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Terrible stomach pains

Hi i have found that recently i had started to get terrible stomach pains/ cramps that would end up sending my whole gut into cramps/spasms and i couldn't stop burping and no amount of Rennies or pain killers helped. I had thought it was since starting consolidation but i was confused as the days it happened i hadn't had anything new - just chicken or chicken and salad!
So i did a bit of Googling to get some ideas and thought might have some strange bacteria in stomach BUT then i found numerous mentions of Aspartamine and sweeteners causing the same symptoms. I realised then that the one thing i'd had on all occasions was my can of Coke Zero.
I stopped yogurt and sweeteners and stopped drinking coke zero and the pains stopped....
So i tested the theory today had some of a coke zero this afternoon and the pains started to niggle and i became windy, i stopped so didn't get as bad as before.
I think this has def been the problem and thought i'd post in case anyone else gets pains and assumes its something to do with the diet....it is but in a round about way...and may be worth seeing if not having them helps. I will try the yogurt again as another tester since it helps me stop snacking on bad food. But as for Coke Zero (and the rest of the diet soda's) its got to go - shame since i liked it!
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Aspartame is very controversial as sweeteners go, I don't touch it and never would... But you're obviously sensitive to artificial sweeteners and it's great that you identified it by yourself! Just avoid them, I bake with Splenda occasionally but it is aspartame-free x


** Chief WITCH **
Thanks Kerry! I personally find too much sweetener (any sweetener) gives me wind - bad smelling wind - so I try not to have too much. As for not being able to have any, gosh!

I'm concerned when you say that you're on Conso, yet only having chicken or chicken and veg. I wouldn't call that Conso. Are you struggling with the reintroduction of bread and fruit?
Hi Joanne no i just wasnt being clear the pains i got were directly after those meals but yes i have had some wholemeal bread and some fruit. I'm so happy to be able to have bread its pathetic how happy it makes me lol


** Chief WITCH **
Very glad to hear it... if ever you get a second to have a look at the other Conso thread right below/above this one, you might be able to assist there!
Lina you need to pop over to lottos diary she needs medical advice she's in an awful state. Xxx

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