from london.
me and hubby have been given the chance of having one free attempt at ivf treatment hopefully next yr,and they like ur bmi to be under 30 well mine was 32 but is now 30 and i aim to lose a lot more,so i can give my self the best chance possible to concive...:)

:) +:) = :)
S: 16st4lb C: 10st12lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.3 Loss: 5st6lb(33.33%)
I'm getting married next May, there is no way I'm gonna be embarrassed of my wedding pics, I'm going to look gorgeous in my dress! And since we're getting married in Mexico, I want to be able to enjoy the holiday too without having to cover up and be ashamed to walk about in my cossie. I want to be going away with a suitcase filled with clothes that I love rather than having to settle for them cos they are the only things that fit me.

Actually that all sounds quite shallow lol, but true!


please try again
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i have pcos so was already more than i should be, i got married, abusive hubby and i ended up giving birth at 25 weeks, as a result my daughters disabled and spent over 10 months in hospital where i comfort ate my way to 23 stone.
my wee girl needs a lot of care and it was taking it out of me being this heavy, i want to be around for my daughter. so i started reserching CD

it all came to a head when i walked into my gp's office and she said " do you know ur fat " ( can hardly miss that fact ) and " you could die you know "


Loving the Cambridge Diet
I got a lecture from my Orthopaedic Surgeon - he was right of course.

Then I found Cambridge

Now there is no looking back!


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I had a m/c in March this year and after a night out a few weeks later I was horrified by Bubbles Devere from Little Britain looking back at me in the mirror.
I lost 2.5 stone on Weight watchers then around the what would have been the due date I slipped badly on weight watchers and someone mentioned cd to me and I decided it was the way to go. I haven't looked back since! I'm loving the diet and an getting a lot closer to my goal than I'm sure I would have been had I stuck to ww!
You've done really well
Pony that Dress is Gorgeous!
Started CD to gain back the confidence i lost when i gained weight practically overnight with my medication. I also wanted to start a new healthy life for myself having been unwell for over a year. I wanted to be fit enought to run the Race for Life this year ( which i intend to do after i complete my restart for CD) and i wanted to be happy in my relationship with my fiance and not complain about how unhappy i was about my weight because i could see it was also upsetting him to see me hurting.

Although i am restaring to lose the last little bit of weight, i have learnt alot about myself and how and why i eat and i am so happy i found CD.

Well done to everyone else for taking the step to start CD. You have all done amazing and i wish you the best of luck with the rest of your weight loss jounrney :)


(Pony, wow what a gorgeous dress, oh my god, what great motivation to lose weight. I am sure you will reach your goal weight soon and look amazing on your wedding day :))


methenie from london.
well done to everyone , claire im in a same situation like you , i know how this is hard to do .

just a rebooster to remember why we did start this challenge !!!!

everyone you are gorgeous inside ....lets do it outside !!

Ive started this diet beacause when i met my fella i was 13 st 7 lbs and happy ish with my body i was a size 16 but carried it well, i stopped smoking and ended up just munching all the time and when it got to the point to what i didnt know what i weighed i had to do something about it, since the doctor told me im really going to struggle to get pregnant a mixture of coming off the injection and me being over weight, doctor thinks my body is rejecting coming pregnant because of me weight plus he went on to tell me how ill i can become at getting pregnant at my weight, soo a kick up the bum and i found CD ive only been on it just over a week and ive lost 10lb (including 5lb prep) and its made me feel fantastic, i am no longer embarresed about myself and cant wait to see the skinny me and enjoy trying to get pregnant after ive lost the weight!
S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
great thread

I started this diet out of desperation really. I had tried everything else.

Like Porgeous, I was genuinely happy with my life, great home. great hubby, two wonderful kids but my weight depressed me and I was gradually getting bigger and bigger.

After a fabulous three months on the diet and losing 4 stones, I broke the diet for a birthday meal, which led to two birthday meals and then led to an unplanned chinese takeaway and so on and so on.... then the hairloss started as I tried and tried to get back onto the diet and it freaked me out. So I have had a 3 month break and luckily managed not to put too much weight back on.Have been using WW to maintain.

So here I am restarting. Official restart was last monday but have fallen twice this week from the wagon so im not posting any WI results today. Will wait till next monday when they will hopefully be more positive.

thanks for starting the thread. You have made me remember how desperate I was to start the diet and given me a good reason to try my hardest this week,
A bit like some of the others I am really happy with my life - brilliant husband, fantastic kids, great friends, nice house etc but somehow (well, I think we all know how...) I have been getting bigger and bigger and to be honest, I stopped looking in the mirror a long time ago, and I hardly noticed.

My husband and I organised a holiday, and my problems all came to a head when I reaslised I wouldn't fit into an aeroplane seat (Im so ashamed writing this) so 12 weeks ago I started CD and have lost 4 and a half stone. I was really hoping to have lost another half a stone before we go, but I have a last weigh in tonight and we leave early Friday morning, so its not possible. I was thinking i'd failed but my husband has just given me a mental shake, telling me how well I have done to get this far in so short a time. I still think I may have problems on the plane, but maybe it won't be quite so mortifying!

I am going to eat on holiday but we are back on Tuesday night and I plan on getting straight back on CD. Hopefully not too much damage will be done. In a way the holiday will be a test to see if I am still the glutton I was. I am very very scared of eating again.

There are loads of other reasons why I started - I want to live longer, I don't want my children to be teased, I want to wear nice clothes, and I want to blend in to the background, but the fear of flying one is the reason why I started that particular day.

Sorry for rambling!


methenie from london.
My husband and I organised a holiday, and my problems all came to a head when I reaslised I wouldn't fit into an aeroplane seat (Im so ashamed writing this )

:rolleyes: dont be ashame ...... i did the same ...believe me i was red like a tomato , when i did asked for an extension belt...ohhhh the orange one ..nobody could miss it !

this must to keep them awake...and far from the fridge or cupboard insnt it?

mosly when chocolate going to come ...no way ..no more red cheeks in a plane !!!!

thanks all of you to let know to everyone your proper experience .

sorry for my english so rubish ...

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