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tesco soft and creamy cheese, full fat soft cheese

Philadelphia is fine, i know that hun but the full fat not low fat which I bought by accident :mad:
Smoked mackerel is very good for you because of the omega 3 etc. Even better if you have it with a green salad eh Jim?
Spot on Caz,

maz, what does the lable on the cheese say? It sounds OK to me.
Remember to limit 'dairy' to a total of no more than 4oz per day in Induction. If you have cream in your tea or coffee or on dessert that has to be counted as part of the total, not as extra.

If you have cheddar cheese you have to count that in the dairy total, too. But 4oz a day is really quite generous.

Never buy low fat ANYTHING on Atkins or other low carb plans. The carbs are higher cos they bulk the product out with sugar to give it texture! We can all enjoy yummy full fat cream cheese etc. Mmmm!
oh dear i had no idea about this girly...i thought you could have up to 4oz of cheese a day and 2-3 tablespoons of cream aswell, i have looked again in my book and cant find anywhere that it says limit all dairy to a 4oz total a day...dear me :-(
It's not your fault Maz love, there seem to be different statements in different versions of the book, I have seen it printed that you can have the 4Oz of Cheese AND tablespoons of cream as well, but other books refute that. I suppose it's the science changing all the time.
i like the idea of being able to have more cream and limiting this and cheeze to 4oz a day, but how would you measure an ounce of cream....would you just put it on the normal scales like other stuff or are liquids measured different :)

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