Terrible on day 2...

Slim at heart

Skinny girls r 4 wimps!!
I was so focused & full of positivity for the last 2 days & then just let it all go this evening & had a complete pig out...

cheese, nuts, veg, oat biscuits & even some chocolate (ok it was 85% organic but still...)

why oh why can't I just get back into it... I just can't understand it, I really want.... I was fine up to AAM week & then it all went down the loo, 4 weeks of being so good & now 4 weeks of complete crapness...

I can't believe how weak I am...
look, a weak person would not post something like that on a public forum, a weak person would hide away and not tell anyone wat they had done!! You already know it takes a lot of effort to keep going with this diet....
....is there anyway you can maybe clear the food out of your house? Sit down and plan your goals again, buy an outfit that you really want to wear....you already know the first few days are the hardest and you've had the willpower to do it before and can sure as hell do it again if you put your heart into it!
Listen, honey - you are NOT weak - you are human like the rest of us.

The last time I tried SSing, I managed about 8 days and then just thought feck it and went and scoffed a Big Tasty with large wedges and a McFlurry - then had fish and chips for tea!!!

How's that for staying power?? lol

Your head NEEDS to be in the right place. You CANNOT SS if you're not 1000% determined and focussed - I should know - I've tried often enough.

Someone just said on my diary - when I was beating myself up over how much weight I'd put on - and how I felt as if I had been in denial about it - that I obviously needed a sense of urgency to get me back onto SSing (day 6 now and feeling strong).

You need a goal - something to aim for - an event/deadline or anything that will make you really, really want to get back on track.

Until that happens, just try to eat healthily (erm like I did - not!) and things will just click into place!

Put it behind you.. forget it happened and carry on... don't beat yourself up about it or you're likely to do it again... just think oh bugger, never mind and be good from today.

I missed out the AAM week because it felt wrong to be eating, so i only did the one day of AAM... and five days after it i'm still getting a rumbling tummy.. which I didn't get the week previous to my one AAM day!

Fix in ur head something gorgeous that u want to wear at xmas.. think about how incredibly short a VLCD diet is compared to how long it would take on a "normal" diet to lose the same weight.. its a small sacrifice..and once its all over, you can eat again.. albeit in moderation!

GO for it :)
Rather than trying to force yourself back onto SS have you considered continuing AAM? I know it is not down as an official option but if you tell yourself you can have that small meal, which is only 100 calories anyway, and if you need it then have it, if you are too busy or not hungry then don't. In the end an extra 700 calories a week would be less than 1/4 lb of weight loss difference, and if it means you can carry on then it must be worth it.
You would also have that bit more energy with the extra protein, something I missed badly on SS.
Whatever you do, don't beat yourself up about it, we all have slips and dieting is never easy. You've done so well this far, I know it is easy to get angry with yourself but what you've achieved is worth so much more than that one slip. Think positive, you'll find a way that suits you I'm sure.
Thanks everyone for your kind words!

The thing that really annoys me is that I was so good & proud of myself for the last 2 days, my collegues all had a Chinese in the office as it was Friday & practically BEGGED me to have some 'you have to eat' 'you've done so well so far' 'it's Friday' etc but I wasn't even tempted..

One of the women had baked fresh scones & I was SOOO tempted & even had myself talked into eating it, sure what harm would it do, I practically had it in my mouth but I managed somehow to resist & then to come home & ruin it all.... I just can't believe it!!

It's like I can be so strong when there are other people around but when I get on my own I just go to pieces... it's always the same, I eat cos I'm bored & on my own (lonley), not much I can do about that though as I'm a single mother with a young child, so I have to find a way to get over it...

I actually seriously considered taking some laxatives last night to get the food out of me but didn't, seriously don't want to go there!

Already had a bowl of porridge this morning...