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I haven't found ANYTHING on the internet regarding syns, free food etc when it comes to Tempeh. I can't find it in the books either probably because you can't really get it in the supermarket - rather in health shops and ethnic shops.

Tempeh is a vegetarian meat alternative made of fermented soya beans. looks like this:

tempeh - Google Search

It's even better than tofu but as it contains the whole bean probably not free on both plans. I was thinking whether it was free on green days at least? But I can't find ANY info about it....Does anybody have a clue or can anyone find it online when they log in to SW?

Oh and here is the nutritional difference between Tofu and Tempeh:

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You would probably be best phoning the syn helpline and asking SW direct - telephone number in the magazine and the website
Am I allowed to call them even if I'm not a paying member? I buy the magazines though...
What a waste of 60p!!! They are so unhelpful (maybe I should have not mentioned that I am not going to classes at the moment)

Only response is: "What?? Never heard of it - sorry but I can't help you" - So I explained what it is and she didn't even try and type it into the system she just said "never heard of it - can't help you.." - She didn't even sound sorry...Silly cow... (sorry for rant...)
Yeah it's in the link:)

I just checked how to make tempeh yourself - it's really just soya beans and vinegar..I can't see how that can't be free on green days??


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That link didn't have the nutritional values that were needed so I found another site.

Using Vegetarian meat product (raw) as your free food it is 3 syns on green and EE and 9 1/2 syns on Red per 100g
Oh wow great!thanks!

Wonder why they couldn't help me at the syns hotline...grrrr...

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