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LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
S: 12st4lb C: 9st7lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 2st11lb(22.67%)
...to try vintage Points again.

You probably know from my whining that I've recently hit a plateau/small gain cycle that isn't breaking. I tried Wendy Plan, eating all weeklies, no weeklies, some weeklies, Simply Filling... I do accept it's probably my hip inflammation but it's seriously disheartening as I can't exercise and keep being referred here, there and everywhere for it. Fingers crossed the blood test I did today comes back normal!

I think I may try the old Points for a week or two as I probably have the willpower I didn't have at 13 :p Anything to kick start me back losing! That's what I told myself over a weekend of pure hunger- eat off plan to break a plateau. I must have had at least 30pp over my weeklies :rolleyes:
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i haven't looked at your food diary (if you have one) and this may sound like a stupid question but do you eat broccoli ??

my mum used to always find when she was dieting that she could loose weight as long as she didn't eat broccoli ! ... if she ate that then she would always have a STS or gain despite sticking to the diet 100% !

... if you don't eat it maybe you have your own "broccoli" food ??


LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
S: 12st4lb C: 9st7lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 2st11lb(22.67%)
Hey, no I don't have one (I'd forget to update it) but I don't really eat broccoli. I guess my broccoli food is bread (I usually gain loads because I love bread and it doesn't love me) but even cutting that out/cutting down made no difference. Hmm, you've got me thinking now! It could even be cereal for my breakfasts... Hmm. *scratches head* Thanks for the thought- it wasn't stupid! :D
thats ok, glad i can help. if your not in a hurry to loose weight and are going with the flow i'd just try taking something out and swapping it for something else and see what happens.... :)
it could even be you've missed pp'd something so having more pp's then aloud but you said you've had a week using no weeklies so if that was the case it would have been covered by the weeklies you didn't have.
... if you have scales at home weigh yourself every few days rather then just once a week ... that way you might be able to narrow it down to the food you ate over a few days rather then taking on a whole weeks worth of food :)
..... if you post your food diary a few extra pairs of eyes might be able to help... it could be that someone else finds they don't loose if they have one of the foods you have been eating too. :)

LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
S: 12st4lb C: 9st7lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 2st11lb(22.67%)
Trust me, I pp EVERYTHING. My calculator never leaves me :)
I already do weigh in at home almost obsessively (weigh same as WW scales) and I seem to stay constant through the week and even the day- I know we can fluctuate by up to 7 lbs but mine is never really above 2 lbs for a day.
I might try changing breakfast back to a WW bagel and see if that helps. I'm not online every day so a food diary would be the last option really :p
hehe... i guessed from your losses that you probably did and knew what you were doing ... but was just giving all ideas i could think of incase :)

:( definitely looks like it might be a something you eat every day then !

yep changing breakfast seems like a good place to start :) .. i luv the WW bagels .... unfortunitely i'm not good at cutting straight so end up with wonky bagels that are still squidgy one end and over toasted the other, lol .... wish they did them pre sliced ! :)

lol. i am usually on here everyday just forget about my diary a lot. starting a new one of thursday now i've changed my username (now the wedding is over) so this week is still wedding week then going to start again after this weeks WI :)

LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
S: 12st4lb C: 9st7lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 2st11lb(22.67%)
My bagels end up the same too :) I may go back to them for breakfast, they're what I used to have before I moved onto cereal. I'm starting again too Thursday- I've been on plan 100% since goal (July) and just gained since so this weekend I actually had a 'sod it' moment. I also read they were good for breaking a plateau so I don't feel too guilty for it either- unless I gain LOADS tomorrow! My gains are alright I suppose, gain half a lb, lose a lb, gain a lb, lose half etc. Just not going in the right direction anymore :p
hehe glad its not just me :)

i like having 2 belvita for breakfast and a WW Layered Fromage Frais and a banana (or tinned fruit) .... don't always have all of them sometimes i have 1 or 2 of the 3 :)

well done of getting to goal ! ....have you changed your daily pp allowance since reaching goal ? .... cause i read somewhere that once you get to goal they might go up again from 29pp a day to help you maintain .... this might also effect not loosing more weight once you have reached goal but want to go lower. ? .... i'm still reasonably new to this so can only go on what i've read / heard / experienced ... and i'm no where near goal so not had to think much about it yet, lol.

LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
S: 12st4lb C: 9st7lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 2st11lb(22.67%)
Breakfast sounds great :)

Yeah they do go up but I've stuck to the 29 minimum. Makes me think how can I maintain on higher pp than this when I gain on the minimum!

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