About to start with Ultraslim - two shakes per day and one balanced meal - would really appreciate any thoughts / opinions from those who have used this product or similar as to how best to stay on track!

Thank you in advance and hope you are all having a good evening :)
Did you start on the ultraslim? If so how has it been? One of the mums on my sons football team was telling me about it and I'm quite intrigued and thinking of giving it a go! Iv got a rut with my SW and need a boost to sort myself out again! xx
I like the chocolate shakes, they seem very good value too. May try them again soon.
I used this several years ago and lost 4 stone over 8 months, may try it again at some point soon, the way I did it was
Shake for breakfast
100 cal snack
Shake for dinner
100 cal snack
600 cal tea
No more than 5 coffees if having milk
Hope this helps 👌💪 xx