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Terrible Mood Swings

Ive been on Exante TS for just over 13 weeks now. If lost 71 pounds and absolutely delighted with that. However my energy levels have plummeted and on certain days I feel exhausted and have terrible mood swings(not normal behaviour for me) Its getting to the point where I think i might have to drop the diet as my hubby is thinking Im loosing the plot. What do you guys think, is anyone else experiencing the same thing. I notice my average weightloss is 5 pounds a week, i know this seems like a stupid question, but is that to much?
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Hi Noble, fantastic loss so far, well done! I would be so happy to lose a consistent rate of 5lb a week! If I stuck to this plan 100% of the week I think it would be possible but lately I have had the odd off day. I get moody too at times, not badly but irritable mainly in the evenings. I think that when I felt in bad form I would usually turn to food for comfort, perhaps that is why you are finding other outlets for those feelings by getting a bit down and snappy? Hope this helps. Have you much more to lose? I am halfway to the end of my journey.
Thank you both for your replies. I have another 35 pounds to go. Yes I find I get moody in the evenings as that is when the hunger creeps back in (around8-9pm). I havent done an AAM week yet as I was afraid if I tasted food it might knock me off track and Ill want more. I think I will add a meal from Monday for a week. The diet is great but I want to have a bit of a life! Ill just have to be careful and keep control as I was an awful pig before and sometimes ate whole cakes at a time!
Thanks again
I read your post and had a tear in my eye. You are doing so good with the loss and I know about mood swings but please be strong. You seem to know when they are about to happen, so at this time in the evening why dont you try to change what you do. Maybe come on here and post a blog about your feelings and let it out that way ( that may even help others who maybe having same problems ) or maybe take a hot bath with a few candles around you with soft music. You can still have a life in this diet just be careful what your eating. I have found some great eating ideas on here for a one meal a day to add to your three Exante meals. Dont forget your never alone you have many friends on here that will help in many ways. Take care and dont give in, remember your doing this for yourself and just wait and see what is waiting for you on the other side x
Thanks atomic1960, that was a lovely message. I never log on in the evening when at home, but that is a great idea if I feel low. This site is great for support. People always compliment you on the weightloss, but I dont think they appreciate that it is quite a tough thing to do.
Good luck with your own journey.

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