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Teresa's target diary

I am a target member but only just hanging in there and want to get to the bottom of my target range (instead of the top) before I go on holiday in october about 7 weeks.

So I am going to post my diary here to help keep me motivated and would appreciate any input.

Sunday 15th aug

Green day
Breakfast cottage cheese with pineapple (2 syns)

Lunch pasta n sauce mac and cheese with leeks, mushrooms and courgettes (2 syns) 42 g rf cheese (heb)

Dinner Veggie Bolognese (1 syn) over spaghetti with 1 tbslp parmesan cheese (1.5 syns)

Snack kellogs fiber plus bar (heb)

Milk in pasta and tea (hea)

syns 6.5

Maybe will have quark and options later for 2 syns and will update if i do

12 miles bicycle ride followed by 15 minute run
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Well I am going to go without the quark and options as I am not really hungry and going to bed soon.

I am also going to plan out my day for tomorrow and will update if things change

red day

big bowl of fresh fruit and quark

sardines and crudites (carrots, cucumber, peppers, beetroot, tomatoes)
yogurt and fruit

tuna with soy, ginger and garlic marinade (1 1/2 syns of honey)
198g new potato (HEB)
courgettes, onions and mushrooms
quark with options (2 syns)

2 alpen lights (heb)
milk in teas (hea)

3 1/2 syns planned
5 syns for a freddo (8.5 syns )

My biggest downfall at work is picking at things when prearing food for the children and then just guessing the syns, my new rule is I can eat whatever i want of the children's leftovers BUT I have to work out the exact syns before i eat it (which hopefully will stop me eating it. NO guessing syns.)

Really pleased with todays efforts but boy have i realised how many nibbles i have while preparing food. Not an unsynned lick bite or taste has passed my lips today.
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Tuesday 17th august

Green day

yogurt and fruit

Jacket Potato and beans with side salad
alpen light (1/2 healthy b)

veggie bolognese (1 syn)
alpen light (1/2 healthy B)

kellogs fiber plus bars (heb)
HEA will be milk in teas
bag of sunbites (6syns)

7 syns in total today
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Hectic day tomorrow

red day wednesday

at weigh in
hi fiber bar
melon (heb)

bacon and mushroom quiche (1/2 hea reduced fat cheese)
healthy extra potato (heb)

mince and veg
aero choc mouse 5.5 syns ?


extra potato synned 2.5 + aero 5.5 syns (8.5)
heb potatoes and hi fiber
hea milk in coffees

I could just call today an extra easy day and not have to count my extra piece of potato (there were no smaller ones in the bag) but i really want to try alternate red and greens so I am synning it
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Hey Teresa :)

I've found your diary..... looking good for today and plans for tomorrow. Hope your hectic day goes well, at least thats one less thing to think about if you have your food already planned! x


Big fan of Mini min
Hi, Teresa,
Just popped in to say Hi, had a quick look at some of your diary's, looking good, have pinched a few ideas to try out, hope you ok. :)
Wow - 3lb loss is amazing ! Definitely the not guessing syns strategy is working for you :) Well done and all the best for the coming week x
Thursday's Diary aug 19th

Green day

another hectic day.

I am making a plan but subject to change like today

melon and yogurt

pasta n sauce mac and cheese with leeks and mushrooms (2syns) (1 1/2 hea)
kellogs fiber plus (heb)

cottage cheese and pineapple (1 1/2 syns)
beetrooot, cucumber and tomatoes

licks of icing bowl while baking (approx 9 syns.)
2 alpen lights (heb)

Healthy extra a
skimmed milk in pasta n sauce and teas
reduced fat cheese

fiber plus bar
alpen lights

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How has today gone ? Hope you've had a good day, it definitely isnt easy when you are busy! I love alpen light bars by the way :)
Today has been ok. I did eat some unmeasured syns today :-( I made cakes and avoided my favourite thing (cake batter) But then scraped the icing bowl :-( so I am counting it as 9 syns (1 tblsp icing sugar and 1 tblsp of butter as i can't find the syns for icing) I think that is over estimating but I feel content with that.

I like the way you have laid out your 1 pound a week challenge! I do that in a little note book at home set out goals for evey week.


PS I have got a little obsessed with cereal bars at the moment LOl But i am really enjoying them
Ok i might as well just accept for the forseeable future my life is going to be hectic!

Friday's red day

SW quiche (slightly odd breaky but have no fruit in and don't want cereal)

cottage cheese and pineapple (1.5 syns)
fiber plus bar (heb)

spanish quorn (quorn with fajita seasoning, peppers, onions, tomaotes)Syns for fajita seasoning(2.5)
aero mousse (5.5)

Hea milk in teas
rf cheese in quiche

cereal bar (hi fi, or alpen light or fiber plus)
hi fi bar
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How wierd we are very similar in our tastes - I've just had a slice of SW quiche/frittata with brekki too ! Todays menu looks good.

I love cake mix too, my favourite is christmas cake mix!!! :bliss: So well done for resisting. The cake mix would be so hard to work out how many syns so at least with the icing you've got a really good estimate for syns. Have a good day x
I am really enjoying SW quiche this week, i think i have finally perfected the art of making it. Have to bake again tomorrow :-( actually i love baking btu staying away from the batter is hard but at least tomorrow I know i am going o eat soem fo the results as I am havign a flexi syn evening and plan on having one nutella cake, one butterfly cake, one or two sausages, a burger and couscous or potatoes
Sounds good, I think you have to go flexible now and again! For me it helps in the long term, its just the day after I dont particularly like going back to the plan. Nutella cake sounds lovely :)
Well here goes for my first official attempt at a proper flexi syn evening

I am going to have an extra easy day

yogurt and fruit

baked beans
poached eggs

up to 50 syns
2 cupcakes @ 13 syns each !! 26
3 beef burgers or sausages 15
couscous or potatoes (SYNS for any butter or oils 10)

48 ! don't think there will be any superfree foods

Luckily I don't drink !!

Hea milk in teas
heb alpen lights
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